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If you use cloth nappies and disposable wipes, you're missing a trick

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If you use cloth nappies and disposable wipes, you're missing out!

Why on earth would you do such a thing?  Let's be clear here, I'm not talking about those people who use cloth nappies and disposable wipes at nursery, or who mix it up a bit, depending on how much washing / work they've got on (my kids have been fed by Mr Birdseye this week as I've been struggling to cook anything that they will eat!)  

I'm talking about the cloth nappies users who just won't even consider cloth wipes.   I don't get it.  It makes no sense and makes my head hurt....

Don't use disposable wipes with cloth nappies! Switch to reusable

I have had people say to me 'I've got enough washing with the cloth nappies'.  Really?  Assuming you wash your nappies every other day and have a 7kg washload, a set of Cheeky Wipes will take up approx 1/28 of the capacity of your washing machine (so you could wash 28 SETS of 25 Cheeky Wipes in ONE average load of washing). Or (if you wash every other day) just 6 extra loads of washing over a whole year!

Reusable Wipes are The Easy Option

It is more hassle to dispose of a disposable baby wipe in the bin, THEN go deal with your dirty nappy.  Although in saying that I did have one lovely lady at a recent baby show who admitted to just chucking her disposable baby wipes into the washing machine and then binning them afterwards when they were clean!

Make life easy for yourself and clean your baby with a Cheeky Wipe, then bung into your nappy bucket until washing together.

Cloth Baby Wipes - The Eco Option

Presumably one of the reasons for using cloth nappies is because they are more eco-friendly.  Why would you then chuck loads of disposable wipes into landfill?

Washable Baby Wipes - Skin friendly

Again, probably one of the reasons for using cloth nappies is that they are more gentle against your baby's skin.   Disposable baby wipes can contain chemicals linked to the rise of dermatitis and skin problems in children.  Cheeky Wipes use just water and essential oils to gently cleanse your baby.

Seriously, I just don't get it.  

Reusable Wet Wipes - Will save you money - guaranteed!

If you bought cloth nappies to save money, then you could save even more by using Cheeky Wipes.  Assuming that you buy just one pack of wipes a week, over two years you could be spending upwards of £250 (depending of course on whether you use cheapie supermarket brands or premium natural wipes).  If you buy two packs, that could be over £500!  With a Cheeky Wipes Mini kit for £26.95, that's a huge cost saving...

So what are you waiting for?  And of course, the best thing about Cheeky Wipes is that you can use them with ANY nappy, not just cloth.

As always if you've got any comments (or can explain how cloth nappies & disposable wipes make sense?), I'd love to hear them!