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Cheeky: What Charities and Partnerships are important to us?

Since our launch in 2008, we have been working hard to spread the word of simple reusables for individuals and families but did you know we also work with a number of groups across the UK and globally to ensure communities have access to and can benefit from reusable products?

We're shouting about some of those communities here and if you have an organisation that you work with or a community you are part of that could benefit, get in touch and we'll see if we can help in any way.



Community Support

Charity partnerships

We have been working with Salut Malawi since 2017 who deliver donations of bras, panties, soap and reusable period pads women and girls in rural Malawi. This is so important to work to reduce the period poverty that is depriving these girls of an education and to keep them safe and less vulnerable to sexual violence and exploitation.


They send a containers of items each year in May / June and we are happy to collect on their behalf so if you have bras or pants that you can consider donating, get in touch with us and we can give you the details. 

Cardiff People First is a self advocacy organisation run by and for people with a learning disability in Cardiff. They approached us in November 2021 with a view to working together to supply period protection for their community and staff. We were honoured to have been asked and their Director came to us as she had experience of our products for her daughter and felt that as a company, we have integrity, our site is informal and educational and that we are fully behind all our products.  

We started with a zoom event with some of their community to gauge what they needed before spending their period dignity grant. It was great to get so much feedback and as a result, we have been able to provide tailored products and information.

A couple of us attended an event in June 2022 - All Wales People First Adfest where we were asked to present on our work with Cardiff People First and meet some of the other communities. 

The partnership has continued and we are thrilled to be making a difference to this brilliant group. 

ERIC is the national charity dedicated to improving children’s bowel and bladder health. As a company looking at ways to make living with incontinence as comfortable as possible, we often refer to their work and advice. They stock our wipes, nappies and kids incontinence pants and we often refer customers to get in touch with them for their children's needs.

Our team have experience with childhood incontinence and can offer personal advice but often recommend taking a look at the information and support offered by ERIC.

We are about to launch a really exciting partnership with a national charity doing amazing work but have to keep it under wraps for a few more weeks...


Education Support

As schools around the UK are placing more emphasis on sustainability in the curriculum, PSHE lessons on puberty and periods are adding in reusable period protection options to talk about to students.

Here at Cheeky HQ, we have been supplying demo packs of reusable period protection to a growing number of schools around the UK since 2019. This served to show teachers and students the alternatives to disposable products and answer questions in a straight talking way and dispel some common barriers.

We talked more and more about getting information to a wider audience, encouraging open discussion, breaking down any stigma from embarrassment or lack of information and using our experience to advise. With Social Media as the primary source for  finding and  receiving information, we decided to create an app that is free and accessible to all.  It can be a first step to opening up conversation with children about periods or youngsters looking out for signs of their periods starting.  The App is called The Period Hub and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play.


We have also launched our teaching resource as a support in educating young people for KS2 & KS3 and this is available to download here.

At Team Cheeky we're really proud to be the suppliers for reusable period pants for Primary and Secondary schools across Cardiff. Period Dignity grants are awarded to all schools in Wales and we are thrilled to have been working with schools in Cardiff and other communities since 2021.  


Community Support

The UK Nappy Network Nappy libraries are an amazing source of information, support and reusable nappies and wipes across the UK. The libraries are set up and run by passionate individuals looking to offer advice and lending products to those starting out on their cloth journey. We are so pleased to have been supporting these libraries over the past 10 years by supplying products, information and discounts. 

Check out the map here to see if there is a library near you.

We also offer discount codes to Council incentive schemes across the UK enabling residents to purchase nappies and wipes. In September 2022, we set up an exclusive scheme with Lewes District Council offering a £50 voucher to residents to spend on reusable and wipes. For more information, check out the scheme here. 

You know how we love to spread the word about how cost effective reusables can be. Being part of the Real Nappies for London programme is something we are passionate about and depending on which London Borough you live in, your council will fund up to £70 towards the cost of reusable nappies. We know that the upfront cost of making the decision to use cloth nappies can be a barrier for some so we're thrilled to be part of the solution.

Hashtag United youth football club have an amazing team behind them working to support players through their menstrual cycle and periods. We have teamed up with them and have supplied every player in the youth team with a pair of Cheeky period pants to enable them to continue with training and playing knowing they have protection when on their period.

Mark Skipp, Director of Youth Football, said: “This is a huge step forward for the club. We are passionate about raising awareness of how the menstrual cycle can affect young athletes. Tthe introduction of free sanitary products not only supports our members but also addresses period poverty, especially in the current financial climate”.

Our partnership with Southern Water enables residents to receive a bespoke pack of reusable wipes in areas where there are a lot of sewer blockages. You may have heard of the term fatbergs where a rock like mass of waste matter forms in the sewers and is a combination of flushed non biodegradable items - one of the main culprits being disposable wipes but also includes disposable period pads, cotton buds, condoms as well as fat oil and grease from food residue.

The team at Southern Water visit these hot spots and affected areas and hand out information packs containing  our bamboo wipes. This serves to educate residents with the alternatives. 

Our work with WEN (Women's Environmental network) enables us to reach communities across the UK through supplying period and incontinence products, information and support. Their Environmenstrual Ambassador Toolkits are put together for teachers, schools and social care and health settings in London Boroughs as well as nationally. The training includes looking at what role reusable period products can play in addressing period poverty and  period management. 

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About the author: Jo van Huet is a mum of 2 and has been working with Helen, Cheeky founder, for over 20 years. She has been Head of Customer Journey at Cheeky Wipes for almost 8 years following a stint “helping out at some Baby shows” since 2008! 

Jo has used all the products from our wipes on her kids (now 12 & 15) to our period pants and pads. She is passionate about making sure our customers are happy, informed and feel listened too when they get in touch. Her team pride themselves on providing relatable friendly advice and just LOVE to chat pee, poo and periods all day long!