Washable Cloth Bamboo Plush Baby Wipes

Washable Cloth Bamboo Plush Baby Wipes
Pattern: SeahorsesPattern: TurtlePattern: Whale of a TimePattern: Dino
Pattern: Woodland BearPattern: Bee HappyPattern: HeartPattern: Fruit smiles
Price:  £25.00
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Brand:  Cheeky Wipes
Colour:  Patterned
Usage:  Hands & Faces
Material:  Bamboo plush
Demographic:  Baby / Child

These wipes are AMAZING for hands & faces. The bamboo side is not as grippy as our bamboo terry on poo, but is great for wee!

  • 15cm x 15cm square, double sided wipes, bamboo viscose on one side, luxuriously soft plush on the other.
  • Durable and wash well
  • Supersoft for hands & faces 
  • Machine wash to 40C* to clean
  • Buy as a pack of 10 or 25 wipes  

Bamboo is super absorbent, just brilliant for wiping those mucky little faces. It's also naturally anti-bacterial which is an added bonus!

No need to dry before re-use! Simply re-soak in Fresh Baby Wipes Container with water and Fresh Baby Wipes Essential Oil Soaking Solution  

Need help in choosing which wipes are best for you?  Complete our cloth wipes questionnaire for a tailored recommendation from our experts!

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