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Reusable Cleaning Wipes & Cloths

Ditch disposable wipes and switch to our reusable cleaning cloths. Eco-friendly and will save you money!


If you're constantly reaching for antibacterial wipes or kitchen wet wipes, STOP!

Save money and protect the planet with our reusable cleaning wipes kits and cloths.

We've got extra large microfibre wipes, which are BRILLIANT multipurpose, super absorbent wipes for all around the house.

To a Cheeky washable cleaning cloths kit which has everything you need to antibac your surfaces and washes like a dream. These cloth wipes are so gentle they can even be used on hands & faces!

'Brilliant microfibre cloths that clean everything so easily and effortlessly. Easy to gather up in mesh bag to launder. Wash beautifully.'

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