Reusable Cloth Baby Wipes - All-In-One Kit From Cheeky WipesReusable Cloth Baby Wipes - All-In-One Kit From Cheeky WipesReusable Cloth Baby Wipes - All-In-One Kit From Cheeky WipesReusable Cloth Baby Wipes - All-In-One Kit From Cheeky Wipes
Reusable Cloth Baby Wipes - All-In-One Kit From Cheeky Wipes

Reusable Cloth Baby Wipes - All-In-One Kit From Cheeky Wipes

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Brand:  Cheeky Wipes

Cheeky Wipes are great for both nappy changing and hands & face wiping, using 99.84% water and either essential oil or a squirt of baby nappy spray to gently cleanse your baby.  Save at least £15 on cost of buying individually!

Our kits have fantastic new features:

  • Flat, stackable lids and splash-proof seal to keep your wipes fresher for longer
  • New single-clip lid means easy one-handed opening and closing
  • fill water levels on both boxes
  • internal hooks on the mucky box to keep your mesh bag open and drip free


  • 25 - Lovely soft  cloth baby wipes, 15 cm x 15 cm choose from white cotton terry, bamboo, rainbow bamboo, bamboo/minky or microfibre, or choose our trial set to receive 5 each White cotton terry, natural bamboo, bamboo/minky, microfibre, rainbow cotton or rainbow bamboo(Need help in choosing?
  • 'Single-Clip' Fresh Baby Wipes container
  • 'Single-Clip' Mucky Baby Wipes container - with mesh bag insert
  • Cheeky Wipes Fresh Baby Wipes waterproof out and about travel bag
  • Cheeky Wipes Mucky Baby Wipes waterproof out and about travel bag - with mesh bag insert
  • Either 10 ml bottle of Fresh Baby Wipes Essential Oil Blend - choose from Lavender & Chamomile, Mandarin or Rose & Rose Geranium (important safety information about using essential oils)
  • OR Baby Nappy Spray 
  • 10 ml bottle of Tea Tree & Tea Tree Lemon Mucky Baby Wipes Essential Oil Blend 

Optional Extras - save when adding to your kit!

  • NEW - Add a weaning kit of 25 wipes plus fresh box, save £2!
  • Add extra wipes, save 50p on packs of 10 wipes, £1 on packs of 25 wipes and £1.50 on packs of 40 wipes
  • Add a Cheeky Wipes Double wet bag which come in a range of lovely patterns and are perfect for wipes or mucky clothing.

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Nice kit
Friday, 13 July 2018  | 

This is a great environmentally friendly, alternative to disposable wipes. You have eveeything you need. I would recommend ordering an extra mesh bag, so you can continue using them whilst the previous lot are in the wash.. I did get an extra set of terry wipes but found I didn't need them, 25 have been sufficient for nappy wipes. I wash them every few days when the wipes no longer smell fresh and they have always come back clean and fresh. I make up about 12 wipes a time. I bought a cheap multiple peg hanger to dry tgem on and it makes the whole process pretty easy. The oils smell nice too. A couple of the drawstrings on the mesh bags came untavelled in the wash but I contacted Cheeky Wipes and they sent replacements straight away.

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Wish I had known about these years ago.
Friday, 13 July 2018  | 

Recently started using cheeky wipes and so far I love them. No more worrying about running out of wipes or about any chemicals. Itís such an easy system to use and would really recommend the all in one kit, I ordered the multi coloured terry and they are great, nice feel and have washed brilliantly. Will definitely be ordering more items in future

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Great product 😊
Wednesday, 11 July 2018  | 

I wish Iíd found these amazing wipes earlier! As a mum of boys (2&3) these wipes have become an invaluable bit of kit. We love them and everything they represent as a conscious brand.

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Great product
Monday, 9 July 2018  | 

We have only had this kit a week and I can't imagine being without it now. It's a great product that is keeping our costs down, helping the environment and it's gentle on soft skin.

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They are worth the faff
Monday, 2 July 2018  | 

I was sceptical but decided to give them a go. I love the way all the wipes feel on my babies skin and the lack of waste. I'm pleased I chose the trial pack as all the wipes are good for different things. Soft minky for wees and faces, terry cotton for poops and I'm looking forward to the big wipes for the weaning stage. Having a spare mucky net bag would be handy for when one is in the wash. It is a faff but so worth it. Taking them out and about is easy and I have already recommended these wipes to my mummy friends. Next decision is do I try Cloth Sanitary Pads next.

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i chuffing love these wipes!
Friday, 29 June 2018  | 

WOW! who new such a simple idea would completely revolutionize nappy changing time. i love the smell of the oils for the fresh and mucky box. there is zero pong from pooey wipes! i feel my son is having a good thourough clean using these wipes. whereas a normal baby wipe just tends to spead the poo about and babies bum still smells. i am addicted! I'm deffo buying more!

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Great wipes, easy to use
Thursday, 28 June 2018  | 

I've been using the cheeky wipes for a few days now. Lovely soft material and great at cleaning up the poo.

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Thursday, 28 June 2018  | 

Love them. So easy to use and definitely better than normal wipes for cleaning. Wish i had got them sooner

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Easier than I imagined to swap ... wish I'd done it months ago
Wednesday, 27 June 2018  | 

I am thrilled with this kit. Having everything I could think of to make the transition to reusable wipes has made my life so easy that I really do wish I'd done this months ago. The customer service and support has also been exceptional which means I am really looking at all their products and wondering what next to swap in my life

If you have any hesitation, don't. Crack on and order and I'm sure you will be thrilled you did.

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New Review
Tuesday, 26 June 2018  | 

After feeling exceedingly guilty about using so many wet wipes and pulling out more than needed each time which is in itself infuriating I made the step into the world of cheeky Wipes!!

The service received was excellent prompt and personal. I queried why I hadn't received my free bamboo minky wipes and these were quickly dispatched (the reason I hadn't received was that I placed order at 4am the day the offer started!!)

I ordered 2 kits as wanted one for bedroom and bottoms and one for hands, faces and surfaces in main area of house. I was dubious about using same wipes for faces as bottoms but they come out so clean even after 40 degree wash it really wouldn't be an issue. Although I'm sticking to my plan and reserving the 70% bamboo for bedroom bums and the 100% twisted cotton for the rest. The free bamboo minky wipes changed the game though and I now use these in same box as cotton, folding each type in half so they get a side each in the box. I reserve these lovely softies for my little ones face and hands and they get the grub off nearly as well as the twisted cotton!!

I did find that sometimes wipes would start to smell musty but have got the hang of the oil to water and water to wipe ratio and this is no longer an issue!

I have recommended cheeky Wipes to friends and am hoping they take me up on the refer a friend offer! I would really like to order a changing mat but they're are none available at present!

Yes I have slightly more laundry but I have a lot less guilt and I no longer smear food and poo around with wet wipes or get through rolls of kitchen roll to clean surfaces. Overall I'm definitely winning!!!

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Featured Reviews
Friday, 6 July 2018  |  Emma

Iíve only been using these a short time but find them a great alternative to cotton wool pads. I use them with my own regular products and they do a fab job. Once used, I pop them into a netting bag to sling them all in the wash together. I donít yet know how these wipes stand up to regular washing, but so far they wash up well and Iím very happy with my purchase!

Monday, 25 June 2018  |  Jennifer

Fab, and generous on sizing, so I should have opted for smaller. I ordered size 12.
Didn't leak, even when I made a massive mistake in the night and put my washable pad in the wrong way up! (Facepalm)
Lovely and soft, and don't rustle, and look like period pants. Not overly restrictive like some of the other ones out there. ( I have tried a few!)
Fab. Different colours would be great.

Cheeky Wipes Period pants
Monday, 25 June 2018  |  Lynne

Utterly brilliant. Feels safe, secure and comfortable. Couldn't wait to get them on.

Wish I'd tried these sooner
Tuesday, 22 May 2018  |  Helen

I decided not to use my moon cup this month, so I could give the cloth sani pads a proper try out, and I was so impressed I really wish I'd given them a go sooner!

I realised pretty quickly, that if I put the pads in with the nap (the direction of the fuzz on the velour) laying so the smooth goes backwards, they do wriggle back a bit and I ended up getting leaks at the front; but once I'd figured that I've out and started putting them in the other way around, so the smooth direction was going forwards, I had no problems at all.

They were significantly less gross than I was expecting, especially given how moon cups can leave you looking like you've been sacrificing small rodents to Mother Nature! They are surprisingly absorbent, and I actually found I had less period pain or other PMS symptoms than usual. Cleaning them was a breeze, and for the first time ever I am actually slightly looking forward to my next visit from the period fairy, so I can use them again! Full marks, Cheeky Wipes!!

Monday, 14 May 2018  |  Victoria

I really was sceptical about using reusable wipes.... well I didnít need to be....
These wipes are honestly just lovely, really good quality, cleans my child soooo much better than a wet wipe, smells amazing and so much more refreshing. My child doesnít have a massive screaming fit now when been cleaned and I use them for her, for us and for certain things in the house ect
Stayed in perfect condition after washing and tumble drying them, also I purchased the extra pouch to take the wipes out and About,
The pouch is also fantastic keeps the wipes perfectly and folds up lovely in your bag and does not make your bag wet at all!! Even the oil itself is really good quality, I would 100% recommend this product and this company, ordering and delivery was also very easy and efficient and I must say I am certainly not a easy person to please at all 🙈 Thankyou Iím so happy with my purchase

Pretty pink perfection
Wednesday, 9 May 2018  |  Gillian

Great design , the cute pink waterproof bag sits discreetly in the bathroom disguised as a toilet bag until the dreaded " bad week !" when it springs into action - no actually it's no big deal , I can't think of anything at all making them harder to use than the annoying sticky things that wash up disgustingly on our local beach ! .
It's not yucky , the oils smell lovely and the huge bonus for me personally is the respite from evil thrush !
Infact I used to purchase "That proprietary cream " so often that I could use my chemist loyalty card points to buy myself perfume every few months !
Not that I'm complaining - it's a simple swap that has made life better and although it's an initial outlay it saves money in the long run .
You too can smile smuggly in the supermarket as you sail past the aisle of pricey ,plasticky , winged things that you no longer need .

Best purchase ever!
Thursday, 3 May 2018  |  Emma

This has got to be the best purchase,weather using cloth or not,they are super handy and such wonderful quality not like those horrible old wet wipes leaving a greasy feel! Freya loves them on her skin and her teething nappy rash seems better using these! Soak some in camomile tea and lots better!!! Thankyou cheeky wipes you have changed our bum changing lives x

Sanitary pads kit
Sunday, 29 April 2018  |  Melissa

These pads are so great. Recently I've been struggling with disposables and tampons plus hate the waste and generally dreading my period more and more as disposable protection caused soreness and thrush. Plus I have a young daughter and I felt I needed to find an environmentally friendly and nicer sanitary protection to be a good role model for her. I often thought if there were washable sanitary pads as I used washable nappies for all my children so I was pleased to find these. They are so comfortable and easy to use plus wash well and only need a cold wash. I love them and no one in my household commented on the tub in the bathroom. I've used them out the house too and found changing them so easy as have the bag provided to take used pads home. Plus my daughter loves them and thinks all the designs are so pretty and soft and so much nicer for me than 'those boring white ones' Highly recommend. This period I didn't feel yucky and had no unpleasant bin to empty or having to use yucky public toilet bins and the washing n drying was easy. I'm mid forties and still think the money paid for these is worth it after just one month of use! Wish I'd bought them years ago.

Wish Iíd known about these sooner...
Saturday, 21 April 2018  |  Claire

I came across Cheeky Wipes when looking for an alternative to big brand sanitary protection, and although I havenít purchased the cotton Cheeky Mama Pads - yet - I did go for the Cheeky Bum Wipes Full Kit with extra rainbow cotton wipes and I am so so glad I did. Yes, the intial layout may seem a bit on the pricey side, but I can absolutely confirm that they are worth every single penny, and of course, within a few months theyíve practically paid for themselves anyway, not to mention that youíre reducing the amount of plastic going in the bin by quite a lot.

I opted for the organic rainbow cotton wipes after reading the handy helpful guide Ďwhich fabric is best for cloth baby wipes?í I absolutely love them, they have been washed and washed and washed and are still incredibly soft and so far have kept their colour. They are gentle on Bubsí skin, and I very rarely use more than one wipe per change, occasionally needing two for those extra big poos (where *do* they come from?)! As with the usual baby wipes, I use these for anything and everything, nappy changes, feeding time, a quick wipe down when out and about, wiping food from clothes, floors and furniture etc., so they have proved to be just as versatile and useful.

As for washing, I donít find Iím doing any more washing than I was beforehand, I have two teenage boys who are shower mad so I just chuck the wipes in with our towels every 3/4 days or so on a 60 degree wash. They wash well and havenít stained at all, not even from the dreaded tomatoey pasta sauces!

Hubby is converted too and we are now talking about buying the ĎToilet Paper Alternative Wipesí (much to our teensí displeasure 🤣 - theyíll come round) and I have already filled my basket with the ĎCheeky Mama Cloth Sanitary Pad Full kití ready for next pay day.

If you are reading this review umming and ahhing over whether or not to take the plunge, do it. You wonít regret it.

Everything you need
Tuesday, 3 April 2018  |  Rebecca

Great quality items, the tub is easy to operate with one hand and the little tabs to hook the wash bag on are genius! The little wash bag is a perfect size too and washes out clean. The pads are wonderful, it is a bit strange at first as you can feel the poppers when you sit down but that is comfort to make you remember you did put a pad on because they do feel more like fabric than a disposable pad. Normally I will have a couple of small leaks if Iíve not been sat upright or lying on my side in bed but none with these as even the wings will absorb too. The little oil is a lovely smell too which also helps when the washing and emptying is needed. Would definitely recommend.