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Simple Reusable Nappies

Here at Cheeky HQ, we are all about SIMPLE REUSABLES.  It's our thing.  It's what we're passionate about, what gets us out of bed in the morning, what inspires us to try and make a bit of a difference.

We talk about it with our period and pee proof pants.  There's no secret sauce or magic unicorn dust, just absorbent pants and pads that work for pee or periods.  Easy.

So when we made the decision to launch cloth nappies (after being asked, 'do you do reusable nappies?' for years), we were clear that first and foremost we wanted the nappies to be simple but also that most importantly that they were slim fitting, absorbent and they needed to work.  Both Claire (Operations Manager) and myself used cloth nappies for 16 years between us and over 8 children.  Through that time, we tried lots of different styles and brands.   And we were both definite that the cloth nappies that we should launch should be two parters, with an absorbent nappy and a waterproof wrap.  

Why are two part nappies best?

One of our core values at Cheeky HQ is authenticity - in that we won't sell something that we wouldn't use and recommend ourselves.  We feel really strongly about this and it's why we don't stock menstrual cups because I couldn't get on with them, although I know they work brilliantly for some people. 

Claire and I had both tried 'all-in-one' nappies which often looked cute and should be the simplest nappy to use.  But we found that they didn't fit as well and tended to leak more.  It's all about wee and poo containment.  No matter how simple or pretty it looks, if it doesn't do it's job in containing wee and poo, then it's not simple.  Believe me, there's nothing simple about having to completely change a wriggly 4 month old who is covered in poo right up his back because the nappy didn't do it's job.

What is a two part nappy?

Wrap - waterproof outer layer, lined with PUL to stop leaks.  Ours has a double gusset which makes it great for containment and comes in one size which has lots of poppers so that it can be adjusted for newborns and extended for older babies

Absorbent inner - ours is made from charcoal grey bamboo viscose which is super absorbent and comes in three sizes:

Size 1:   'Newborn',

Size 2:   'One size fits most' 

Size 3:   'Toddler'

Having a sized nappy means that they are slim fitting, but to save money you can simply purchase the 'size two' which is 'One size fits most' and wait until your baby gets a little older before starting to use them.  When they are newborn you could simply fold some muslins into their wrap instead and that works well on newborn poo.

Additional items

Liner - we also recommend using a fleece liner to trap poo and keep wetness away from baby's skin.  We don't recommend paper liners, even if they're supposedly 'flushable' they don't biodegrade easily and are useless at keeping your baby feeling dry.

Booster - if you've got a heavy wetter, or want to use your nappies overnight, adding in an additional booster maxes out your absorbency.  You can even use more than one if you need to.  Our boosters come in two different sizes giving you max flexibility.  You can use the nappy without one when they are little, keeping the bulk down, then add in a single or double booster as they grow.

With cloth nappies, you'll never run out of nappies!

Another fantastic reason to switch to cloth nappies is that you'll never run out of nappies and have to do an early morning trip to the Co-op to get some more. Always a win!

Hopefully that all makes sense, but if you've got any questions at all, Kirstin and Erika on our customer services team are crack nappy experts and are on hand to answer any questions you might have, or help with a tailored recommendation for what you need.