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Best Night Time Nappies in the UK - 2024

Choosing a specific night nappy, whether reusable or disposable, can be crucial for ensuring a good night's sleep for both baby and parents. Nighttime presents unique challenges compared to daytime nappies. Nobody wants to be awake in the night because their little one is uncomfortable.

Here are several reasons why opting for a specialised night nappy might be necessary - 

Increased Absorption:

Nighttime hours have longer stretches between changes, meaning nappies must be capable of absorbing more urine to prevent leaks and discomfort. A specific night nappy has more absorbency than regular nappies, with additional layers or more absorbent materials designed to hold more liquid.

Extended Wear Time: 

Little ones sleep longer at night, needing a nappy that can last without becoming saturated. Night nappies offer more protection, reducing the need for disruptive changes in the middle of the night and aiding uninterrupted sleep for everyone.

Prevention of Overnight Leaks:

Leaks during the night can lead to discomfort, disrupted sleep, and potential messes that require extra cleaning and bedding changes. Night nappies have features like leg gussets, higher rise, and more layers to catch and prevent leaks.

Comfort and Skin Health:

Prolonged exposure to wetness can increase the risk of nappy rash and skin irritation, particularly during the night when airflow is limited. Night nappies are designed for comfort and skin health by incorporating breathable materials and moisture-wicking liners, reducing the likelihood of irritation and keeping babies skin dry and comfortable.

The Best Nighttime Nappies in the UK 2024

Disposable nappies

Lots of people choose to use a mixture of reusable and disposable night nappies so we have included both in our list of the best overnight nappies and looked at eco disposables as well as supermarket favourites.

Aldi Mamia Ultra Dry - 6p to 11p per nappy

These come in so cheaply they are value for money. They feature Dry Fast Technology with some packs offering extra liquid capacity. Reviews show that they perform well overnight without leaks​.

These nappies won't biodegrade and will need to be thrown away in your kitchen waste bin.

Eco by Naty - around 18p per nappy

Made from renewable plant-based materials and FSC-certified wood pulp, Eco by Naty disposable diapers avoid the use of fossil-fuel-based plastics and harmful chemicals. They are a good choice for both sustainability and skin sensitivity​​, without being too expensive.

Bambo Nature Dreamy Night Pants - 30p per nappy if bought in bulk

These nappies for older children are ultra-absorbent, hypoallergenic, and made from sustainable materials. They are praised for their effectiveness in preventing leaks and being gentle on the skin​ (Mother & Baby)​​ (Tiny Eco Home Life)​.

Bambo Nature is not only committed to providing a comfy, absorbent nappy free of chemicals for your child, but also to caring for the environment.

Disposable nappies are known to be bad for the environment, to contain chemicals and for polluting the planet - every disposable ever made is still here with some estimating they will take 500 yrs to degrade. Opting for eco versions is helpful but be sure not to wrap them in plastic nappy sacks. To be kinder to your babies skin and the ecosystem explore reusable night nappies.

Reusable night nappies


Reusable cloth nappies are a perfect night option as they have layers of fabric - cotton, bamboo, hemp - to wick moisture away from babies skin and a waterproof outer layer to prevent clothing or bedding getting wet. Cloth nappies famously hold even the most explosive poonamis making changing newborns at night a quicker, less messy affair. 

Washable nappies are easy to boost for extra absorbency and keep natural fibres with no chemicals next to babies delicate skin all night.

With a good modern washing machine, these will reduce your carbon footprint and save your household waste adding to landfill.

TotsBots Bamboozle Stretch - on offer if available


Made from bamboo, these nappies are highly absorbent and fit snugly with poppers. They retain their quality even after multiple washes. They have coordinating nappy covers.

They are easy to use and highly effective at preventing nighttime leaks, along with a good washing and drying routine.​ 

Currently discontinued as TotsBots went into administration but there are rumblings that they are on their way back!

Cheeky Wipes Cloth Nappies - £15 as bought in a set


Known for their reliability and eco-friendliness, Cheeky Wipes offers a range of reusable nappies that are reviewed highly for their absorbency and comfort. They are designed to be easy to wash and maintain.

Pocket nappies are perfect for daytimes and tend to be birth to potty training so you only have to buy them once.

For night time opt for two part nappies combining a super soft and absorbent fitted bamboo nappy with a fleece liner and add a waterproof wrap for a peaceful, dry night. Great for heavy wetters.

Little Lambs - around £17 per nappy if bought in a kit


These are a popular choice for nighttime use due to their high absorbency and comfort. Choose bamboo or cotton, and add a waterproof nappy wrap.

Bells Bumz - around £17 per nappy if bought in a kit


Bells Bumz nappies, particularly the BTP Hemp & Bamboo Fitted Night Nappy and the Reusabelles Fitted Nappy, are highly effective for nighttime use. They offer excellent absorbency, comfort, and are an eco-friendly choice, making them a reliable option.

We hope this blog helps you to have better sleep overnight and gives you options to try if you are struggling with overnight bed changes.

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