FAQ: Bamboo Terry vs. Cotton Terry Wipes - What’s the Difference?

10 June 2010  |  Admin

If you're considering using environmentally friendly reusable wipes instead of disposable baby wipes, the main choices that you'll have are bamboo terry or cotton terry. But it does raise the question 'Bamboo Terry vs. Cotton Terry Wipes - What’s the Difference?'

The difference between bamboo terry & cotton terry wipes is:

White Cotton Terry Wipes

Cotton Terry Wipes are (slightly) better for poo

One of the best things about Cheeky Wipes is that they make cleaning your baby (after a poo, or their dinner) a faster job, because rather than just spread the mess around, they get it off in one go. We like to say 'just use one for a nice clean bum'!

Now don't get me wrong, bamboo is super for getting poo off. But, in my opinion, nothing quite matches the grip of cotton terry towelling on squidgy poo. (Excuse me if I'm being too graphic!) Terry towelling are actually our workhorse wipes and they're the very first type of wipe we used at Cheeky Wipes HQ more than 18 years ago!

Natural Bamboo terry Wipe

Bamboo terry wipes are perfect for bums AND hands and faces

Bamboo is incredibly soft. Feel it dry and it's really hard to avoid stroking it (like the top of a newborn baby's head....) Even when it's damp and ready for use, it retains some of that silky texture and still feels much softer than terry towelling.

Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties and is quick drying and super absorbent

Which will help keep them more hygienically clean but to be honest won't make much difference to your baby's skin.

Cotton Terry Wipes can be washed at a higher temperature

Cotton terry cloth wipes can be washed up to 60c which means they are GREAT for bums. Both types of reusable wet wipe can be tumble dried also.

Bamboo Wipes are better in hard water areas

Bamboo wipes are less likely to become 'crusty' through limescale so if you live in a hard water area this is something to consider - although a capful of white vinegar in your wash will solve this problem anyway.

Bamboo wipes are more expensive

Choosing reusable wipes will save you money, no matter which type of wipe fabric that you choose. However In terms of price, you will pay a premium for bamboo wipes compared to cotton terry wipes which is something worth bearing in mind.

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About the Author: Helen Rankin is founder of Cheeky Wipes, the original environmentally sustainable baby wipes kit, founded in 2008. Helen used cloth nappies herself and was delighted to launch Cheeky Nappies in 2020, which were designed and tested by more than 100 parents! Team Cheeky pride themselves on helping people make the switch to reusables EASY, with a range of eco friendly products including period pants and cloth sanitary pads. This was recognised in 2021 when Cheeky Wipes were awarded the Queens Award for Enterprise for sustainable development.

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