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You WILL have to wipe your baby's bottom!

Believe it or not, your baby will poo!

 As you can imagine, over the last 5 years we’ve done quite a few baby shows  both in the UK and Australia.  It's often amusing to see how new parents to-be react to the thought of poo.  I’ve literally had parents say ‘We won’t be dealing with any of that....’ 

***HELLOO - your baby will poo!***  And it really isn’t that bad.  Usually.

Newborn baby poo looks just like American style hot dog mustard and it can stain in the same way.  Top tip for getting this out of baby clothing is to soak the soiled clothing in cold water (not hot or warm as that will set the stain), wash in non-bio soap on a cold wash,  then get the clothing out in daylight which effectively removes any lingering stains like magic!' How often will my baby poo?’

'How often will my baby poo?'

This is sort of a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question.  Some newborn's will poo 10 times a day and inborn skills at squirting poo across a room.  All of my children did this at some point, and for some reason, middle of the night changes often featured squirting poo which usually ended up dripping off me!

 As they get a little older and are better at extracting all the goodness from their milk, there often isn’t much waste left over.  Then your baby might only poo once every two or three weeks.  Again this is completely normal.  On average you can expect to change your baby 5 - 8 times daily when newborn, 4 to 5 times a day when older.

'How do I make nappy changing quick and easy?’

Midwives recommend using just water for the first 6 weeks of baby’s life, so you can soak your Cheeky Wipes with just water during this period, only soaking as many as you'll use in a day as the lavender oil acts as a preservative. This means that your wipes are convenient and ready to use when you need them.  Using cloth wipes saves you money also and because they’re thicker than disposable wipes, you won’t end up with poo on your hands during a nappy change.

It’s also worthwhile investigating the range of modern cloth nappies now available. Terry squares and nappy pins are long gone, and modern cloth nappies are as simple as disposable nappies to use, they simply have to be washed after use.  Just like a baby-gro has to be washed if you have a poo-nami type poo explosion!

One last top tip regarding nappy changing.  NEVER turn your back on your baby whilst on a changing table, even for a second.  I know it sounds obvious but I turned to reach for a nappy I had dropped on the floor and my wriggly 4 month old pushed himself backwards off the changing table and on to the floor.  Thankfully he landed bottom first, so no harm done, but since then we’ve done all our changes on a change mat on the floor.  You learn from experience...