Cheeky Baby Wipes – Testimonials



And here's some archived testimonials from our pre-Trustpilot days....

Received my order yesterday and so far have successfully dealt with a poo explosion and two chilli con carne mouths! Very impressed! Excellent customer service too. Thank you. Anna, August 2014

Cheeky Wipes are one of the best things we've bought for our boys :-) Lucy, 7th April

After just realising how necessary your wipes are (had to convince the hubby - finally ordered!) I thought I'd send you another testimonial for your website.
Just one example of why I can't wait to get started with my cheeky wipes. My wriggly 7 month old just had a monumental bowel evacuation; one of those that seem far, far to big to have been baked in a little baby belly. I consider donning my biohazard suit, get stuck into cleanup and immediately need more disposable wipes - they can't cope. I sprint for another packet, baby rolls off of the mat and crawls and rolls across the new carpet. Weenie she says, what fun! Then I try to clean her, the carpet, keep her hands away from the smears, not kneel in it all.... All for the want of a cheeky wipe.
Holly, February 2014

Just one example of why I can't wait to get started with my cheeky wipes. My wriggly 7 month old just had a monumental bowel evacuation; one of those that seem far, far to big to have been baked in a little baby belly. I consider donning my biohazard suit, get stuck into cleanup and immediately need more disposable wipes - they can't cope. I sprint for another packet, baby rolls off of the mat and crawls and rolls across the new carpet. Weenie she says, what fun! Then I try to clean her, the carpet, keep her hands away from the smears, not kneel in it all.... All for the want of a cheeky wipe.

Hi, just to let you know how happy I am with the Cheeky wipes. Hope you have received some design award. They are way more easy to use than I thought due to the clever design.Everything is well thought through. So well done guys! Will buy my second set soon. Thank you Lisa, February 2014

Just received my order and had just set them up when my little breastfed baby did the most enormous poo!! 2 cheeky wipes and a few seconds later, all taken care of. Thank you, thank you. Thank you!!!! Emma, February 2014

Wow-ee! Thank you so much for the speedy delivery of some cheeky wipes that I ordered a couple of weeks ago. They are fantastic! Much better than baby wipes, smell delicious, and are no hassle whatsoever. I am thrilled with them thank you! Yours Louise, January 2014

Got my cheeky wipes and have been using for a few day... LOVE them I'm so pleased with them... So easy to clean her bum and keeps her soft and fresh... One wipe her clean so far! And the micro fibre at meal times are amazing too, so soft on her face as she hates being cleaned up after she's eaten!! She likes these ones so much she tries to get hold so she can suck them! Thanks again, fab idea and better for the environment too xxMichele, November 2013

I bought a Cheeky Wipes kit at the Baby Show a couple of weeks ago, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! It's totally revolutionised our house! Whilst nappy changing is never going to be a pleasure, it's now so easy! We had total poo-mageddon this morning (a state of affairs which would normally result in half a pack of wipes being used, and huge frustration for Mummy) and it was a doddle to clean up. LOVE this product! Sarah M-M, November 2013


Baby no2 arrived last night, and in my haste to get to the hospital, I didn't take my cheeky wipes with me! Missed them like crazy! Not just for the baby but for me too! Cotton wool and meconium just don't work! I rang my husband first thing and asked him specifically to bring the wipes!  What would I do without them?!!!! Wonderful product! Thank you x Tess H, Sept 2013

I recommended you to a to a friend who has just had her baby on 19th August, 3 weeks early. We visited with my 4 year old and 21 month old sons and got onto the question of wipes etc. as youngest needed a change. My husband and I explained who great the wipes are and that I wished I had used them with my eldest as well as my youngest as youngest gets far fewer sore bottoms and you use around 2 cheeky wipes per change to the 10+ disposable wipes. Not to mention the horrible chemicals on disposables. My youngest also loves having his hands and face wiped with them and has used them to help him with teething.

Times are hard and these wipes have saved us hundreds - another reason that I have recommended that she use them straight away - even though you shouldn't use the oils (apart from on mucky ones) until new baby is 6 weeks old.

Cannot wait for them to arrive and then I'm going over to demonstrate how you prepare them and take them out with you. My friend Nikki loves purple so although it's a little soon we've ordered a load of mauve microfibre for when baby Alex is weaning/weaned.

Thank you for having such a great product.
Emma P - cheeky wipe convert and evangelist, August 2013

By the way, these wipes are absolutely fantastic. I can't sing their praises enough! We've been using them for 7 months now and I can't imagine how we'd do without them (so much better than the throw away kind). I'm ordering the pink ones for wiping face and hands after food, which is proving to be hilariously messy for my 7 month old daughter! Thanks again and best wishes. Hannah, July 2013

I just want to let you know that not only do we still love the cheeky wipes system (they have travelled abroad with us on family holidays, as well as being used in and around the home), but we have bought them for my sister and both my sisters in law as pregnancy gifts. My sister LOVES your wipes and has recommended them to a number of her friends. My one sister in law has been using the wipes since April and also really likes them and my other sister in law is due to meet her little one any day now! In addition to this, we have a Nanny who looks after our children two days a week, and since starting to use our wipes (both on bums and faces) at our house (and when out and about) has bought a set for her mucky toddler too! It speaks for itself really :-) They are the best purchase we have made since having our children, and I continue to recommend them to everyone else with young children. Thank you :-)Katy C, July 2013

I would just like to say that Cheeky Wipes are truly amazing. My husband loves them too - in fact I heard him say (when changing a particularly spectacular nappy) 'thank goodness for cheeky wipes - much better than using 5 million babywipes! Thanks Jessie, July 2013

Just wanted to let you know that I found the cheeky wipes absolutely great. I had to revert back to disposable wipes on one occasion as I was not organised enough to have them cleaned before a weekend away with my toddler and baby and after that experience I said to my husband that I would never go back to disposable wipes. I used what seemed to be half a packet (realistically about 10-12 wipes) for a very messy poo whereas with the cheeky wipes it would have been done with 1 or 2 max! Christelle, June 2013

I just wanted to say thank you. We have been using Cheeky Wipes since my daughter was born 3 months ago and love them!! I bought them when I was pregnant and I think my other half thought I was potty but we are both100% converted (and working to convert all our friends too!!) We've now just ordered another kit for the kitchen so that we're all prepared for weaning.

Used disposable wipes a few weeks ago when we went away for the weekend, can't believe how useless they were compared to your wipes. The poo just seemed to smear around and we used a whole pack in a long weekend. Thank you so much for a great product. (We learnt about them from Norwich Nappucino if it helps you knowing how we heard about them) The only thing that surprised us was how much they shrunk in the first wash, but to be honest it doesn't make a difference to their effectiveness, they just don't fit the box so neatly!
Steph H, June 2013

Hi Helen, I thought I'd drop you a quick email as I've been meaning to do it a long time! I first bought Cheeky Wipes while pregnant with my first little boy, who is now 3yrs 3 months. I loved them from the second they arrived and we never looked back. We ended up buying an extra 'touch open' box and two extra sets of wipes from you aswell as they were great for blw as well as bums, and every job inbetween!

When we had baby number two we bought some bamboo ones also. We love having a mixture of the different materials as they all have a purpose! We dyed them different colours so we could easily pick out the one we needed. I was lucky to win a pack of mixed wipes, a set of microfibre wipes and also a my little patch wetbag. I 'stole' the wetbag for my csp! IRS fabulous & I've bought more since, they are really great.

We have been travelling in Asia (India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia) for the last 5months as my family and I are emigrating to Australia & fancied an adventure along the way! We have our cloth nappies and our trusty microfiber cheeky wipes with us. They have been amazing! We have 20 or so here, although I think we've lost a few along the way! We wash them every night & they are dry in record time.

So thank you so much for your super convenient wipes! They have changed our lives literally as as soon as my first order from you arrived when I was just 3 months pregnant, everything else reusable followed & we've never looked back. And after 5 months of everyday use in Asia, they still look like new! So thank you again, I hope your business grows bigger every year. We've converted a few people along the way, and will continue to spread the love in Australia! I'll be back to you to get more when our family expands! Ciara & her boys, May 2013

I’ve been using cheeky wipes since early June after making the switch to reusable nappies. I have to say I absolutely LOVE these wipes, they’re just so versatile, they actually CLEAN stuff rather than just moving the poo around and I love the cheerful colours (got a pink and a turquoise set). I always dread when I have to use disposable wipes as they’re just so much more messy and we seem to go through the packets so fast as you just need to use more of them.Iris, December 2013

Our cheeky wipes arrived today and I'm already completely converted! We've been using cloth for almost 2 months but hadn't got round to taking the plunge with reusable wipes. I'm so glad we finally did - they are fab. My little munchkin has given them a few good tests already and I can't believe it only took 1 wipe to clear up a rather giant dirty nappy. The rose oil smells lovely too. Roll on 2013 when we start weaning and can use our other set for hands and faces which feel so beautifully soft. Thanks again for the prompt delivery too! Eleanor, December 2012

Been using the wipes these last couple of days and they're great! Even with the yucky explosive stuff (my baby's only 2 months so we're still at that gooey stage). At most I've only needed 2 so far and I think that was only because it was the first time I was using it. I've gone ahead and washed them with all my other nappies and so far everything's great. The microfibre ones are good too I've been using them to wipe his face when he's spit up his milk and they're also good to wipe and cool him down for when he gets too sweaty - we live in Singapore it gets pretty hot and humid here. He smells so good after!  Sheri, October 2012

Got teased something chronic by the hubby when my cheeky wipes arrived "you paid how much for bits of flannel?! we've got one right here you could have chopped up!" he refused to use them and kept up with the cotton wool and bowls of water till a 3am poo explosion when he couldnt be bothered to fetch the warm water...ONE quick wipe later, a much happier baby change, and a new (slightly sheepish) convert! grin amazing, so glad i dared to go for it and buy a set! beth, October 2012

Cheeky wipes are truly amazing. We have a turquoise cotton set, soon will have a magenta set (for faces and hands). We use cloth at night (our daughter is 3) and they are great for a freshen up in the morning  before putting on her 'big girl' knickers. There'll be no going back - child #2 and #3 will be cheeky wipe-d (when/if we are blessed again).

Also to say I actively promote your wipe kits - I'm a Nappy Guru for Fill Your Pants and I'm pleased to say I have a bamboo full kit in my bag to show off, plus all the oils and out and about kits... Got 6 expectant colleagues, and at least 3 will be ordering real nappies and a cheeky wipe kit through me.  

Thank you and keep up the amazing work.  Kindest regards,
Rachel J (October 2012)

Can I grab this opportunity to tell you that when expectant friends ever ask us what our recommendations are for those "must-have" baby items, our only reply is always Cheeky Wipes! We never managed washable nappies but would never be without our washable wipes. I don't even bother to buy disposable wipes for use when we are away from home, because they just don't do the job as well! And we use them for hand wipes after picnics too. Don't think I've ever written an official testimonial but please feel free to use this one on your website. Claire, Sept 2012

I have been using Cheeky Wipes for almost a year now and I have been meaning to email you for most of that time, to tell you how much we love them but being a new mum and having a baby to care for I always seem to find hundreds or even thousands of other things to do first....

Finally I have got around to it though and actually after using the wipes for almost 12 months I feel I can safely say they are the best thing we have brought for our baby. Over the past 11 and a half months we have been through almost every baby disaster and event you can imagine from travel and holidays, nappy explosions sickness, feeding and everything else a baby (and parents) can get up to. During this time cheeky wipes have always come to our rescue and saved the day!

I have also recommend them to all my friends and even brought them as baby gifts (I received strange looks at first) but once they started using them everyone has loved them and in all this time I have never heard a bad word said about Cheeky Wipes.

So thank you very much Cheeky Wipes for making a new, exciting and challenging time a lot easier to deal with and we will be using them for many more years to come I'm sure of that.

Kind Regards,
  Julie V (September 2012)

I've been using Cheeky Wipes for almost a fortnight now and am so impressed with not only how well they work and how kind they are to baby's skin, but also how soft they've remained despite numerous washes already.   My daughter is only 5 weeks old but had developed nappy rash from using disposable wipes, even the ones designed for sensitive skin.  Within 2 days of using Cheeky Wipes, it had completely disappeared.  What works really well for her is using a wet towelling one, then a dry fleecy one afterwards.  Having the "mucky" tub and wash bag also makes them really easy to use and the scented oils keep everything super fresh (the rose and geranium oil is especially good).  An added bonus I've found is that they are super absorbant which comes in really handy when she decides to pee as soon as I take a nappy off her - as long as I'm quick to grab a dry wipe then it saves a complete outfit change!  As far as I'm concerned, there's no going back to disposable wipes for us, and I would highly recommend Cheeky Wipes to anyone. Vicky August 2012



The Cheeky wipes have been one of the best things I bought for my baby. I have been so impressed with them. I tell everyone about them as I think they are really cost effective and much better for babies skin than all the commercial wipes that are on offer. The local health visitors have been particularly interested in them. So I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your excellent customer service and that I am very pleased to recommend your products to others. Heather, July 2012

My Cheeky wipes are fabulous!  However, I'm probably not using them like most other people.  I am using them for my 92 year old bed-bound Mother!  For nearly two years I've used a mixture of disposable bottom wipes and old flannels.  My daughter recently had her first baby and showed me her Cheeky Wipes and I immediately thought they were just what I needed.  They are also used for cleaning between her toes! Brilliant!  Thank you, Judith, July 2012

I've been meaning to let you know how fantastic our Cheeky Wipes were on a visit to the park several weeks ago (back when the weather was sunny - almost forgotten what that was like now!) Not only did they cover the usual hand-wiping pre- and post-picnic, plus the al fresco nappy change, but they also came to the rescue when my 16-month-old charged through a pile of green duck poo. It was all over his shoe, which of course he kindly wiped on my beige trousers when I picked him up... But Cheeky Wipes saved us! One wipe for the shoe and another for my trousers, and it was completely gone with no marks left at all. I'd never even attempt that with disposable wipes as they're just too greasy and would leave a stain. So thank you - I certainly didn't foresee using our wipes for that purpose, but they really do deal with even the most unexpected situations!  Jo, July 2012

Just wanted to say what a great idea the kits are - I had never heard of reusable wipes until a friend recommended your kit to me, and I'm so glad I bought one. We struggled with cloth nappies (complete absence of drying space), but at least we can use something reusable - and they work so much better on poop than disposable wipes! You know it's a good product when even my very skeptical, cloth-nappy-hating husband was overheard recommending the wipes to another dad :-) Kirsty, July 2012

I'm using Cheeky wipes for nearly a month now and I'm writing you to tell you how happy I am they found their way into our life. Our daughter had a very bad nappy rash when we first got the kit and Cheeky wipes enhanced the healing (along with other treatment).

Thanks again for an awesome product. We love it!
Sonja E

I wasn't sure about using re-useable wipes as I thought it was pretty gross and hubby was dead against it. When I started using re-useables nappies a few weeks back I wondered whether I would be better off using the wipes too. I had seen the advert for cheeky wipes in the baby mags I read and spoke to the Nappy Lady about them and she convinced me it was the right way to go.

So I bought a mini kit from her and was going to try to use the wipes part time. Hubby wasn't keen and as my daughter has just started nursery I was thinking of buying disposables for there.

However after using the wipes for a couple of days hubby started using them too and loved them so I've managed to convert him too. I had to order a second pack of wipes as he uses so many but as I can wash them I don't mind how many he uses. They are also going to be making their way to Nursery tomorrow. Only thing I'm worried about now is the nursery accidently chucking them in the bin!!
Vicki, July 2012

I thought I'd send this little bit of feedback for you. We bought a cheeky wipes set from you a while ago and have now been using them 5 weeks, since my baby boy was born. I think they're great and really easy to use. But anyway, the little bit of feedback I wanted to give you was that during a mid-night nappy change my husband said to me, "I wasn't convinced at first, but these cheeky wipes are a million times better than disposables".

So feedback from a fully converted dad!  Thanks, 
Kiera, June 2012

My new Cheeky Wipes kit arrived yesterday, and so far, so good. It is very simple to use and is a natural addition to our washable nappies routine. The lavender and chamomile essential oil smells lovely and one or two wipes have efficiently dealt with the sloppy poos of our three-and-a-half month old boy. I felt happy using a wipe to clean and refresh his dribbly face and I would consider getting a second set for the kitchen once he starts on solid food. The only downside that I've noticed is that the damp wipes can feel quite cold and this might not always be so pleasant for our baby, especially in the case of nighttime or wintertime changes. However, when I squeezed some extra water out, they immediately felt warmer to the touch. Vivienne, June 2012....reply from Cheeky Wipes When you make up your wipes, you should squeeze any excess water out so they aren't dripping.  On winter mornings, I often warm my wipes in the microwave for 10 seconds or so to take the chill off them  (but if you do this make sure you don't overheat them!!!!)

Just wanted to send you my feedback/testimonial on our Cheeky Wipes.
I absolutely love these wipes! They are so useful and come up good as new in the wash. A couple of times we have run out and tried alternatives for cleaning baby's bum - disposable wipes and cotton wool with water. Nothing else cleans as well as cheeky wipes! We have now bought a second set to make sure we never run out. I would recommend them to anyone.  All the best,
Lisa F, May 2012

Hiya :-) i just wanted to email and say how pleased i am with my cheeky wipes and the service I've had. During real nappy week i asked a couple of questions about them and you always answered and were really helpful. I didn't have money at the time and i know you had a lot of orders to get through, so when i ordered on Monday i didn't expect them to arrive for quite a while, yet they landed this morning :-D. I bought the turquoise ones and they are a stunning colour, and my OH (Who isn't the biggest cloth fan) has said they are lovely and the perfect size for his hands. Thankyou so so much :-D, Saraya  

I wasn't sure where to send this but I thought I may as well tell you also. Could you please add my testimonial to your page.

  I am "the" most sceptical person when it comes to things like this. I'm also someone who can't do with faffing around. 

  So when I saw these in a local children's shop, I gave a nice smile and thought not likely as the shop assistant talked through the process.

  Well I have cut myself a large slice of humble pie and swallowed it whole.

  When my son developed a continuous nappy rash, I tried all sorts of creams, wipes etc in a bid to rule things out.

  I SO should have tried cheeky wipes earlier. Within a week my sons rash has completely gone and the faff - truly it isn't. Not only do I wipe more clean with one wipe than a good few wet wipes but there is no dampness left as you sometimes get with wet wipes.

  I have converted my mum, my mother-in-law and I know I'm on to a winner when my husband actually says these wipes are pretty good!! That's like nectar from the gods!!

  People say there is nothing worse than a convert and yes I'm probably a cheeky wipes bore now, but to be honest I never would have said a)I would ever use them and b) they would work - but I was wrong on both counts.

  Give them a whirl you won't regret it!,  Wendy O'M, May 2012

I just wanted to email to say that I have only had my cheeky wipes since this morning and I already love them! My son suffers with excema and his skin is already looking better and feeling less dried out! His chin had become so sore from using disposables and it looks almost back to normal in just one day! I love the smell of the oil and actually look forward to the next time I can use a wipe (I'm very sad!) I just wish I'd discovered Cheeky Wipes earlier! Baby no 2 is due in September and will be a Cheeky Baby from the start! Natasha, April 2012

I can't believe just how good the cheeky wipes kit is!  Within 24 hours of using it my little boy's bottom was much better, and now there is no soreness at all.  We are even not using any cream, which is a first.  I'm planning to buy some more wipes too, as we've two younger boys (yes - three boys, ages one, two and three!) and I'd prefer to use them on them too.  Thanks for all your help Ruth, April 2012  

I don't know where to start when writing a review for cheeky wipes. I want people to know how great these wipes really are without repeating the same old things you hear in reviews. Cheeky wipes are absolutely fantastic I have now been using them for three years and I am just renewing my set. I am so excited about the coloured wipes as it means that these wipes will be more eye catching and will convince others to make the change. Cheeky wipes are the best invention for babies, children and adults! Think about how much money you spend each month on disposable wipes and then while you are using them you are constantly thinking these are so thin and useless. Well this will be no more, cheeky wipes are nice and thick, so to change a really dirty nappy all you he'd is three wipes at most, I once used disposables and used nearly half a pack!


They are also so versatile, you can clean hands, face, dirty high chairs in restaurants, tables, and of course husbands! I have already made so many people switch to cheeky wipes and they cannot believe why they ever used disposable in the first place. I could keep going but they really need to be tried so you understand how good these really are. Just want to say one thing, buy cheeky wipes, they are great!  Aline, April 2012

Just wanted to let you know how much my whole family loves Cheeky Wipes! We've used washable wipes in the past for our children (aged 3 and nearly 1) but have always found the disposable wipes more convenient (especially with our youngest, who could cover a remarkable distance while we went to the sink to get a washable wipe wet)... up until now, that is! The whole system is so well thought through and really effective, yet simple - it's just one of those brilliant inventions you can't imagine ever being without.

We have two sets, one for my son's nappy changes, and one for both children's hands and faces at mealtimes. Both kids have very sensitive skin and eczema, and the wipes seem really soothing for them - I wasn't sure at first whether they would react to the solution on their faces, but they've been absolutely fine.  I'm sure the solution is also helping to soothe my son's ongoing nappy rash.  Besides which, the oil smells lovely, and the wipes are amazingly effective, even after one of my son's 'Weetabix face mask' moments!!  On the odd occasion when I haven't got a wash on in time, we've really noticed how inferior the disposable wipes are, both for hands/faces and nappy changes.  In fact I'm going to be ordering some more Cheeky Wipes, just to make sure we don't run out again!

Thought you'd also like to know that our kids seem to love the whole system too...  My 3-year-old daughter is the self-appointed 'Guardian of the Wipes' - she has them next to her at mealtimes and insists on getting them out for herself and her little brother.  She also loves to help me sort out the clean wipes after a wash and put them into the fresh box.  Little brother, meanwhile, beams when he sees the box - his favourite activity at the moment is unloading (and very occasionally reloading) all the wipes whenever he finds the box open!  Good job those lids are toddler-proof...

Thanks so much for making my busy-mum days that little bit easier!  All the best, 
Jo W, February 2012

We use disposable nappies and knew from the start that reusable nappies was not for us so I really didn't look into reusable wipes until recently.

My daughter's skin is quite sensitive and she was in quite a bit of pain to the point that she hated getting her nappy changed so I knew I had to look for a non-chemical solution and so glad that I came across your product by accident.

I was a bit aprehensive in whether we would get on all right with them using disposable nappies but I needn't have worried. The system is so easy to use and since receiving them this morning, my little one is willing to lie down on the changing mat without crying and has been running around with a cheeky wipe in her hand all day (a clean one of course)! So I think that says it all.
Ciera, February 2012

I've had my V1 kit for ages and it's great. The wipes are still looking good and I find them great for nappy changes, I never buy disposable wipes. The fresh oil smells lovely.  I have recently received some new turquoise wipes which are great quality and ordered some more as they are so nice. I will soon be coming to the end of nappies in the next few months but will still use these wipes for hands and faces and I can see myself using them too for taking make up off etc - they have so many uses apart from nappy changes! thanks for a great product.Jenny G, February 2012

In had been using the old version cheeky wipes and have just got the newest version kit.

I like the change in the lid opening mechanism as it means that my toddler no longer knows how to open them themselves :). The out and about mucky and clean bags are as before very easy to use, perfect change/handbag size and there are no leaks.

I use them for everything from mucky hands to nappy changes and found that with one cheeky wipe you can clear what would normally take 4-5 disposable wipes. They wipes clean rather than clear and setting up the box takes seconds so they are really user friendly. The wipes are sft against the skin and because they are thinker than normal wipes it is easier to get into cracks and crevices.

I have also used them at night to remove makeup and wash my face and have found them very effective and gentle on the skin. This is a product that i will continue to use long beyond potty training sa it is so versatile

I like the fact that you have brought out the mini kit as because i always have a wetbag hanging up for dirty nappies i find that I tend to put them straight in there instead of in the mucky box (although i do put a few drops of your mucky wipes essential oils in with everything in the wetbag as it really does keep any nasty smells down.
Victoria B, February 2012

I had a rocky start with my cheeky wipes so I contacted Helen at Cheeky Wipes twice and was always replied to promptly and with the answers I needed. 

Since then we haven't looked back! My baby is 16 weeks now and the wipes come up good as new, I never thought I would get on with a reusable product but they are so easy and from what I have worked out I have easily already made my money back!

This is my must have baby buy, the only product I keep recommending to friends and family. I also have a two and a half year old daughter and use these as a face and hand wipe at home and out and about, its good to know I am not covering her skin in chemicals.

Anyway, I LOVE my Cheeky Wipes :D x
Hannah H, February 2012

I have a new v3 box which I bought as my 1 year old kicked my v2 box onto the floor and broke the lid. It is fab and so much more robust than the v2 box, I love the fact it can still be opened one handed as who has two hands free with a baby!! The lid doesn't flap around like the v2 box so my baby isn't obsessed with playing with it like she was the old box (hence the breakage!).

I love my cheeky wipes and currently use them for bottoms in the nursery. They work so much better than disposable wipes and I'm so glad we swapped over when we changed to reuseable nappies.cheers,
Emma V, February 2012

After hearing friends talk about Cheeky wipes I decided to try some for myself, fortunately my decision co-incided with the preorders for the version 3 which including PINK wipes, pink is vital in my household as I have a two year old who will only wear pink nappies she was highly excited when the cheeky wipes arrived and contained PINK wipes, Nappy changes have become even easier, the wipes are amazing, cleaning the stickest of stickness away, even coping with the exclusive breast fed poonamis my 12 week old daughter creates and my older two children 12 & 14 use them as facewipes during the morning rush to get to school. All in all a great product, one which I'm now recommending to friends whether they have children in nappies or not Rachael, February 2012

Received our cheeky wipes yesterday morning (bought LOTS to share with a friend!) They are fabulous... Can't believe how quickly they wiped away today's muckiness! Been back on the site already ordering more. Vikki, February 2012

i love the idea of the cheeky wipes such a great way to help the enviroment and gentler on babies bums,my fingers are crossed that i might be lucky enough to win some so i could try out Sarah C, February 2012

We received our new cheeky wipes kit on Tuesday and we haven’t used a disposable wipe since. The wipes are  surprisingly good for cleaning up messy nappies – I only have to use one or two instead of half a pack of disposables. They also clean things up much quicker which is fantastic as my daughter is a champion wriggler and time is of the essence when changing her.

I’ve also found the wipes much gentler on her face. As we are currently weaning, her little cheeks get a lot of rubbing down to clean off various sticky foods. They were getting a little red and sore with the disposable wipes. The soft bamboo cheeky wipes seem to have settled her skin down in just a couple of days.
Gemma, February 2012  

I decided I was going to use cloth nappies on my son (who is now 13 weeks old) and in my cloth nappy research I discovered cheeky wipes.  I was happy that my husband was on board with all things cloth and we purchased the full kit.  We didnt use it immediately but a few weeks after my son was born, we found our feet and the kit came out.  We were not using cloth then as my son was really small so even if you do not want to use cloth nappies don't be put off by the wipes - you should definitely get them!  I absolutely adore your product!  It is so well thought out and works so well.  We even purchased a second set of wipes and second mesh bag as I hated having to resort to disposable wipes when my cheeky wipes were in the wash.  We are never without cheeky wipes now!  My only suggestion for you would be to sell a Full Kit Plus which includes a second set of wipes and additional wet bag as we have found them invaluable and would recommend to anyone thinking about using them full time to buy a second set and additional mesh bag.  I just dont know how people use the disposable ones.  I get get my son clean in 3 cheeky wipes maximum, yet i must use half a pack of disposable wipes to achieve the same result!

As well as a great product I cannot praise the customer service highly enough.  We had a version 2 box and the lid broke.  This was no problem for your customer service team who sent me out a new lid and it even arrived quickly and it was around Christmas time.  Needless to say I couldnt resist the new airtight flat lid boxes as the curved non airtight boxes were our only two niggles with the full kit we bought so this is completely solved now. 

I have the white terry wipes and they are fabulous.  Lastly, you will meet other cheeky wipes mums along the way and you will have something to talk about when your out and about cheeky wipes kits come out!  Overall 10 out of 10 for your products, 10 out of 10 for your customer service and 10 out of 10 for having (in my opinion) one of the best ideas ever!
Stacey G, February 2012

I've been meaning to write you a little testimonial for a while. I LOVE my cheeky wipes! I was skeptical when I ordered them, but they are great. I've been on holiday and not taken them and its been almost a relief to come back to them. They are so much better than baby wipes. I use them in the bath, to take off my makeup, and the husband even loves them too! I can see them being extra useful when we start weaning soon.


I have 2 friends that have switched over to them and several mums at playgroups, health visitors etc have had to listen to me rave about them.Alice K, January 2012

I bought a Mini Kit a couple of months ago and love love LOVE it. When I first came across your site and saw the video I literally sighed a huge sigh of relief. No more nasty chemicals from shop-bought wipes. Brilliant. I use washable nappies so just chuck them all in together. And not having to dry the wipes is genius. What a great product! Rebecca C, January 2012

I bought your cheeky wipes set at the baby show last year and have been using them for the last twelve weeks since my twins arrived.  The cheeky wipes set was the first thing I bought after I found out I was pregnant an I absolutely love them. I think its a fantasticidea.   I would like to purchase another set as I need some to live upstairs as its a bit of a hastle taking things up and down with the twins demanding so much time!  Eloise B, January 2012

I ordered some wipes a while ago and my daughter was born on 23rd november. We have been using the wipes since she was a week old and I absolutely love them. They are much more efficient than the disposable wipes that I see my peers use - as a result I have been recommending them to anyone who will listen! They wash well and I love the bag for the dirty wipes when we are out and about, I think the design is excellent and hopefully one day I will find a similar bag for my dirty reusable nappies.
Many thanks for this wonderful product.
Lee H, January 2012

I would like to update my old v1 containers ready for my new baby (we're still using the old containers for our current toddler). I can honestly say, that Cheeky Wipes were the best purchase when we had our baby in 2010 - they are invaluable from nappy changes to weaning, to simply wiping hands and faces after meal times and I recommend them to everyone who will listen. Arlene C, January 2012

I have just received your email about your kit V3 and I had to email and tell you that I have kit V1 and have had it since just after the birth of my daughter in January 2010. 

The kit has been used every day since she was about 2 weeks old (we used cooled water and cotton wool until I got your kit) and I love the kit.  Even my husband who was sceptical at first prefers our cheeky wipes kit.  Dealing with poo with a normal wipe is not good, cheeky wipes makes the job so much easier.  I would even go as far as saying this has been the best ‘baby’ buy.  And I am so glad that I found out about your products.  

My only criticism would be with the travel bags, they do look a bit untidy and grubby now but I just use wet wipes for trips out, making sure she has a fresh nappy on before we leave to minimise their use!!!  Since Molly was born, I have only bought approximately 3 packets of wet wipes, not many parents can say that after 2 years!

So a huge thumbs up from us and I hope Cheeky Wipes continues to go from strength to strength.    Thanks for a fantastic product!  Best regards Louise, Daniel and Molly C, December 2011

I love my cheeky wipes which I bought to use for my first daughter and now use with 9month twins so just had to but a set for my sister who is expecting her 2nd child in January.  Regards, Anna, December 2011

I have now been using my cheeky wipes for a week, and just wanted to say that I am really pleased with them. Your system makes them so easy to use and my husband even commented on how nice they smell (when clean and ready to use of course!).Abi R, November 2011

I've been using your wipes for just under a month now - they are brilliant! Beth no longer fusses when having a dirty nappy cleaned and I feel great knowing that I will save myself a fortune AND protect the planet that Beth will live in. Thank you for thinking of such an affordable and easy product.Rachel, Oct 2011

Just a quick note to say how pleased we are with our Cheeky Wipes purchase. They really are a great buy - aside from the environmental benefits, they don't leave any irritating fluff like cotton wool and will take on the messiest of nappies without leaking onto your hand or anywhere else!

My husband is very impressed and has stated more than once that they have been our best baby buy!  Kind Regards,  Lisa N, October 2011

We use Cheeky Wipes in both boys rooms now for changing but I also use them in the kitchen as I use one set for face wipes after/during meals. They are JUST BRILLIANT and so much better than throwaway wipes. My kids never had any sorenes or allergies on their bottoms.  And I am convinced that is due to the cotton wipes and natural oils and just using water.   Thank you, Maureen, October 2011

Hi! I've just had your mini kit delivered - where have you been all my (baby's) life?!?!? I love them. They smell fab, they're so easy to manage (why I thought it would be more fiddly than cloth nappies is beyond me) and the little wet bag is just gorgeous. Sorry it took me so long to catch on! Katy S, Sept 2011

Thanks for the order which I received so quickly!  Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the all in one kit. They smell so gorgeous and fresh with just to drops of the oils! Have already recommended them to my sister and friend!

So easy no more faffing about with cotton wool balls and bowls of warm water, can't wait for my daughter to need changing again!! Thank you again, Laura, Sept 2011

Hi Helen, I wanted to provide feedback.

I saw the cheeky wipes advert in a magazine and ordered them without a recommendation. My family are total converts to cheeky wipes now! They are so much better than fiddling with cotton wool or using chemical soaked wipes. We use reusable so they complement those but with disposables they are just as good as the wipes can easily go in with a towel wash. My friends all comment how easy they look and I have recommended them to any new mums I know.  Thank you!Juliette

I am a mum of 5 month old twins and they have had reflux. I use your wipes not only for their bums but also to wipe off all the cheesy-smelling milk that comes out of their mouths! The wipes have been very valuable to me and I believe it is a great product. I also wanted to let you know that they passed the holiday test with flying colours: We went to Greece for one month (that's where I am from) and I took the kit with me to see if I can use it there despite the heat. They proved a lot better than muslin squares or disposable wipes for my babies' reflux. I carried 4-5 with me all day and kept re-wetting at times because they go dry so quickly (we had 36C down there!). At home I only put 10 at a time in the fresh box but kept the same mucky box until it was full, like here in the UK. Because I am breastfeeding, all I need when I am on the go is some cheeky wipes and some nappies, nothing else! Thank you for A LOVELY PRODUCT! Foteini, Sept 2011

I have no more friends with baby’s. I sing your praises to any one who will listen and so far 5 of the mums I know have purchased your wipes. I will keep promoting you because they are the best thing in the world, nappy changes are so much easier with them. I never leave the house with out some, I even carry them to work to clean up after for my lunch! Regards,Georgina, Sept 2011  

I'm an existing user of your cheeky wipes, and I have to say out of everything I bought for my firstborn they were without a doubt the best and  most useful thing I had -- thank you for such a great product! Nicola T, August 2011

I just wanted to let you know what a fabulous product you have created.  I have just ordered my second kit to keep at my parents as I am so pleased with it. 

Once I show your product to my friends they all say its brilliant and want to know where I got it.  I certainly cannot sing its praises enough.  On top of that the customer service has been delightful,   Thank you very much.    

My independent midwife was also very taken with them this morning and she will contact you herself ,    I will continue to show the product off to all my friends and I am sure you will get orders from them as soon as they see it.     Many thanks,
Georgina F, July 2011


I have a quick 2 minutes while Phoebe is asleep and I thought I'd mail you about how much I love my wipes!

I know they were delayed however that has not distracted from how wonderful I think they are.  I have sung their praises to my NCT group and other groups I go to so hopefully you may get some orders.  I have also ordered some more wipes - bamboo this time.   

The containers really work well and help organise my changing space and smell nice all the time.  I would absolutely recommend these and say to expectant parents a big get these straight away.  They clean poo off so much better than cotton wool and traditional wipes, which do have a tendency to smear everything around.


Thanks for producing a lovely product, Lucy, June 2011

Just to let you know that I am really enjoying the new kit, the pop up lids are perfect when you have only one hand free when changing.  The wipes are so much better than disposable wipes, with disposable I manage one wipe and generally throw it away.  With the towelling wipes I can use one per nappy change by folding and turning it. Love the smell of the aromatherapy oils as well.  Because they are a little wetter it seems to get rid of the urine left on my babies skin which I am sure helps with preventing nappy rash.  Along with my reusable nappies I feel like I am doing my bit for the environment.  So a very happy user of Cheeky Wipes and have recommended to my NCT group, hope you get some orders. Regards Clare, June 2011

Just received an order of your cloth wipes - had not really thought about using washable wipes before (now on baby number four) but as we have just started using washable nappies it seemed a bit strange throwing away the wipes.  I thought I would have a quick look on-line and that is where I came across your system - its looked very practical for a busy family and could be used by all the family ( also the price seemed very good - same as two months supply of wet wipes in this house) - and ordered a pack straight away.

Well it has just turned up and its fantastic - love how it all packs up into one box - great for going on holiday and cant wait till my daughter has a dirty nappy to finally see how well they do.  I have also ordered another 25 wipes as having four kids in the house I can see them being very popular.

  Wish I had seen these years ago.  Thank You  Fiona, June 2011

I just wanted to let you know I am really pleased with the product. I'm a member of babycentre community and on the cloth nappy group they often discuss cheeky wipes. Before I received delivery a few people had been commenting on not being able to open boxes with one hand, and others saying they thought it was overpriced.

I think that the pop open system is fab, it looks really good quality, I don't think you could buy cheaper items that would be as efficient at doing the job - and I have posted on there to let people know and to promote it to anyone who may have been put off!

So far I'm very impressed - thank you!!!  Kind Regards, Lindsey June 2011

Hello Helen, I received my new Cheeky Wipes kit a couple of days ago thank you very much.  I love the new containers especially as everytime I opened the old ones I scraped my already sore, dry and split knuckles (you know, the hazards of constant hand washing when dealing with babies!)!!  The new hooks for the mucky mesh bag are genius as I found my old one leaked.

  Despite that I absolutely love the product and rave about it to everyone!  My girls get nappy rash if use disposable ones and anyway they don’t wipe the poo off properly!!  Well done for producing such a fantastic system!! Cheers, Deborah L, June 2011

Dear Helen, A quick note to say thank you so much for all your help getting the new kit to me I love it, both sets of wipes (bamboo and Terry) work fantastically well at cleaning both H's bum and face I keep the second set of wipes down stairs and use them after meals or for nappy changes down here I'm a childminder so it's very useful to have a clean fresh (lovely smelling) wipe for each child Then I just threw them in the wash with my reusable nappies and stick them back in the box So easy to use,  very convenient when out and about, bags (for out and about) and box for at home work brilliantly.


Thank you so much, will recommending to as many people as possible! Caroline, June 2011

I just thought I'd let you know our order arrived yesterday and we are delighted with it. Many Thanks,  Sam & Mick, June 2011

I just want to tell you that we are delighted to receceive our new kit. We got the first kit two years ago before our son was born. We didn't know he would be born with a bowel condition which made him to use colostomy bag for 5 months. The asd thing is that the colostomy bags didn't fit him at all so we had to find a way to cover his stoma with very good washable nappies we purshased from tots bots...but the special thing is that your wipe system  worked for us as a blessing because our baby had his stool coming from his tummy which means that it was a little bit more massy than having it from your bottom and he also had some skin infection because of the very acidic stool he had so the wipes were amazing been so kind to his skin naturally.

We love the fact that we have the oils to blend with the water and when we put the drops into the container the whole nursery smell fresh and welcoming. Our baby doens't have a colostomy anymore and he is two years old now but the wipes still are great as we don't feel we "wipe" the baby but we "wash" the baby with pure water and special oil blend which is so good for their skin, specially when they are a bit sore.

Thank you so much for improving your product. We love the new container with the "click" lids. It makes so much easear because the lid doens't get extra space when the container is open. It is well designed, cute to be in the nursery, easy to use and wash - just put in the wash machine with the nappies - good for the planet, good for the baby and GREAT to the bank account as we save so much money using washable wipes. We also like the new bamboo wipes as we had the terry ones before. So soft and lovely.

I recommend this product with 10 stars. Right now I don't have friends with babies or expecting babies but I always talk about your wipes to people and I'll e-mail recommendations to people about you as soon I know they need it. Thank you very much.  Carla, June 2011   I'm really excited to try out the new boxes and share the Cheeky Wipes love! Hope things calm down for you soon, but it just goes to show what a great product you have! I bought my set last baby show at 8 weeks pregnant and it was my favourite purchase of the show by far.  Many thanks, Janet W (May 2011)

I have been using cheeky wipes for nearly 2 years now, and I absolutely love them... I've even gotten several friends to buy them too!  I am very excited about the new pop-top boxes, I'm desperate to buy a set.  Please could you advise when the boxes will be available to buy separately?  Thanks, Ellie G (May 2011)

I have been using and recomending cheeky wipes for the last 2 and half years.  The original wipes I bought are still lovely to use and have been suplemented with a new 25 wipes when number 2 came along. I use them happily at home and out and about.   I was recommending the complete set to a friend and saw that the containers have changed, I wondered if there are plans to make the new style available to buy individually?  Thank you for your time and the wonderful product. Rachel C,Mum of 2 girls aged 3 and 10 months, May 2011

Hi Helen,  Just wanted to say that we've had our cheeky wipes for about 6 months now and they are great. We love them. My partner was really sceptical, to say the least, about using them however he now thinks they're fantastic. We were having a new kitchen fitted last month and had 5 days without a washing machine. For 5 days we were using disposable nappies (rather than reuseable ones) and disposable baby wipes. We were so relieved at the end of the 5 days to go back to the cloth nappies and cheeky wipes. The wipes are just so much better at cleaning poo and they are so easy to clean. No more buying baby wipes. Fantastic. I can't praise them higher to friends and always am getting on my "high horse".  Thanks again. Roisin F, April 2011  

Just a quick note to say how impressed I was with the delivery time of my wipes kit. I am so so pleased I found these, they are lovely to use and so easy- ten times better than disposables and I'll never be caught short with no wipes again.

I use the Bamboo wipes as a flannel when bathing my daughter so she has a fresh smelling one every day- no more stale smelling flannels :-)  Thanks for a brilliant product, I'll be recommending them!  Regards,
Angela B (February 2011)

I bought an All in One Kit from your stand at the Baby Show in Birmingham last year in readiness for the birth of my baby in November 2010. I have been using the wipes since the end of November and love them. Both my hubby and I think they're vastly superior to any disposables and our son has very rarely had a sore bottom which I attribute in no small part to the lavender and camomile essential oils. Thanks! Ginny, January 2011


I love Cheeky Wipes! I was very keen on using cloth nappies as soon as I found out I was pregnant. It took me a while to get into it, but I soon got going with the cloth nappies, and then my local nappy advisor suggested using washable wipes since I was already washing nappies. I looked into it, and initally thought about doing a DIY kit, but then saw Cheeky wipes and thought it was so easy I'd be silly not to. They are great and stand up to the toughest challenges, as well as being kind to skin and me knowing exactly what is in them rather than using a load of chemicals. I tell all my friends about them, especially those already using cloth nappies, I must be so boring going on about them all the time!Rachel H, January 2010


I wanted to write to tell you how much we love Cheeky Wipes! We have been using them on our daughter since birth and they are absolutely fantastic. I am already a cloth nappy convert so the cloth nappy kit is perfect for us. They are so easy to use, easy to wash and they save a fortune! Once we start weaning I will invest in another set for face and hands. Thank you Cheeky Wipes!Caroline B, Nov 2010

Just wanted to let you know that I've been using your cheeky wipes for a couple of months now and they're indispensible! When my son was first born we used them dry to dry him during his nappy change. We now use them wet and dry for nappy changing, wiping up various baby bits and anything and everything else that requires a little wipe. They're so easy to use and I really like the fact that at the moment I just put them in water so there are no chemicals on my son's skin. I did also buy another cheaper brand of re-usable wipes and they have fallen apart after the first wash whereas yours are still going strong. I recommend them to everyone! Thank you! Claire, August 2010

I just received your wipes, absolutely fantastic! I tried them on a very dirty nappy, my son is 20 months so you can imagine, his poo is a lot and very smelly! 2 wipes were enough for the job, his bum was left fresh and clean, impressive. Needless to say I am going to recommend them to all my friends! Thank you very much for a very well thought out product!Rosita R, June 2010

Helen, Thanks so much for your help today! I wanted to offer a written testimonial on Cheeky Wipes. I was a little uncertain to begin with as I thought they were a bit of a novelty item that seemed quite expensive if I'm honest.

Having used them now for 3 months I can assure everyone that they are amazing and totally worth the money - I haven't bought any disposable wipes since - the two packs I had before using Cheeky Wipes are still in the drawer unopened!

My little boy Alex is now 4 months - we've been using them since he was 3 weeks old and we absolutely love them! He had a lot of nappy rash when he was first born (we gave up on the cotton wool and water very early due to hassle and an irrational hatred of cotten wool!) which cleared up totally as soon as we started using the Cheeky Wipes because the essential oils are so gentle and effective on wiping poo off rather than around, which is what we found the disposable wipes did.

We have also used cloth nappies from early on (also highly recommended!), so washing the Cheeky Wipes has never been a problem as we just throw them in the wash with the nappies each day. Some great advice I have been given on getting them white again once going grey or poo stained is to put them out on the line rather than bleach them - the sun bleaches them beautifully white again within a couple of hours!

Cheeky Wipes were recommended to me by another mum who had had them recommended to her - I have so far not met a mum who has used and not loved them, my friend and I even accosted a poor unassuming couple at the Cheeky Wipes stand at the NEC Baby & Toddler Show last month to rave about how wonderful they are!

I love them so much I have just bought a second set as Alex is now weaning so I wanted a set for his face to keep by his highchair downstairs!

Thanks so much for such a fab invention!
Claire M, (Proud mum to Alex, 4 months) (June 2010)

Helen, A new user of Cheeky Wipes here and have to say that we are really impressed! Friends of ours recommended you and its a really well thought out product indeed. The added bonus of having the fragrant oils in our little girls room (aged 4 days) is better than that milky nappy smell anyday!

Again, love the product and will be recommending it to friends,
R, D and C Foster, May 2010

Had to e-mail you to say a massive thank you for such a fabulous product. I've been using it for 6 weeks now and just can't rave about it enough (to anyone who'll listen). I rather foolishly used some of the free samples I got in the hospital when I was out for the day last week and my daughter responded with some serious nappy rash. So I'm now religiously using the travel system - so easy. Even my husband thinks they're great - and I never thought I'd hear him say that! I started with the all in one kit but to make sure i never run out I've bought more wipes and another 'clean' box.

I originally bought it in Mothercare but haven't been able to find them since - their loss! Thanks again,
Angie (May 2010)

I purchased a cheeky wipes kit at the Glasgow baby Show.  My friend purchased them last year (you will remember her as her kids sing the song "we love the cheeky wipes, we love the cheeky wipes") and went to the baby show especially to get them.   I want to tell you that I am totally delighted with my purchase and can guarantee that I will never use a disposable wipe again.   I am looking to purchase spare wipes just to make sure I never run out.  Can you please contact me once you receive new stock and once again, thanks so much for your amazing customer service and for this fantastic product.  Elaina H, (April 2010)

I absolutely love the cheeky wipes - best thing I have bought and I use them all the time for everything!  Regards, Emily S (April 2010)

Hi Helen, Just wanted to say how fantastic the cheeky wipes are - I am so glad I purchased them, I have been recommending them to everyone I know as they are so easy & lovely to use also, you have a fantastic website and customer service. Thanks again & kind regards Katrina, March 2010

I think the Cheeky Wipes are brilliant, so simple to use, especially along side real nappies as they all get washed together, so I'm now going to be using them downstairs to clean up mucky faces and fingers as well as upstairs at nappy changing time. The disposable wipes I last bought in September are still only gradually being used up when out and about, which shows how much I've taken to your kits! Best Wishes, Elinor, March 2010

I'm another happy customer! I bought my Cheeky Wipes kit from Born in Bristol on the morning of the day my son arrived and I just wanted to write and tell you that I love, love, love our Cheeky Wipes! I am actually sad that they weren't around for our first and second children. My third child is now 4 weeks old and we have used these wipes from the start. Even my husband who was a totally paid up disposable wipe fan has been converted and uses / raves about them. What a fantastic idea and well worth every penny. Natalie F, March 2010

Hi there, we met you last week at the baby show at Excel and bought a set of you wipes which we have used on our eight month old daughter with much success. The main reason we bought them was to clean her up after meal times, however we are so pleased with them that we are now going to use them on her bottom! Many thanks, Mandy T, February 2010

Just a quick email to say   well done and thank you very much.   I'm currently pregnant with my second child, and having used cloth nappies from about 5 months with our daughter I have been eagerly looking for newborn nappies to start earlier with this little one.

When searching the web for different ideas of brands/makes I came across your website, and my kit arrived last week but I am already loving it. I couldn't resist opening it all up, and as a result   both myself and my daughter, even my husband who is all for "modern conveniance", have been using them. Being 3 years old, our daughter is potty trained already but she eagerly wipes (even asks to with these wipes!) her face and botty with these wipes morning and evening, I used them to refresh my face in the morning and remove make-up in the evening, they smell gorgeous and no more of that horrible tightness that disposable wipes leave, the probable reason our daughter previously HATED her face being wiped.

Congratulations, thank you and wishing Cheeky Wipes every success.
Marie, February 2010

I'm a great fan of the wipes, I wish I had them for my first two children. Thanks, Jane, January 2010

Hi Helen, We've been using cheekywipes and have found them to be brilliant! Thank you. Lydia, January 2010


I would just like to say how much I love Cheeky Wipes! I have a 4 year old and a 4 months old. I Got my 1st Cheeky Wipes kit just in time for my second daughters birth and have been using them ever since and she has only ever got a sore bottom once, when they had not been wrung out enough! Which I find amazing! I also have found them handy for wiping my older daughters hands and in fact mine if they get a bit dirty. Kind Regards Emma P (September 2009)


I do love our wipes, they have been great to use on our son, my friends say they can use up to 10 disposable wipes to clean up a poo and I tend to use just 2 wipes on average which is great, we came to the baby show to buy ours back in Feb/March and are so pleased we did I am trying to recommend them to everyone!! Thanks, Katie, September 2009


Our baby is doing well and we must say that we have been very impressed with the Cheeky Wipes product. It is an excellent product and we have found it very useful with our baby who has very sensitive skin. Best Regards, Ian M (August 2009)


We are getting on well with the Cheeky wipes – just wanted to say that I think your system is really well thought out. I like the fact it all packaged down so compactly for posting and I think the mess bag inner of the travel bag is a really clever idea (I have just ordered a spare for when that is in the wash). K’s bum seems to like them so far too which is the most important thing!  Kind Regards,Beccy, July 2009


Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I am loving the cheekywipes I ordered from you a while back. We use reuseable nappies on both of our daughters (2yrs and 5mths) and have always used home made washable wipes for nappy changes at home but had never found an easy and space saving way of transporting them when out & about until I saw your wipes at a real nappy fair. I immediately loved the 'fresh' and 'mucky' bags but was so taken by the rest of the matching system (I sooo love it when things match!!) that I purchased 2 sets.We are loving using them as they smell so great and we get a lot of interest when they are used out & about.



I do genuinely LOVE these wipes. Sooo sad but true!!!!  Many Thanks, Sarah G (July 2009)


Thank you so much for the prompt dispatch of my cheeky wipes kit. When it arrived this morning I couldn't wait to get it up and running, so rushed off to fill the boxes with a little water and a few drops of the essential oils. I had originally planned to use the wipes for my daughter's hands and face, but decided to give it a go on her bottom. She had just been changed so I waited until this afternoon. I have just changed her and I have to say, I am very impressed with the wipes. So much so that I have emailed the other mums in my village to tell them. I was impressed at how much one wipe was able to clean and how it did not transfer back onto my daughter's bottom what I had already wiped off. It just kept on cleaning. And then when I placed the wipe into the 'dirty wipes' box it did not look as though it had just been used for a nappy change. I will try my kit to see how long 25 wipes will last, but anticipate that another set of 25 is probably required for when the first set are in the wash.

I am happy using disposable nappies for now, but was aware of how many packets of wipes I seemed to be going through. I use numerous wipes after feeds, nappy changes, messy play etc, and now I will use the cheeky wipes and save money and the planet. They are much more convenient than disposable wipes in that if you run out, you only need to wash them, not run to the shops to buy more wipes.

Thank you so much.  Karen M (June 2009)


Just wanted to say thanks for very quick delivery of my wipes. They came this morning and already being put through their paces. SO much easier than disposable wipes as they can just go in the nappy pail with no need to find and dispose of a nappy sack.

Incidentally, I did try to put together a wipes kit and never managed to make it work - I can already see that this is a doddle and will be used!!! Thanks again, S


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