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Going on Holiday? Make it easy to take your Cheeky Wipes

FAQ:  We're going on holiday, how can we make it easy to use our Cheeky Wipes?

We always take our Cheeky Wipes on holiday (well, we would!)  But we also know intrepid Cheeky Wipers who have travelled throughout Asia with their Cheeky Wipes, so we know it isn't just us.

Aside from the usual hands, faces & bum cleaning, you never know when you'll have a random puking incident in the car, or hot baby who needs cooled down.

So if you're heading off on holiday soon, here are our top tips for using your Cheeky Wipes while you're away.

Villa / cottage rental

This is the easiest type of holiday to just package up your wipes and take them with you, as most holiday rental accommodation will have a washing machine on site. 


Again, it's easy to use your Cheeky Wipes when camping, as most family friendly campsites will also have washing facilities.  We tend to wash a big load once or twice during our holiday, to avoid having to bring too many changes of clothes (not enough room in the car).  Providing you have enough  Cheeky Wipes, this is an easy option too.  We usually keep all our mucky wipes in a large wetbag, and wash when there is a wash going on.  Easy.

Apartment or Hotel holiday

This is probably the trickiest holiday during which to use your Cheeky Wipes, as it is unusual for apartments or hotels to offer washing facilities.  And only the most crunchy of us are up for washing poo-ey wipes out by hand.

One compromise is to use Cheeky Wipes for cleaning up after wet nappies, rather than dirty ones.  Keep to cotton wool and water or the dreaded disposables to deal with poo and then just hand wash the ones used for wee.  Lay your clean wipes on the balcony and the sun will bleach out any germs, keeping your wipes clean for ongoing use....