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Using Washable Cloth Cheeky Baby Wipes on Holiday

A Facebook comment prompted this blog post, when the lovely Sandra asked about taking Cheeky Wipes on holiday.  It's approaching that time of year now, isn't it (I've just got around to sending back no2 daughters incorrectly typed passport to be changed, what a palaver!) when people are starting to think about getting away for a few days.

We always take our Cheeky Wipes with us on holiday and am always so glad that we've done so.  Here's how to make them work for varying holidays:


Visiting Friends for a few days

I'll start with the easiest option.  At Easter for example, we stayed with our BF's in St Albans and then popped to see my sister in Leigh-on-Sea, so we were away for 4 days in total.  I packed:


  • 40 dry Cheeky Wipes 
  • Fresh Box
  • Oil
  • Large Double Wet bag


When I got to St Albans, I soaked about 15 wipes which were used during the first couple of days.  Once I had used them, I chucked the dirty ones into the large double wet bag (or any large nappy bag would do).  

When we went off to my sister, I bunged everything in the back of the car and made up a few more Cheeky Wipes for the days that we spent there.  Again, the mucky ones went into the dirty nappy bag.

On the way home, my eldest daughter got car sick, in a massive way!  I was SO glad that I had my stash of clean dry, unused Cheeky Wipes to clear up the resulting puke fest - and the whole lot went into a 60c wash when I got home.  


Camping or Villa Holiday 

 It's also surprisingly easy to use Cheeky Wipes when camping as most campsites have washing facilities and we prefer to take fewer clothes and wash them out, than overload the car with clothes.

We take the same basic kit as above, save the mucky wipes until we have a wash going on and then wash with beach towels etc. 


Hotel / Apartment Holiday

It's a little trickier to take your Cheeky Wipes on holiday when you're staying at a hotel or apartment that doesn't have washing facilities.  If you're just away for a week, take extra wipes and you can still save all your wipes to wash on your return.  Even if you don't use them for poo's that is very doable.

If you're away for longer, you can still use your Cheeky Wipes, washing them out by hand and dry them in the sun for hygiene - although I think this probably works best for non-pooey wipes!