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We support Fleur Anderson; Ban Plastic in Wet Wipes

We support Fleur Anderson; Ban Plastic in Wet Wipes

Cheeky Supports Fleur Anderson bid to ditch plastics in wet wipes 

If you saw the news at the moment you’ll have spotted something that got us all very excited back at Cheeky HQ and hopefully struck a chord with you too if you’ve been with us a while and have your own stash of reusable wipes.

On the day that Jeff Bezos took to the stage at COP26 (yes, really!) we were delighted to see Labour MP Fleur Anderson across the news and media platforms launching her 10 Minute Rule Bill to ban plastic in the manufacture and sale of wet wipes.

Wet wipes are responsible for 93% of blockages in UK sewers and are even changing the shape of rivers as they pile up on beds and banks. The Thames Water area alone has on average 85,000 blockages a year due to fat and wet wipes and with the equivalent of 163 wet wipes per person being used in the UK alone every year, you can see how it happens.

Ms Anderson highlighted the fact that of the 11 billion wet wipes used in the UK every year, 90% of them contain plastic – leading to ‘untold damage to our water systems and marine environments’.

‘As a mother of four children, I completely understand the pressures that parents are under and the difficulties that can bring when trying to cut down on plastic and make the right choices for the environment,’ Ms Anderson said.

‘I know that parents want to do the right things and all I am saying is that we can make it easier on them and on everyone who relies on the use of wet wipes every day.’

This is where Cheeky Wipes come in, we’ve been all about the simple swaps since 2008 when we launched our original all-in-one reusanle baby wipes kit. Making it easy to go from chemical filled, polluting, single use wipes to reusable and washable wipes that are amazing at cleaning, soft on skin, kind to the planet and also to your pocket.

Since 2016, we’ve calculated we’ve saved 40m packs of disposable wet wipes from landfill. YOU did this.

As the original and still the most eco alternative to disposable nasties we started Cheeky 13 years ago with a focus on wipes and our All in one kits designed with everything you need to make the switch a no-brainer. And tons of you love them and come back for second, third, fourth kits for new rooms, for growing families or new uses and as friend-winning, brownie-point-earning gifts for friends and family.

This month we’ve launched our newest product in the fight against disposable wet wipes, fatbergs and marine pollution.

Welcome ‘Wet & Wipe’

Wet and Wipe Spray perfect for nappy changes and toilet spray

Buy it to use alone as a spray at home or on the go, or select it as an option as part of a kit or bundle, this spray will convert any piece of cloth or tissue paper into a wet wipe and be kinder to skin in the process.

If Fleur has inspired you to make the swap today, come in and explore our range today. We’ve even got Free UK Delivery on orders over £20 at the moment so it’s perfect to make your first foray and get saving what we estimate to be about £500 in the first 2 years.

Otherwise bookmark our FAQs page where you can find tons of interesting tips about the ins and outs of day to day without the disposables or fill out our Wipes questionnaire and the fantastic Paula will give you a personalised recommendation as to just how to make these work for you. Having been a childminder for many years and now a Cheeky Customer Service superstar, what Paula doesn’t know about wipes and the ease of reusables, isn’t worth knowing.

Let’s ditch the disposables once and for all and start saving money in the process!

We can all get behind that!