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Enviromenstrual week - consider reusable alternatives

Enviromenstrual week - consider reusable alternatives

Make the eco-switch

We're working with our partners Citytosea to talk about how we can make our periods more eco-friendly and skin friendly too.  So it's not just the impact of marine pollution from period plastics, with disposable pads and tampons being the 5th largest waste item washed up on European beaches.

But, did you know that each pack of big brand pads contains as much plastic a 5 plastic bags? Crazy.  Or that 200,000 tonnes of landfill waste was created by menstrual waste?  Or that toilet blockages from wipes, pads and tampons add an extra £100 MILLION to our water bills each year?

Occasionally, when we're talking about our reusable cloth sanitary pads or period and pee proof pants at exhibitions, we get a disgusted look on the face of whoever we're talking to.  I have to say that this is particularly amusing when it's a man who has been accidentally stroking the cloth sanitary pads.... 

'What, you mean you bleed on them and then wash them, in with all your other washing? What about my husband's shirts? That's disgusting!'

Now, aside from the 1950's housewife attitude which makes me die a little inside, personally I think that a tiny percentage* of blood being washed out in any machine as part of a mixed washload is a WAY better option than 200,000 tonnes of landifll.  And in terms  of additional washing eco impact, I reckon that one periods worth of washing equates to 1kg maximum of washing per month.  As part of a mixed 7kg washload, that's not even two additional loads of washing per annum.

Game changers

The eco-credentials of  cloth sanitary pads and period and pee proof pants speak for themselves.  But what other reasons are there for making the switch? I Well, based on our reviews, we think that making the switch to reusable alternatives is a 'game changer.'  And that's thee words of our lovely customers,  not ours!  If you want to while an hour or two away,  please do check out our trustpilot reviews for that exact phrase!

Reusable options are WAY more comfortable.  You won't give yourself an inadvertent bikini wax with the sticky strip that goes in your knickers.  No tampon string dangling between your legs whilst you exercise.  Period pants are amazing not just for everyday life, but for providing a brilliant solution for sports and activities,  where you literally just wear different knickers to provide you with leak-free protection.  They are also BRILLIANT for teens and tweens, providing a simple solution to the embarrassment of crinkly pad changing in the loos.

Why choose Cheeky Pants and Pads?

Well, what sets us apart is fourfold.  Firstly, we believe in setting our pants and pads at a price which is achievable for many,  in line with our vision of reusables for the masses.  

Secondly, we have amazing customer service, with our tailored 'reusable period protection advice questionnaire.'  This isn't an automated thing,  populated by bots, but Jo and her team of Erika, Ness and Kirstin answer these all personally.   They use the products themselves so are well versed to answer any questions that you might have and they'll provide you with a tailored response based on your lifestyle and periods. 

Thirdly, quality.  We know that these products work because we have been using them for years ourselves and the designs have been developed after feedback from our customers, which is why OUR pants have got absorbency and leak-proof layers right the way from the front to rear waistband (unlike some competitors).  

Lastly, we have enough confidence in our products that we have got a 45 day trial policy.    So you can try them without worry and if they aren't as good as we say they are, then you can return them.  

We hope that has given you a bit of food for thought.    If you want to know more about making the switch to reusables, then there's lots of info in our Frequently Asked Questions.  Alternatively,  complete our 'reusable period protection advice questionnaire.   Or email the team.  Or, between 9 and 3pm  Monday to Friday, our live chat service is available to answer your questions too.

  *I am talking TINY!  The average washing machine uses 50 litres of water per load.  If you're washing an entire periods worth of pants and pads, that's only 60ml of blood, which works out at 0.12% blood to water!