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New baby essentials list

The Independent 50 best baby essentials was published this weekend and we thought we should definitely have been in it.

 'Something absolutely necessary' is the definition of essential, which does make me question a lot of baby products available.

Let's have a think for a second about what's absolutely necessary for your baby:

  • Somewhere to sleep
  • Something to eat
  • Clothes
  • Nappies and something to clean little bottoms 
  • Transport


Nappies and something to clean little bottoms 

Obviously Cheeky Wipes fall into the category of something to clean little bottoms.  There's no getting away from it, your baby will poo and you will have to clean their bottom, so why not start with Cheeky Wipes?  Aside from being eco-friendly, they are great for sensitive skin and will save you money!

The same goes for nappies.  Whatever decision you make to cloth nappy or not, you can still use your Cheeky Wipes.

Somewhere to sleep

I know lots of parents who co-sleep and although I did this when my LO's were newborn, by about 3 weeks I moved them into their cot as they were sleeping for a bit longer by that stage and I was too alert when they slept beside me in case I rolled on to them.

Whether you decide on a moses basket or crib, going for a cotbed gives longevity to your purchase - just remove the sides and you've got a single bed! I would also include a baby sleeping bag in this category - your baby can't kick them off or put them over their head, so invaluable here.

Something to eat

As the midwives say 'Breast is best', and it's definitely worth breast-feeding for as long as you can.  You'll need breast pads for at least some of this time to avoid milk soaking through your clothes.

For some Mums breast-feeding isn't an option (speaking from experience of toe-curling pain when breast-feeding, not good).

There are many different types of bottle available, ask friends for recommendations if that's the route you decide to go down.  You'll also need a steriliser and milk.  I went for the old fashioned cold water steriliser as it was easy and kept bottles sterile for 24 didn't use electricity so more eco-friendly too.


Believe it or not, babies don't need a hundred different little outfits.  Small baby's spend 16 - 20 hours a day sleeping, so it makes sense to keep them in little sleepsuits or babygro's.  After all  you wouldn't go to bed fully dressed would you as it would be quite uncomfortable....And depending on the time of year, vests might also be necessary.


If you have a car, you'll definitely need a carseat.  And most Mums will also choose a buggy or pram too - for newborns, they need to lie flat, so it's worth checking that your buggy or pram will do this.  And if you have a car seat, check that your buggy / pram is compatible as it's really handy to take the car seat from the car and clip to your pram when out and about.

However, you could avoid buying a pram by choosing a good sling or baby carrier.  Having tried quite a few different brands, I can highly recommend the Close baby carrier as it gives the perfect combination of ease of use and comfort.

In summary, your baby essentials are:

  • Nappies and Wipes (Cheeky Wipes preferably!)
  • Cotbed & baby sleeping bag
  • Breast pads or bottles, steriliser & formula
  • Babygros & Vests
  • Carseat, Pram / Buggy or sling 


Already had your baby?  Do you agree or what have I missed?