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What are some things that families can do to save money?

“One of the easiest things that families can do save money is switch to reusable wipes, and our research makes it clear that these savings are significant, potentially £500 over two years.  There’s also the added bonus of doing something positive for the environment, too.” 

what are some things that families can do to save money

Research Reveals UK Families Could Save up to £500 by Switching to Reusable Wipes 

At a time when households across the country are facing a cost of living crisis coupled with energy price hikes and rising fuel costs, one innovative East Sussex company is stepping forward to help families find new and easy ways to save. Research conducted by Cheeky Wipes, which offers a range of reusable cloth-based face wipes, nappies, period products, and more, has found that making the switch from disposable to reusable wipes could help families save hundreds of Pounds per year. 

Around a quarter of British families say they choose to use disposable wipes because they believe them to be cheaper than investing in reusables, according to the Cheeky Wipes survey. 

However, those cost savings aren’t actually accurate. Instead, switching to the £47 best-selling reusable wipes kit from Cheeky Wipes is shown to be more cost-effective and could save families who normally buy two packs of  disposable wipes per week more than £500 over two years. 

Helen Rankin, Cheeky Wipes Founder, says, “There’s a widespread belief that disposable wipes are the cheapest options so many shoppers never really think to question it. However, with the soaring cost of living, we’re finding that more and more families are starting to really look at each item they buy to find cost savings. What they’re finding is that their favourite disposable products aren’t quite the bargain they thought they were. 

Cheeky Wipes’ research comes at a time when most people say they are more worried about their finances than they are about the pandemic. Much of the strain is falling on families who are already struggling. Cheeky Wipes reports that families visiting food banks are spending £30 a month on disposable wipes; a cost that could be eradicated by switching to reusable alternatives that simply need to be washed and dried before using again, as many times as needed. 

Switching to reusables isn’t just a way to save money; it’s a way to feel good, too. Single use items are one of the biggest contributors towards the rise of microplastics in our oceans. Reusables keep plastic out of the bin, out of landfill, and out of the water. 

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Cheeky Wipes has been a champion of ‘Simple Reusables’ since 2008, when the company’s best-selling reusable wipes kit was first launched. Founded by a mum with eczema and four children, Cheeky Wipes understands that switching to reusable alternatives needs to be easy, rather than a chore. 

The Cheeky Wipes team spend most days talking about poo, pee, and periods and love a chance to help today’s consumers make the switch. 

Since 2016 alone, Cheeky Wipes has helped save more than 140 million single use products from landfill, and, as a result, the business was presented with a Queens Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development in 2021, celebrating all the hard work the Cheeky Wipes team has put in over the last 13 years. 


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