Feeling CONFIDENT - High-waisted Shapewear Period Pants with 4 layer absorbency

Feeling CONFIDENT - High-waisted Shapewear Period Pants with 4 layer absorbency
Feeling CONFIDENT - High-waisted Shapewear Period Pants with 4 layer absorbencyFeeling CONFIDENT - High-waisted Shapewear Period Pants with 4 layer absorbencyFeeling CONFIDENT - High-waisted Shapewear Period Pants with 4 layer absorbencyFeeling CONFIDENT - High-waisted Shapewear Period Pants with 4 layer absorbency
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Brand:  Cheeky Wipes
Style:  High-Waisted
Absorbency Level:  Medium

Unsure what you need or have any other questions? Why not complete a period and pee protection questionnaire

Great for: When you want to feel confident and streamlined under your clothing

Use if: You are an established menstruator or failing the 'trampoline test'

Sizing: Can be snug around the leg, may want to order the next size up!

Feeling: Completely confident and streamlined

Tried and tested in a cocktail dress, on a first date and on the sofa! If you are unsure on sizing please look at our measurements tab! 

If you want to give one pair a go, we have a fab trial where you can try your first pair of pants at no risk and put it through its paces for a cycle. If you don't get on with that pair, let us know. Full details of the trial are here and its a great way to try one pair before committing. 


Can I wear my period pants by themselves?

We know that every menstrual cycle is different. Here at Cheeky HQ, our periods range from a few days of light bleeding to full on peri-menopausal flooding. You know your cycle best and we recommend you change your protection in line with your flow. If you go through many tampons or pads per day, then you'll need to change these more frequently. With the absorbent protection right from the front to rear waistband, you have full coverage.


On a light day we can wear them by themselves and on heavier days, we change throughout the day to keep comfortable. We also like to team with a cloth pad on those days for an easy change if we are out and about as it can be whipped and swapped with no faff!

Do get in touch with us via email or live chat, or fill in our questionnaire and we can offer advice and guidance.


How do I wash my period pants?

Note: Tumble drying, drying on direct heat (eg radiator), fabric softener or bleach can affect the product absorbency. 

Fabric & Care:

Body of the Pant: Nylon/Elastane (75%/25%),

Lining: Cotton/Elastane (95%/5%)

Middle Layer: polyester/nylon (80%/20%).

Inner body 87% Nylon 13% Elastane 

Waterproof Outer layer of Oeko-Tex certified TPU 


Can putting period blood in the washing machine contaminate my other washing?

An average period is just 30ml to 72ml of blood over the course of 5 days (= 5-12 teaspoons worth) so there is only a small amount on the pad anyway! For best results, we recommend cold soaking before washing. But even if you put your soiled items in the washing straight away there is NO risk of 'contaminating' anything else in the wash... so chuck em in!


Why are they called Confident Pants?

We know that sometimes you want to wear pants with just a bit more control, defining your shape, with sleek lines under fitted clothing.  The absorbent sections run from the front to the back keeping you comfortable and dry all day and night long. 


I love my Cheeky Pants, what do I do?

Dance, cry, sing whatever you want to do! Make sure you leave a review! Join our community 

#cheekypants @cheekywipes 


What if I don't like my Cheeky Pants?  

We love our Cheeky Pants and think you will too, but for your peace of mind, you can try one pair of pants for 45 days and if you don't get on with them for any reasons, we'll give you a full refund.  


Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page or complete our period and pee protection questionnaire. Either Erika or Kirstin will come back to you with tailored recommendation for what will work best for you.... no autobots here!

***If you're unsure what you need or have any other questions, why not complete our reusable period protection advice questionnaire to receive tailored advice for you***

'Confident' - super high-waisted shapewear period pants.  High-waisted control top, means you're sleek and super comfortable plus leak-free with confidence.  The perfect eco alternative to tampons or sanitary pads.


Definition: 'having the ability to walk through a hallway full of people and not caring what they think'.

We know that as soon as lockdown restrictions are over, we shall all be raring to go and celebrate.   But, Joe Wicks PE aside, it's difficult to stay out of the fridge and away from the drinks cabinet to stave off boredom.  We aren't judging as we are in the same boat ourselves! But when you do want to party like its 2019 (or just fancy dressing up for dinner some saturday evening),  our shapewear control top period pants are perfect for wearing under fitted dresses, giving a sleek silhouette.   

The inner absorbent sections runs from front to back waistband and features our usual 4 layers, which are absorbent and moisture wicking, keeping you dry and comfy all day - or night long.


These are new to our range and we have had lots of great feedback, however, some customers have mentioned that the cut of the style means they are very snug around the leg.  If you feel this will be an issue for you then we would recommend ordering the next size up from your normal size.


The body of the pant is nylon and elastane (75%/25%) and the lining is 95% Cotton 5 % Elastane, inner body 87% Nylon 13% Elastane  and the middle layer are polyester/nylon (80%/20%).  With a waterproofed outer layer, you've got maximum protection but also keeping you comfortable:

  • moisture wicking
  • highlyabsorbent
  • never leak
  • breathable fabric

As with any sanitary option, if you're using these as your only means of protection, we recommend that you change them during the day, just like you would a pad or tampon.

These pants can only be returned/exchanged if they have been tried on OVER underwear and come back in their original packaging.

Machine wash cold (maximum 30 degrees) and then hang dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softener or put them in the tumble dryer. This will affect the absorbency and can cause the elastic in the lace to fray

Is this your first foray into Cheeky Pants?  Check out our 45 day Period Pants Trial Policy.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page or complete a period and pee protection questionnaire. Choose from a tailored response which takes a few days or automated recommendation if you need help FAST!

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Cheeky Wipes Size Guide

Find your perfect fit! Please remember that these measurements are for the pants.


Size 4-6 6-8 8-10 10-12 12-14 14-16 16-18 18-20 20-22 22-24
Front to Back 82cm 84cm 84cm 86cm 89cm 91cm 94cm 96cm 98cm  100cm
Hip 66cm 68cm 73cm 78cm 82cm 86cm 88cm 94cm 98cm 102cm
Leg Round 52cm 52cm 54cm 57cm 58cm 62cm 62cm 66cm 68.5cm 69cm

*Please note that these are approximate measurements*

Where will my period pants sit? 

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