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Bum wiping - make your last wipe a Cheeky Wipe

I've started listening to audio books recently - you could say that I've made it my habit whilst dog-walking.  It's a recent thing for me, usually I would listen to music however I was introduced to podcasts (love Shagged, Married, Annoyed!) and from there moved into the marvellous world of audio books.

I've always been a reader which is why I was fairly resistant to audiobooks.  I love reading, I habitually read in bed every night.  It helps my mind switch off and wind down, so I fall asleep easier.    I really struggle to read non-fiction at bedtime though, I inevitably end up falling asleep during a page and then having to reread it next night to work out WTF they are talking about.  Especially when it's a meaty topic.  'Quantum Theory cannot hurt you' and 'the God Delusion' spring to mind as being especially challenging! 

Lockdown reboot

But listening to non-fiction is a gamechanger.  My most recent listen is 'Atomic Habits' by James Clear.  I mention this because at present, during this lockdown period, it feels like someone has pressed the reboot button, giving us the chance to pause and think about what is really important.  That's both externally, appreciating the work that our keyworkers do in keeping us fed, healthy and safe, whether you are an ambulance driver, nursery worker, teacher, delivery driver or supermarket shelf stacker.  THANK YOU ALL.

But it's also about what's important for ourselves, our lifestyles.  With many of us working from home a lot more, I see lots of us embracing better habits.  Working from home is a better habit for a start.  We are lucky enough to be based on the South Coast, so even at the moment, it's not a problem to get out for some exercise whilst maintaining easy social distancing.  I've seen lots of people out running, walking and cycling who look as if it's a fairly new habit for them and for that I applaud them.  Getting some fresh air, appreciating our beautiful environment, and considering the necessity of protecting it for future generations.  

Getting into good habits and making better ones 'stick' is important.  Which brings me seamlessly to bum-wiping.  

Let's talk bum wiping habits

James Clear in his book talks about making good habits attractive, easy and satisfying.  Lots and lots of you, prompted by the toilet paper crisis, have embraced using Cheeky Wipes as your last wipe, or as a full-blown toilet paper alternative.  The possibility of having NOTHING to wipe your bum with was very unattractive, so it got you over the mindset challenge of wiping your bum, washing the cloth and reusing.

We would love more of you to embrace this as a good habit.  The 'cue' is obvious, in that you need a pee or poo.  (Everyone poos, even the Queen).  The craving is for a nice clean bum.  Let's be completely honest here, wiping your bum with loo roll after you poo does not leave you fresh and clean.  Think about it, if you got dog poo on your arm, you wouldn't just wipe it off with tissue, would you?  No, you'd wash it!  Which is why Chris Ramsey has a shower every time he poos!  (Apologies for mentioning Chris Ramsey so much but there's not many people who talk about pee and poo as much as we do and Chris and Rosie Ramsey do!)

All hail the Cheeky Wipes Toilet Paper Alternative Habit.  We make it easy by providing everything you need, not only to make wiping your bum simple, but easy to look wash your wipes too, with boxes for both clean and dirty wipes and a mesh wash bag too.  We also make it attractive, because the lavender and chamomile essential oil rewards you with a bum that feels fresh and clean as a daisy.   Ladies, even if you only use these after peeing, you won't get bits of loo roll left in your lady garden.  Gents - no claggy bits left on your hairy bottoms. Winner!

Make your last wipe a Cheeky Wipe

We know from talking in the office that some people are reticent to make the switch because they might have more to wipe than just a smear.  This is where we reckon that 'making your last wipe a Cheeky Wipe' is for you.  Use loo roll for your first wipe, then have a final spruce and polish with a lovely damp, gorgeous smelling Cheeky Wipe.   Clean and fresh, fresh and clean.

If you still think it's gross, let me tell you that using wet wipes as a finisher and then flushing them creating fatbergs and marine pollution, or sending them to landfill to decompose over hundreds of years feels much more disgusting to me.  Just saying....

We have all made the switch here at Cheeky Wipes HQ.  So if you've got any questions, PLEASE feel free to ask us.  We talk about poo, pee and periods all day every day, we have no shame and we all use Cheeky Wipes at home.  Drop Jo, Ness & Erika a line to and they will be happy to help.  Alternatively, you can buy a set of wipes here.