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FAQ's: What are Microfibre Wipes?

We've got a great post already discussing the difference between bamboo and cotton terry wipes which are both fantastic all-round eco-friendly wipes. They're both natural materials too. However we also supply reusable microfibre wipes which are great for cleaning hands & faces.

Microfibre wipes for face

Microfibre wipes are wipes made from manmade material which are especially good for cleaning because of the nature of the fabric.  Here's our guide answering all your questions about microfibre wipes:

Plastic Pollution in the Sea

Do microfibre wipes release microplastics?

Yes, microfibre wipes do release microplastics, so if this is an issue which is important to you, we recommend that you choose cotton or even organic cotton reusable wipes instead which are natural fibres rather than synthetic fibres.

Our stance on this problem is that our microfibre wipes, although a synthetic material are made from recycled plastic in the first instance. 

In addition, unless every item of fabric within your household is already cotton or bamboo, then you'll be releasing microplastics every time you put your washing machine on anyway. 

Polycotton bedsheets, kids school uniforms...many of our day to day clothing and bedding uses manmade materials. If you want reduce microplastics pollution from your washing, here's a good article:

Why is microfibre so popular?

Microfibre wipes are so popular because they're at a significantly lower price point than cotton or bamboo wipes, which means that they're more accessible for more people. If this persuades families to swap to reusables who would otherwise be using single use wipes, then this is still much more positive for the environment than disposables.

Why is microfibre so scratchy?

Microfibre feels scratchy when dry because the material is made from lots and lots of little hooks which is why it cleans so well! However this also means that if you've got dry patches on your hands for example, the microfibre will stick to your hands and can feel scratchy.

When our microfibre wipes are wet, they're very, very soft. Mind you it;'s important that they are properly wet through. 'Just damp' wipes will drag skin.

Why don't you recommend microfibre wipes for nappy changing?

We don't recommend microfibre wipes for nappy changing because those little 'hooks' in the fabric can trap dirt particles. And obviously, if this is a dirty nappy, these will be particles of poo. That's not nice and can make your microfibre wipes smell.

We always recommend that microfibre wipes are rinsed of food solids under the tap before going into the washing machine also.

Microfibre wipes for face

Is microfibre OK for face?

The good news is that wipes made from microfibre are perfect for the face and hands of your baby.  They're the preferred wipes in our extremely popular hands & face wipe kit. They'll clean quickly and easily. They're actually great face cloths for removing makeup too!

Is microfibre OK for sensitive skin?

Yes, microfibre is fine for sensitive skin. The important thing to remember is that it MUST be properly wet through to avoid dragging on sensitive skin.

Should microfibre cloths be used wet or dry?

Microfibre cloths should be used wet when you're using them to wipe your baby. This will clean perfectly, without dragging and allow food to be rinsed off easily.

Why don't you supply fleece wipes?

We don't supply fleece wipes because as they don't have fibres, they have a tendency to smear poo like a disposable wipe.

Also they aren't absorbent and they're much less pleasant to use. We did test them at Cheeky HQ, but didn't rate them, so won't be inflicting them unsuspecting mothers to be!

We hope you found this useful and if you did, we've got a couple more articles which may be of interest:

About the author: Cheeky Wipes were created in 2008 by Helen Rankin, who was on a mission to prove to parents that they could ditch disposable wipes and save money and the planet by switching to reusable wipes. Since then the company have introduced a range of 'Simple Reusables' including period pants and cloth sanitary pads which lead to them being awarded the Queens Award for Enterprise in sustainable development in 2021. The Cheeky Customer Services Team have all used the products themselves and love nothing more than to chat pee, poo and periods!