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Washable Cloth Baby Wipes Kits for cloth or disposable nappy users. For hands & faces or bottoms too.

Washable cloth wipes in cotton, bamboo or microfibre, for baby or family use

Period Pants and Period Starter kits from Cheeky Wipes UK

Cloth Pee & Period Pads

For regular to heavy flow, super absorbent
bamboo & minky cloth sanitary pads

Cloth Sanitary Pad Kits to get you started with CSP.

For light to regular flow, discreet thin cotton
cotton cloth sanitary pads 

Reusable makeup removal kits

Fresh & Mucky Bags, Mesh Wash Bags & Double wetbags

Solutions for soaking and spraying your fresh, clean and mucky, dirty baby wipes


Easy opening box for soaking clean and dirty cloth baby wipes

Special Offers and End of Line Clearance

Toilet Paper (Family Cloth) Wipes and Kits

Wetbags, mesh wash bags, breast pads, make-up removing pads and other essential items

Reusable wipes kits for faces, hands and bums too!


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