FAQ: What's the difference between bamboo and terry towelling wipes?

Thursday, 10 June 2010  |  Admin

At last our new bamboo washable baby wipes have arrived. It has taken a while but finally we've got the lovely supersoft luxurious fabric that we've been waiting for. But it does raise the question 'What's the difference between bamboo and terry towelling?'
Terry Towelling is better for poo
One of the best things about Cheeky Wipes is that they make cleaning your baby (after a poo, or their dinner) a faster job, because rather than just spread the mess around, they get it off in one go. Now don't get me wrong, bamboo is super for getting poo off. But, in my opinion, nothing quite matches the grip of terry towelling on squidgy poo. (Excuse me if I'm being too graphic!) Terry towelling is a great all-rounder and it's what I've used for the past 6 years before this new-fangled bamboo came along....
Bamboo is perfect for hands and faces
Bamboo is really, really soft. Feel it dry and it's really hard to avoid stroking it (like the top of a newborn baby's head....) When it's damp and ready for use, it retains much of that silky texture and still feels much softer than terry towelling.
Also, bamboo wipes are less likely to become 'crusty' through limescale so if you live in a hard water area this is something to consider - although a capful of white vinegar in your wash will solve this problem anyway.
In terms of price, you will pay a premium for bamboo wipes, priced at £7.50 for 10, or £17.50 for 25, although they're on offer for the next month at £7.00 for 10 or £15 for 25. So if you are interested in picking some up, just jump right in there - and let me know what you think.

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