What to do if your child reacts to wipes

Monday, 13 February 2012  |  Admin

You probably know but one of the reasons that I started Cheeky Wipes is because I have really sensitive skin and have had eczema since I was a child. Thankfully now it is limited to the occasional flare-up (especially if I'm stressed or anxious. Or pregnant....)Disposable wipes really irritate my hands, whereas I find Cheeky Wipes to be absolutely fine. I love all three of our fresh wipes essential oil blends, Lavender & Chamomile, mandarin & tea Tree Lemon and Rose & Rose Geranium.

Why do we use essential oils?Well aside from smelling fabulous and leaving your baby smelling great, the essential oils also have other skin healing properties. Plus they're all anti-septic and anti-bacterial to some extent. Lastly, they also act as a preservative, helping to keep your wipes smelling fresh. You can certainly use Cheeky Wipes without the fresh wipes oil, but we'd only recommend soaking as many as you would use in a day as otherwise they might go musty.

What if my baby is allergic to the oil or has a reaction?It's really unusual to be allergic or have a reaction to any of the oils, but it can happen. It is possible to be allergic to Lavender (and I know it can give some people Migraines) however you would probably be aware of this pretty quickly as it is contained in so many baby products for it's soothing properties.If your baby does have a reaction to any skincare product at any stage, immediately wash the affected area with clean water (pop them in the bath if it's easier). Apply Sudo-Cream or similar if necessary until the redness dies down. IUse your Cheeky Wipes with water only for a few weeks and then you can re-introduce the oil – we usually recommend trying the mandarin version as a good alternative.

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