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Love them, changed my period!
Tuesday, 21 May 2019  |  Sara

I Love them! Felt so safe wearing them the days, and especially nights leading up-to my period (especially as it came early!), and even more so during the first few days. I had them backing up a pad at first, which was great as I tend to have spillover at sides. Then at the end I only used them. I prefer these lace top ones to the Sport style as it covers more and a full absorbency layer.

The quality is excellent. I did not leak, and they are comfortable and donít feel wet. When I felt them the gusset being cold, I changed them for a fresh pair.

They have changed my experience of having my period hugely!

For product development, I'd love a high waist version

Thank you Cheeky Wipes!

Absorbs a LOT and no chafing!
Tuesday, 21 May 2019  |  Sara

I bought the 5-pack BAMBOO †Blue Dragonfly,† Day Pad and Night Pad, (5 each). I have used them once.

For disposable, I go through 10 ultra night pads, an 12 day pads during my 5 day period, although not always, even then I have had issues of leakage.

However, for my whole period this time I used 2 (!) night pads, 2 day pads, backed up with period pants and the last two days only had the period pants. Although I stayed home most of these days and as such could run to the loo if I felt the "gushing", this is way beyond my expectations!

Instead of going through packets of disposables, I used 2 night pads, 2 day pads, 3 lace and 3 sport pants. I am very much impressed!

Beautifully little clouds to clean your face
Friday, 17 May 2019  |  Abigail

These pretty. Reusable pads are gentle but strong and when used with coconut oil quickly make your make up melt away .They are easy. To wash and make you wonder why you have ever used anything disposable on your face. My daughter says they are like little clouds to clean your face !

Great pads and more absorbent than expected
Thursday, 16 May 2019  |  Sarah

I'm a new convert to washable pads and have found these day pads great. Easy to rinse out with cold water, soak in the mucky box with a few drops of oil then machine wash on 30. No stains at all. Brilliant!

Super comfy!!
Wednesday, 15 May 2019  |  Daisy

These period pants are amazing! I wear them both at night and in the day and feel confident about not having any leaks. They're super comfy and it feels great being able to wear skirts and dresses without feeling like you've got a huge pad on. The sizing is quite large so get the smaller size if you're unsure - I'm usually a size 10 or 12 jeans but the size 8-10 period pants fit perfectly. My only issue is that I wish I'd bought more than 1!

Great way to kickstart plastic free use
Tuesday, 14 May 2019  |  Natalie

Nervous about ditching the easy, multi-tasking baby wipes but this has made the transition a doddle- lovely material, gorgeous smelling oils and handy wash bags- canít recommend enough!

Amazing, and no plastic packaging!
Saturday, 11 May 2019  |  Emily

Amazing - feel just like wearing normal pants, no leaking at all even on heavier days and great value compared to other brands.

The main reason I made the switch to period pants was to cut down on waste, particularly plastic, so I was slightly disappointed with my first order (a few months ago) only with regards to the amount of plastic packaging. When I received this order though I was incredibly impressed - it arrived in a brown paper parcel, and no plastic in sight either in the outer packaging or inside - well done cheekywipes!! This is a great improvement environmentally and also a great selling point for those of us who want to avoid plastic packaging - let people know about it!

Mama cloth sanitary pads
Tuesday, 23 April 2019  |  Sophie

Brought this set as a trial after suffering terribly with flooding for years, I LOVE them. The thing I find most impressive is the absorbancy, I would have to change a plastic disposable pad really frequently and was paranoid about the smell, they also made me really sore. All of that has been eliminated by these pads. I was sceptical at first but they are so comfortable, easy to clean and wash and dry quickly I have used them for 2 periods now and I have just invested in a full kit! The night pads in particular are a dream and used with the reusable knickers I'm now able to sleep through a night. So happy and well worth the investment. If unsure go for the starter kit like I did *which is fab by the way* and trial them. Only small point is the double wet bag which comes with the kit is too big for me use while out and about so maybe give the option of selecting a smaller size at the point of ordering?
Love cheeky wipes!!!!

Tuesday, 23 April 2019  |  Sophie

Ok so I was super sceptical of these, HOWEVER after yet another night of flooding the bed I thought id invest in a pair and try them...ÖÖ they are AMAZING, I used them with a night pad and honestly they are super comfortable, I didn't leak through and they washed and dried ready for the next night. I love them so much I've just ordered a 3 pack. I'm telling everyone about them as they have honestly made such a difference to my life. Some things I see people asking about on here that I can answer
1) they don't smell at all, in fact I'm far more conscious when I have to wear a horrible sweaty plastic sanitary pad *yuk*
2) They don't leak, not even a tiny bit and just feel like super comfy knickers
3) if like me you have had to spend years washing out knickers in the sink anyway these wash and clean like a dream.

Amazing product
Tuesday, 23 April 2019  |  Marta

This is the best invention ever made! I finally donít feel guilty in polluting the world with ladies tampons the panties are extremely comfortable, I really donít feel like I am on my period and I donít get any rush or irritation due to sanitary pads, which used to bother my skin a lot! I am a size 8 and I ordered 4/6 thanks to other clients reviews as the size is a bit misleading, so always order a size down from your actual size