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Period Knickers & Reusable Sanitary Pads - Advice Quiz

If you're looking for the best period pants or cloth sanitary pads, for normal or heavy flow, then we can help with this simple questionnaire!

Alternatively, if you've got questions about period panties, we'd love to help!

Our expert team on Customer service all use our sanitary products themselves and run the gamut of heavy periods, clots and everything else.

From how often you should change your period pants, stain removal, how many tampons worth of blood our period underwear will really hold, whether you can hand wash our period underwear in cold water, or even if you can use fabric softener or what wash cycle for your washing machine - the team at customer services will be happy to help. They LOVE to talk pee poo and periods!

Our period knickers and reusable panty liners are designed to be worn just like regular underwear without an additional pad or tampon and we guarantee you'll feel dry and comfortable all day with the integral leak proofing.