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The Best Overnight Period Underwear

Our content ideas come from many places. Often our Trustpilot reviews are the inspiration. This is one of those occasions:

'⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ LIFE CHANGING ������


I am afflicted with night time period hell - no matter how much a sanitary towel claimed to be leak proof my periods proved them wrong! I had to sleep with bath towels doubled up on the bed to prevent soiling the sheets/mattress - NOT ANYMORE.



Although I’m only 5ft and very slight I purchased the high waist paints (day and night ones) and they have given me peace of mind.

The full coverage front and back really do keep me secure. I am now sleeping through nights without having to change my underwear/sanitary wear….and I’m no longer putting extra protection on the bed!

Best period purchase I’ve ever made!' Tallulah, Trustpilot

Here at Team Cheeky, we have been all about 'Simple Reusables' since we launched our reusable wipes kit way back in 2008. When we went looking for reusable alternatives to disposable period products, we created our range of period pads and pants, including heavy flow and maternity pants which have been bestsellers ever since.

Reusable period products are the best overnight period protection because they're way more comfortable than disposable sanitary pads or menstrual products. And they're more absorbent too.

If, like Tallulah, you're afflicted with heavy periods and regularly wake up in a bloodbath, period pants may be the solution you're looking for. You can even wear them as a backup to menstrual cups or tampons if you have abnormally heavy flow or endometriosis.

To make life easier for you, we've compiled a list of the best period underwear for nighttime from online period underwear brands to High St options too.

The MOST important thing we've considered for is where the absorbent panels are within the pants. Why is this so important? Well when you sleep, you'll be laying down, possibly on your back, front or side. Or all three!

Ideally, you want absorbency from the front to the rear waistband so no matter how you sleep, you'll be protected. Not ALL the overnight / maxi pants we've found have this level of absorbency, so we'll let you know if this isn't the case.

Pretty much all Cheeky Pants have got this as standard as we think it's super important for day to day life (who wants to leak when they're lounging on the sofa!)

We've also indicated whether any of the pants contain antimicrobial silver, which is a bit of a controversial subject. We don't use it in any Cheeky pants it's just not necessary.

Here's our list of the Best Overnight Period Underwear:

The Best Overnight Period Underwear

The Best Overnight Period Underwear: Wuka Ultimate Heavy Overnight

WUKA Ultimate Heavy Overnight Pants

Style: Midi Brief

Price: £20.99 (Multibuy Offers Available Also)

Size: XS to 4XL (size 6 to size 20)

Main Material: Tencel Modal. No antimicrobial silver, PFAS or PFOS.

Wuka overnight pants have lovely breathable mesh side panels which will definitely help keep you cool at night. However as the absorbent panel only reaches to the rear waistband, not the front waistband, they may not be appropriate for anyone who sleeps on their side or front. Try their super heavy overnight pants instead.

Customer Review: 'I was uneasy trying these pants but they’re great! I often bleed through a super plus at night so at first I wore them with a tampon and then during the daytime didn’t wear anything with them. Really comfy, wash well, feel really happy to recommend.'  Cat, Product Review

Best Overnight Period Underwear - Cheeky Period Shorts

Cheeky Period Shorts

Style: Shorts

Price: £13.49 (Multibuy Offers Available Also)

Size: 2 to 4 to size 28 to 30

Main Material: Bamboo Viscose. No polyfluoroalkyl substances, PFAS or antimicrobial silver.

Cheeky plus size period pants range includes the cosy bamboo period shorts (above) which are just brilliant for a good nights sleep.  Made from breathable bamboo, they're super comfortable to wear too as you won't get too hot. Plus absorbency from front to rear waistband means no matter how wriggly you are when asleep, we've got you covered.

Customer Review: 'Comfiest period pants I have ever come across oh my god. They’re such soft material it’s lovely. Centre part might be a little bulky for some but I got used to it really fast and it feels much less risky than a pad in normal pants, whether for sleep or just a heavy day. And they’re absorbent as hell. Honestly everything about them was just so good.'  Hannah, Trustpilot Product Review

Best Overnight Period Underwear - Bodyform Boy

Bodyform Boy Leg Overnight Pants

Style: Shorts

Price: £24.99 (Multibuy Offers Available Also)

Size: 2XS to 3XL (size 4 to size 18)

Main Material: Lyocell TENCEL. These pants have also been treated with silver copper zeolite.

These Bodyform boy style pants will be comfortable to wear due to the Tencel Lyocell. However the front absorbency doesn't reach the waistband. Something to bear in mind if you are a front sleeper with heavier periods.

Customer Review: (Reviews on the Bodyform website were via Influenster in exchange for Free Products): 'Never buying tampons again these are easy to use wash well and do a better job than any tampon or sanitary towel. Honestly worth every penny and you don't feel the moisture which was my concern'  Emma, Product Review

Best Overnight Period Underwear - M&S Period Shorts

M&S Super Heavy Absorbency Shorts

Style: Shorts

Price: £16 for two pairs

Size: size 4 to size 24

Main Material: Cotton Elastane

M&S Period Shorts are a great price and a good option if you don't overheat in bed and only sleep on your back. Made from cotton / elastane, they won't be as breathable as some of the other shorts. Absorbency does run to rear waistband, but not the front waistband.

Customer Review: 'As a night option I loved these. Secure and very high absorbency. No leaks. I don't wear them through the day. I sleep for up to 10 hours.' 

Best Overnight Period Underwear - Modibodi Classic

Modibodi Classic Full Brief Overnight

Style: Full Brief

Price: £21

Size: size 8 to size 26

Main Material: Bamboo Viscose. No antimicrobial silver. These contain wool inner, so not vegan friendly.

Modibodi full brief period panties are made from bamboo viscose which as we've said already is cool to wear. Absorbency does run to rear waistband, but not as far as the front waistband.

Customer Review: 'I love my Modibodi's for managing my periods. They are such a wonderful tool for feeling dry and covered. I especially love the classic full design for feeling leak proof and the heavy overnights are probably my favourite style for heavy days and feeling fully covered at night. I can go to sleep without worrying how I am laying and what sheets are on the bed.' 

Best Night Time Period Underwear - Cheeky Fearless

Cheeky Fearless Full Brief

Style: Full Brief

Price: £13.49

Size: size 4 to 6 to size 28 to 30

Main Material: Bamboo Viscose. No antimicrobial silver, PFOS or PFAS.

The Cheeky Fearless full brief is made from bamboo viscose, however the side panels are mesh also for extra breathability. Available in a wide range of sizes too from size 4 to size 30. Super absorbent too, with absorbency panels from front to rear waistband, so you don't need to worry about leaks.

Customer Review: 'Game changer! These are quality products. As a big girl I always struggled while on period. My periods are rather short, but I always get around 36 hours of heavy flow right in the middle... With these on, I am comfortable through the night and wake up to clean bedsheets every time! These pants are high waisted and comfortable' Trustpilot Product Review

Best Night Time Period Pants - Cheeky Pretty

Cheeky Feeling Pretty Heavy Flow

Style: Midi Brief

Price: £11.99

Size: size 4 to 6 to size 22 to 24

Main Material: Nylon / Elastane. No antimicrobial silver, PFAS or PFOS.

The Cheeky Feeling Pretty heavy flow brief has a pretty lace top and looks just like regular underwear if big granny style knickers or shorts aren't your thing.

These are the best period underwear for overnight if you really want to look discreet.  Absorbency panels from front to rear waistband, so you can sleep easy.

Customer Review: 'Love this product, really made a difference to my life. These period knickers have the specialty material right up to the top of the knicker which is helpful compared to other period knives brands that sort of stop half way. I didn’t choose this product to be more eco friendly, just trying to find something I find more comfortable during heavy periods after not having them for about 10 years. It made sleeping easier as less messy, less uncomfortable and less distressing. But knowing I was being eco friendly is an added bonus' Stephanie via Trustpilot

Best night time period protection - wuka super ultimate period pants

Wuka Super Heavy Overnight Pants

Style: Midi Brief

Price: £20.99 (Multibuy Offers Available Also)

Size: XXS to 6XL (size 4 to size 24)

Main Material: Tencel Modal. No antimicrobial silver, PFAS or PFOS.

WUKA Ultimate Midi Brief Super Heavy Flow period pants hold 12 regular tampons worth of blood and and their highest absorbency. You can wear a pair of period underwear for up to 24 hours but they recommend not more than 12 for hygiene reasons. Absorbency from front to rear waistband means you can sleep easy, no matter how you sleep!

Customer Review: 'As someone who suffers horrendously heavy periods the super heavy has allowed me to be able to do so much more, when I was on disposables I was having to change night time pads every 1-2 hours now I get at least 4 hours'  Claire, Product Review

To wash Period Pants, cold water rinse after wearing, then cool wash. Avoid fabric softener, bleach and tumble drying.

Bestselling Overnight Period Pants:

Hopefully you found this article useful. If you've got any further questions at all, please do contact us.  The team all use the products themselves and love to chat pee, poo and periods all day long! We've also got some further reading that you may be interested in: 

About the Author: Helen Rankin founded Cheeky Wipes, the original reusable wipes kit back in 2008 after disposable wipes caused her eczema to flare up. 4 kids later, she went on to develop their range of 'Simple Reusables' to include period pants, reusable period kits and kids incontinence pants. Both she and the rest of the leadership team are now navigating menopause, with all the joys it brings!

The Cheeky customer services team pride themselves on providing honest, friendly advice and just LOVE to chat pee, poo and periods all day long, helping people make the switch to reusables! The Company was recognised for their hard work in developing environmentally friendly products with the Queens Award in Enterprise for Sustainable Development in 2021.