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Why is this Dad delighted he switched to Reusable Baby Wipes

From ‘serial wiper’ to Cheeky wipes convert – a Dad’s perspective.

Inside: Expecting a new baby, but aren't sure which baby wipes to choose? Find out why this Dad switched to reusable baby wipes for baby no2, instead of wet wipes

Dads choose reusable wipes

Tom is dad to 2 young boys - Logan (just over 2) and Bryce (9 months).  His job at Explore Learning provides maths and English tuition for children. Nurturing and educating young minds to achieve their potential.   And with two small sons of his own Tom wants to raise them to be thoughtful and responsible.  This has led him and his wife Kristy on a bit of an eco-journey.  Exploring products that can keep their family on track to being less wasteful. Moving away from single-use plastics, towards refilling, reusing and recycling.  

Read on to see how Cheeky Wipes has become an invaluable part of the family’s journey so far.

The challenge: bringing up our boys to respect the planet 

 Dads choose reusable wipes 2

Like many of us, Tom and his family have become gradually more aware of how their lifestyle is having a negative impact on the planet, and have decided to do something about it and try to live more sustainably.   So they are making small but important changes to their daily routine and sharing their experiences 


Some changes are successful, such as milk delivered in glass bottles (our grandparents were right!) to bamboo toothbrushes and reusable deodorant.   Others not so good – it’s all part of the family learning together.  However, Tom admits he was hesitant when Kristy suggested reusable baby wipes when expecting their second baby.

For Logan, I would use 6/7 single use wet wipes to make absolutely sure he was clean. I thought there’s no way a reusable cloth would do the job as well.

The Solution: giving Cheeky reusable wipes a try

Tom and Kristy found the company through social media after a friend’s recommendation. They liked that the ‘all in one’ baby wipes kits provided everything they needed – soft cloth wipes, out and about fresh and mucky bags, fresh and mucky containers and essential oils that smell so fresh for the soaking solution. 

“I did the maths before buying and worked out that during the boys time in nappies we would save money overall. I thought about the open packets of wipes over the house and car and agreed it was wasteful.”

So they ordered kits for upstairs and downstairs to make life easier as their friends had recommended, plus the super soft wipes for sticky hands and faces.   They were ready to see if this change would work for them.

Results: I was genuinely sold on the first pooey nappy!

Tom was immediately struck by how fresh the kits smelt and then got to work on a pooey nappy.  From this first use he was converted 100%.

“I couldn’t believe how effective these wipes were. I easily cleaned up Bryce with one wipe and felt happy that he was really clean – like I’d given him a mini wash

Kind to skin, no chemicals and  zero nappy rash.

“I admit I had taken some convincing to move away from single-use wipes, but Kristy sold it to me as part of our eco journey and of course, like always, she was right!”

The mucky wipe goes into the soaking solution which has a net bag. So when they’re ready to wash there’s no need to touch the wipes – just throw into the machine. 

“Later I was a bit distracted doing the washing up and Kristy waved a Cheeky Wipes container under my nose. I told her it smelt amazing – it was the mucky box – that’s how good they are!”

The family has just come back from holiday and of course they took their Cheeky Wipes in the Out and About bags making cleaning up bums and sticky faces easy when on the go. 

“The face wipes are so amazingly soft and gentle on one side with cool whales and turtle designs. The other side is more like a flannel to deal with that dried on Weetabix moment that every parent can identify with!  We’ll be using these for years to come”

 And Finally

“We made the change to Cheeky Wipes for environmental reasons but found the quality of the product and their effectiveness is better than anything we’ve ever used before – a massive double win!”

Tom is continuing to encourage his boys to think about the world around them with upcycling projects in the garden and a veg bed planned. 

Our generation grew up with disposable, single-use products as our norm. It’s all I ever knew.

I would like reusable products like Cheeky Wipes to be second nature for the boys and their natural choice.”

I want to raise our boys to be respectful of the planet and Cheeky Wipes feeds into that. We are grateful to the company for helping us achieve our sustainable goals.”

Make your own small changes that make the world of difference. 

Explore the Cheeky Wipes website and feel good about doing good.

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