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Are Reusable Wipes Actually Convenient?

In short, yes, reusable wipes are actually convenient. They're certainly more convenient than running out of disposable wipes at 10pm on a Sunday evening...

And I say that as the founder of the Cheeky Wipes Reusable Wipes kit, which we launched WAY back in 2008 and which more than half a million parents have gone on to use! In honesty, I launched the kit because when my eldest son was born, I had eczema on my hands which was super irritated by ALL disposable wet wipes.

I started using reusable wipes and created a system to make it easy both at home and out and about. My hands cleared up and I realised how much money I was saving too. I realised that other parents would probably be interested in using my kit because it could be used with disposable nappies or reusable nappies...and the Cheeky Wipes Kit was born a couple of years later!

Despite common misconceptions, reusable wipes can be just as simple to use as disposables, offering a really practical and eco-friendly alternative.  Even if parents only use reusable wipes for hands & faces, they'll soon appreciate how handy they are!

Instead of tossing them into the bin with your nappy, you merely place reusable wipes into a storage box like our mucky box which has a clever removable mesh bag insert for easy washing. This box has a clip lid to help prevent leaks and odours.

The simplicity continues when you just toss your cloth wipes into the washing machine when you're done.

In this post, we'll debunk some common myths surrounding the convenience of reusable wipes, explore the pros and cons, and share real-life reviews to shed light on their practicality.

"We love cheeky wipes and find them super easy to use and really convenient. My husband was initially hesitant about using them for nappy changes but very quickly came round to it. We are also saving money on not having to buy loads of wet wipes!" Customer on Trustpilot

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Dispelling Myths and Common Misconceptions

Myth: Reusable Wipes Are Hard to Use

One of the common misconceptions about reusable wipes is that they are difficult to use compared to disposable alternatives. In reality, using reusable wipes is just as straightforward.

The process involves grabbing a wipe from your storage container, using it as needed for bums or hands & faces, and then placing it in a designated wet bag or storage box for later washing. You can soak the wipes in water and essential oil soaking solutions, or just plain water.

The misconception of difficulty may stem from unfamiliarity as big brands have us all convinced that disposable is the 'norm', but once incorporated into your routine, reusable wipes become second nature.

"We absolutely love our cheeky wipes! We purchased the starter kit, some additional wipes and spare wash bags. We were also gifted some spare boxes so we could have a kit set up both downstairs and in the upstairs nursery. Our daughter is 14 weeks and we used these from week 2 when home. We've not only saved on not buying disposable wipes, but have found them very effective, easy to use and kind to her skin. Definitely one of our best purchases as new parents and something we recommend to others."

Myth: Reusable Wipes Are Expensive and Difficult to Wash and Dry

We actually did a recent blog post on this, but reusable wipes are cheaper than disposables and will save you LOTS of money while your baby is in nappies. Between £100 and £600, depending on which single use wipes you use. Even switching from Aldi own brand wipes will save you at least £100, and that includes the cost of washing, tumble drying and washing detergents etc.

Another myth surrounding washable wipes is the notion that washing and maintaining them is a cumbersome task. However, the truth is quite the opposite.

Reusable wipes are machine washable, and many parents find it convenient to include them in their regular washloads or with dirty cloth nappies. And for most parents, that's at least every other day!

There's no need for expensive eco friendly washing products either, just use whatever detergent you usually use.

With proper care, reusable wipes can maintain their effectiveness and softness for years.

"I am so impressed with the cheeky wipes set for baby bum changes. I wish we had bought it sooner rather than mess around with cotton wool and water! The wipes make light work of explosive nappies.

It is so convenient that I am going to buy another dirty mesh bag and set of wipes for when the others are in the wash. It feels good to have reduced our waste! "Samantha, Trustpilot

Myth: Reusable Wipes Are Smelly and Unhygienic

Some people worry about storing reusable wipes, thinking it might smell.

However Reusable wipes often come with purpose-designed storage solutions, such as wet bags or boxes. Your wipes can be presoaked in solution, ready to use, just as convenient as a disposable wipe!

These storage options not only prevent leaks and odours but also contribute to the overall convenience of using reusable wipes. The ease of storage ensures that you can have them readily available whether you're at home or on the go.

Storing the dirty wipes with teatree oil kick starts the hygiene process too due to the antibacterial qualities of the oil.

Worried about poo in your washing machine? No need to worry! When you change a nappy, the first wipe is with the nappy and that removes most of the solids. That means only the smeary bits are left and they easily wash out with no trace.

"Cheeky wipes have been a great buy! We use face and bum wipes and have barely used a disposable wipe in the 11 weeks we’ve been parents. Wipes are super effective at wiping up poop and would recommend these highly. We purchased the full kit after having had just the wipes because it keeps everything contained and not smelly whilst waiting to be washed. We have about 50 wipes now and throw them in the wash every couple days." Laura, Trustpilot

In conclusion, reusable wipes are a convenient, plastic free alternative to disposable wipes, which will also lessen your environmental impact. If you're unsure where to start with reusable wipes, our helpful questionnaire can give tailored advice. Or drop us a line. The team chat pee, poo and periods all day long and love to help!

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About the Author: Helen Rankin founded Cheeky Wipes, the original reusable wipes kit back in 2008 after disposable wipes caused her eczema to flare up. Several years later their range of 'Simple Reusables' expanded to include period pants, makeup removing pads and reusable sanitary pads.

The Cheeky customer services team pride themselves on providing honest, friendly advice and just LOVE to chat pee, poo and periods all day long, helping people make the switch to reusables! The Company was recognised for their hard work in developing environmentally friendly products with the Queens Award in Enterprise for Sustainable Development in 2021.