Would you pass the trampoline test?

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OK. I know I've been teasing you with my 'interesting' product that I brought back from the Kind & Jugend show at Cologne and you're all dying to know what it is. Well I can reveal it's an....
....electronic pelvic floor exerciser.
I know that some of you think I'm obsessed with my pelvic floor (notably the lovely Claire from My Little Patch who was very amused by the sticker on my car steering wheel reminding me to do my pelvic floor exercises. Which I have been doing, honestly. But I still failed the trampoline challenge when I was on holiday with the kids with a (TMI warning) tiny trickle of wee escaping whilst I was bouncing!
There's a reason that the maternity towels sit right alongside the Tena lady you know. They're lurking there, waving at me every time I walk by, reminding me that if I don't take action I could be a Tena lady in a few years time, needing towels all the time. At least towels have moved on since my Nanny and her 'pantaloons' and HUGE washable pads in the '70's.
Anyway, when I arrived at the trade show in Cologne I was delighted to find the friendly gang from Tens care were on the stand beside me. These are the people behind the Mamatens machines for use as pain relief during labour which I used and thought was really helpful in taking my mind off the contractions - until I got into the bath of course! I got chatting to them and they showed me their other key products, and the iTouch sure pelvic floor exerciser immediately caught my eye. (Mother of 4 kids, of COURSE that's what caught my eye...)
Continence stimulation is a therapeutic, safe and highly effective treatment for incontinence that is recommended by doctors, continence advisors and physiotherapy departments throughout the world.
Karina and Claire explained that about 25% of ladies suffer post-natally and would fail the trampoline challenge just as I did, which I have to say made me feel a bit better. So, how does it work?
NOT a vibrator!
The gadget does come with batteries and you do have to insert the little wand internally but that's where the similarity to a vibrator ends! Although you can use it whilst watching TV (!) I use it whilst I'm reading in bed at night. You do need to lube up the wand with KY or water-based jelly to ensure that it makes good contact (OK, so maybe ONE more similarity to a vibrator then...), stick it up and then switch on. You use the machine for 20 minutes a day, choosing the programme that suits your requirements - I do stress and urge programmes on alternate days. Once the machine is on, you rack up the power until it feels uncomfortable and then turn it down a notch - so far I've racked it up to 75 and it goes as far as 99.
The machine then pulses on and off for the appropriate time and you're encouraged to try to squeeze your muscles when it's pulsing. It's a bit of a strange sensation, more dull than using a tens machine externally but you can definitely feel it working.
Having had a chat with the girls last week, 2 others out of the 9 of us admitted to having the same problem, but no-one talks about it which is a shame. I think we should all 'fess up to our weak pelvic floors and then just do something about it! We shouldn't be embarrassed, after all we work out the rest of our bodies after childcare to help it back to normal, why shouldn't we do the same with our inners?
Tenscare reckon that it takes a few weeks to start noticing change, so I'm going to allow 2 months and then I'll report back....

Thursday, 13 March 2014  |  23:15

Did it work???? How was the results after 2 months?? I'm only in day 3 using mine and I'm intrigued to see if it actually works! Would love to hear back

Friday, 14 March 2014  |  10:10

Yes, it definitely helped tighten things jup inside. However I didn't follow the maintenence programme and could probably do with another few weeks of sessions again.

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