4th Trimester Hospital Bag with Reusable Cloth Period Pads & Wipes

4th Trimester Hospital Bag with Reusable Cloth Period Pads & Wipes
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Brand:  Cheeky Wipes
Absorbency Level:  Heavy
Material:  Bamboo plush

***If you're unsure what you need or have any other questions, why not complete our reusable period protection advice questionnaire to receive tailored advice for you***

 Our 4th Trimester Hospital Bag set contains:

  • 6 Bamboo Plush Maternity Pads  - 28cm x 7cm  
  • 3 Pairs of Breast Pads
  • Mucky box & Mesh Bag to soak your soiled pads in cold water
  • Wet Bag to store your pads and pants
  • 5 soft intimate wipes
  • 25 Washable White Cotton Wipes
  • A double wet to store you clean and mucky wipes. 

This is the perfect baby shower / hospital bag gift for any eco-warriors or anyone wanting to be kind to their body post-partum.

From experience, it contains all the essentials you need to make recovering from birth just that little bit easier....

Our washable, reusable pants and pads are much softer than crinkly disposable pads and pants.  Just think about it, would you rather have cotton or paper next to your most delicate skin?  Especially the most sensitive part of your body which has just been left bruised and battered by childbirth!  The pads are super absorbent and can be soaked in a combo of water and witch hazel which can be frozen and then used in your pants as a 'pad popsicle' to help relieve any swelling or discomfort you might have.

In addition, we've provided three pairs of reusable breast pads,  so that when your milk kicks in on day 2, your other half won't wake up looking like someone has been squirting a water pistol in bed....

Lastly, we've got a mucky box and mesh wash bag which makes storing and washing your soiled pads and pants really easy.

If you think that it's too much hassle to go for reusable products at this time, it's much easier to wash and reuse the pads and pants than have to venture out to the shops to buy more supplies.  And believe us,  your delicate skin will thank you for it.

Why not add some of our 'Comfy' Pants - The pants are high-rise, so will sit above any C-section scar you might have, or will hold in your jiggly post-birth belly.  Alongside that, use our heavy duty bamboo plush maternity pads which are super absorbent and supersoft.



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  • Rinse them in cold water when you change them and then soak in cold water until you are ready to wash them​.
  • Wash at 20c or 30c on a longer cycle, warm washing sets blood stains and can damage your pads.
  • You can give them a squirt of stain spray and/or add a scoop of stain powder to the wash


  • No fabric softener!                    

  • Line dry, reshape whilst damp.
  • Do not tumble dry


  • No bleach


  • Wash dark colours separately.

  • Vegan friendly
  • Oekotex certified
  • Paraban free
  • SLS free


Bamboo / Bamboo Charcoal facing upwards

Insert the pad into your knickers with the bamboo or bamboo charcoal face upwards.  Close the poppers underneath the gusset of your knickers.

Tight Pants

Firstly, I usually try to wear fairly tight fitting pants.  If you usually keep your old, saggy. baggy pants which have really seen better days for that time of the month, time to invest in some new ones!  Tighter pants will help a cloth pad stay in place and avoid slippage.  Cotton knickers are best or cotton / lycra mix.

Turn around if you suffer from slippage

The soft outer plush fabric has some grip - if it is inserted against the nap of the fabric.  If you notice that your pad is slipping, turn it around 180 degrees, front to back.

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