Convenient Baby Wipes with Cheeky Wipes™

Managing, feeding and sleeping are enough for any mum, and then you’ve got the baby to cope with! The Cheeky Baby Wipes All-in-One Kit offers natural cloth baby wipes that are a convenient, easy option for mums everywhere - whether you use disposable or washable nappies.


Natural Cloth Baby Wipes = NO Hassle…

It’s so simple. One container for soaking clean baby wipes, just add water and a few drops of clean baby wipes essential oil - equals lovely perfumed bottoms.


Another clever container with a mesh bag insert for soaking dirty baby wipes in water and anti-bacterial essential oil – no more sticky poo and no touching those mucky baby wipes.


Cloth Baby Wipes that Require NO Extra Washing… ??

Huh? YES, you read that right! Your mesh bag of dirty baby wipes can go straight into the washing machine with a normal wash load – soaking your baby wipes with the anti-bacterial essential oils means that your baby wipes come out fragrant and beautifully clean.


Cheeky Baby Wipes System = NO Drying…

Your clean baby wipes come straight out the washing machine and can go straight back into the Fresh Baby Wipes Container – you don't have to dry them if you're short of time!


Cheeky Baby Wipes KIT = NO Fuss Travel…

You’ve got two special out and about waterproof travel bags, just pop some clean damp baby wipes in a bag and off you go! Got a mess? Drop the soiled baby wipes in the mesh insert in the Mucky Baby Wipes Waterproof Bag.


Back home, throw the mucky baby wipes in the washer with a normal load.

Could it get any easier?


Forget frantic last minute dashes to the shop for disposable baby wipes. 
Cheeky Baby Wipes are there when you need them! - See our Kits


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