Washable Cotton Baby Wipes - Terry Cloth - 15cm
Washable Cotton Baby Wipes - Terry Cloth - 15cmWashable Cotton Baby Wipes - Terry Cloth - 15cmWashable Cotton Baby Wipes - Terry Cloth - 15cm

Washable Cotton Baby Wipes - Terry Cloth - 15cm

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Cheeky Wet & Wipe Spray

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Eco-friendly iconEco-friendly
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Reusable cotton baby wipes - terry towelling

Switch to reusable baby wipes, save money & the planet. Risk free trial of our all-in-one wipes kit - LOVE them or your money back!

Perfect cleaning cloths for cleaning mucky babies!

  • 15cm x 15cm square, cotton terry fabric wipes
  • Durable and strong reusable wipes
  • Washable wipes with great 'traction' for cleaning poo!
  • Oeko-tex certified material and dyes, pure baby wipes, safe for sensitive baby skin
  • Machine washable to 60C* with similar colours (whites) to clean
  • Can be used with disposable nappies, reusable nappies, cloth nappy
  • Buy as a pack of 10 or 25 baby wipes cotton

Cheeky Wipes are better for the planet than disposable or biodegradable wipes as they don't create landfill and are plastic free & fragrance free! Brilliant for babies bottom, or faces and hands.

Why are Cheeky Wipes the best wet wipes for babies?

Our eco friendly wipes are an excellent option instead of 'flushable' wipes. They're environmentally friendly and perfect for delicate skin as many people with sensitive skin find that their baby also suffers from skin sensitivity.

Helen, our founder actually suffers from the skin condition eczema which is how Cheeky Wipes came about! She found that disposable wipes caused a skin reaction, leaving her with sore, dry skin. Switching to cotton reusable wipes was the solution!

Midwives recommend that newborn babies should only be wiped with pure water for the first 6 weeks after birth to protect the skin barrier. Our cotton cloth wipes are great for using on newborn skin with just pure water. However they can be used right up to potty training - and afterwards for mealtime face washes.

How to use reusable baby wipes

Our baby whips don't need to be dried before re-use, simply re-soak our cotton wipes for babies in Fresh Baby Wipes Container with water and Fresh Baby Wipes Essential Oil Soaking Solution. Perfect for sensitive skin or use with our wet & wipe spray.

Or simply keep tap water in a spray bottle and spray clean wipes with each use. Carry in a wet bag for easy use when out and about.

Our natural, soft reusable baby wipes are plant based, 99% water, better for the environment and will save you money!

*wipe cloth will shrink slightly on first wash, this is completely normal

Need help in choosing which wipes are best for you? Complete our reusable wipes questionnaire for a tailored recommendation / beginners guide from our experts!


Not sure which fabric to choose?

Take a look at our fabric comparison page for more information on how each of our types of wipe perform and which one is the perfect fit for you! Alternatively why not try out our Questionnaire for a fully tailored suggestion!


Making the switch to reusable baby wipes might seem overwhelming at first, we promise it isn't! Getting your Cheeky Wipes kit set up couldn't be simpler…

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