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Zero Waste - Choose cloth wipes as a toilet roll alternative


Zero Waste Week - using cloth wipes as a toilet paper alternative

So far we've covered reducing your waste by using cloth baby wipes instead of disposables and switching from disposable sanitary products to cloth sanitary pads.  

But have you thought about switching to cloth wipes as an alternative to toilet paper?  It's not as weird as it sounds.  There is a small but growing Toilet Paper (TP) Free community who have already made the switch.  Even if you can't get your head around using them for poo, think about how many wee wipes you need to do in a day!  There are lots of good reasons why it's worth thinking about:

  • Reduces Waste
  • Saves money
  • No left over bits of toilet paper in your nether regions!
  • Cleaning with water leaves you feeling fresh and sparkly clean

So how do you go about making the switch?

There are two ways to use cloth wipes as a toilet paper alternative:  Dry or Wet

Dry - simply keep dry cloth wipes in your bathroom and use as necessary, then place the used wipes into a container until you have a wash going on.  We use a mucky wipes box and mesh bag, along with some teatree for this purpose.  Flannel wipes are perfect for using for toilet wiping as they are soft and without texture.

Wet - keep your wipes soaked in a tub (we use water and lavender & chamomile oil) for a squeaky clean wiping experience.  Once used, soak as per dry wipes and wash when necessary.  

At Cheeky Wipes HQ we wash our wipes twice a week along with other washing on a 40c long wash and using dettol anti-bacterial laundry liquid.

But what about guests?

We get it that not everyone is as open to the idea (or even thinks you are plain weird for considering it).  So we keep toilet paper for guests and keep our Cheeky Wipes for ourselves.  Still a significant reduction in our household waste, we were getting through 8 rolls of toilet roll a week!

We've got kits that make it easy for you to switch to TP Free, take a look and let us know what you think....


Allison McIntyre
05 September 2014  |  10:39

I totally recommend goin tp-free. It took a while for my hubby to catch on to the idea but now the tp is only for guests! Not are we saving money & being greener, we'r cleaner too! 😊