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Why You Should Use Reusable Wipes over Biodegradable Wet Wipes


It’s a well known fact that many wet wipes are bad for the environment so we really do recommend that it is time to have a re-think about the type of wipes you are using.

Many ‘biodegradable’ wipes are only biodegradable in home compost bins, not in landfill or sewers.  If you really can’t manage without wipes, then why not make the switch from biodegradable wet wipes to reusable cloth wipes?

Here at Cheeky Wipes we are very passionate about washable wipes which is why we have a huge range of reusable wipes for babies and kids as well as our reusable make up range.

Reusable Baby Wipes

Our Cheeky Wipes are great for both nappy changing and hands and face wiping. Using 99.84% water and either essential oils or a squirt of baby nappy spray will gently cleanse your baby’s skin.

You can choose from a range of wipes in cotton, bamboo, organic cotton or have a trial set to receive a selection of all the wipes to see which ones suit you best. Most of our bundles also come with a fresh baby essentials oil blend and a waterproof out and about travel bag, so you can always have your wipes on the go with you.

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Similar to our baby wipes, we also have a range of makeup remover pads that are the perfect alternative to normal face wipes. They are made from double layer organic cotton sherpa which is very soft making them perfect for the delicate eye area. We recommend using them with organic coconut oil but they also work well with toners such as micellar water also.

Wipes for Kitchens & Bathrooms

A lot of people also buy wet wipes for cleaning their kitchen and bathrooms, but you can also put a stop to that. We have a handy little kit which makes cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, easy, hygienic and better for the environment. The wipes are quick drying so simply just soak, wash, dry and reuse!

Pet Wipes

Got a mucky pup?  Particularly during the autumn and winter months, going for a dog walk is a bit of a mucky mission!  Choosing Reusable Pet Cleaning Wipes is one way to clean your faithful friend, protect your car and carpets!

We hope the above has helped in making you decide to make the switch to reusable wipes. But if you would like to have more advice and information on it, please get in touch with our team for advice.



Neil Burns
07 June 2021  |  11:14

Absolutely completely agree with this plus the fact that we can also save huge amounts on our weekly or monthly groceries by switching from toilet roll to using wipes instead.

And before someone goes 'Ewwww!!!' Remember when you go to France and you use the toilet in the hotel room's and there is a bidet there awaiting you to use to clean yourself after going to the toilet? Well, just think of the wipes as the same thing in effect especially if you store them damp after the wash, they are then nice and damp ready for doing the necessary and then you just put them soiled into your mucky box.

And again for anyone saying that even putting them into the laundry is another 'EWWW!!' moment and might muck up your washing machine. If your kids get covered in MUD occasionally while out playing with their friends where do you put their clothes afterwards? In the washing machine correct?
Well, what do you think that MUD consists of?
Mud is made up of churned up animal and bird poo. So when lovely Foxy Loxy, lovely badger, the cute doggie next door, the neighbour's cat, all those sweet birds drop their poo's that is what mud is made up of. It doesn't smell of poo because the weeds, grass and worms have all taken away the smell for you.

However what I tend to do is to unclip the soiled bag from the soiled box and grab hold of the cord dongle so that I actually do not touch the contents of the net bag. Then I use a pair of rubber gloves and I empty the soiled bag of wipes ONLY (Not the bag as that can go into a 40 wash) into my washing machine together with any other WHITES that need a 60 degree wash.
Add in a measure Biological washing liquid together with a measure of Dettol anti-bacterial liquid, pop it on and then once the wash is complete I can remove my wipes from the rest of the Whites, pile them together neatly STILL Damp and put them straight into my clean wipes box. Simples!!!

Saves so much money on buying toilet roll and feels so much cleaner almost like using a real Bidet!!!

Trust me I was a telecoms engineer before becoming a utilities consultant so showing how to save money is part of what I do anyway.

Royal Navy Submarine Service Communications branch Veteran
and utilities consultant

31 March 2022  |  15:52

Neil, this comment has just made my day. Completely agree with you, we have been using our reusable wipes as a toilet paper alternative for 8 years now and I wouldn't go back.
It's easy, doesn't smell and leave you feeling MUCH cleaner. No little bits of loo roll left behind down under if you get my meaning...
Swap to save - we guarantee you'll love them or your money back!