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Using Cloth Baby Wipes when out and about

FAQ's:  How easy is it to use Cheeky Wipes when out and about?


It's simple to use Cheeky Wipes when you're out.  For sticky fingers or faces, or bottoms (or vomit from a travel-sick child, or dog poo from shoes!) Cheeky Wipes come in really handy. 

Normally, if I'm popping out for the afternoon, I'll just grab a handful of clean wipes from my fresh box which have already been soaked and ready for use.  I give them a good squeeze to remove excess water and then pop into my fresh wipes bag and into my handbag, along with a mucky wipes bag.

I only take out 4 or 5 for the afternoon between all 4 kids.  That gives me one or two for nappy changes and one or two for cleaning mucky fingers and faces, which is stacks because as you know you don't use as many Cheeky Wipes as disposable wipes.  Once I get back, I just pop the mucky wipes in the mucky box or straight into the washing machine if I've got a wash going on immediately.

Top Tip

You know what it's like when you're running out of the house - it's easy to forget to grab things now and again, especially when you have 4 kids and they all seem to lack the ability to put their shoes on without a fuss!

I keep a stash of clean dry Cheeky Wipes in a double wetbag in my car (would also work in your buggy).  They way if I forget them or I run out, I can always wet a few with water and use them - they've also been used dry to clear up vomit though.

The last piece of advice I'll give you is to remember to take them out of your bag when you get back - leave them for a few days and they'll start to smell musty!