Hints and Tips: Easy Nappy Changing

Monday, 13 August 2012  |  Admin

This weeks blog post has come about as a result of feedback from various facebook fans, who commented on our Cheeky Wipes Clean up video, saying that it was all well and good but a bit different if you were wiping poo from an actual wriggly baby!

Good point well made.

For those of you who haven't had your bubs yet, or whose bubba's are all still at the newborn / not moving very much stage, take this as a warning. Your baby will, at some stage, decide that they don't like or want their nappy changed. Or would like to play with their willy / lady bits whilst you're wiping. Or decide that they want to pick a raisin out of aforementioned poo and investigate further....

And whilst I'm not a nappy changing expert, having changed the nappies of all 4 of my kids over a period of 8 years, and had two kids in nappies at the same time, I have found a few things that work for me, so I thought I would share:

Be prepared

Get everything ready before you need to do the nappy change. You don't have to have an actual changing area (we don't since no1 son wriggled his way off the changing table at 4 months) but keep your nappies and wipes in one place. Nothing worse than starting to strip off for a messy poo and realising that you don't have the clean nappy on hand. Same goes for any nappy balm you might need. We only use nappy cream if LO has a sore bum, but always good to have it readily available.

Use cloth wipes

Obviously massively biased but cloth wipes do make the job of nappy changing much quicker and easier. Why? Well they have a bit more traction, so don't smear poo around, just remove it quickly and easily. (that's why we say 'One wipe will do for a number two' You also won't put your finger through a cloth wipe and end of with poo all over your hands!


This technique works very well from an early age. I know some people have used cot mobiles or black and white images beside the changing area to give very small babies something to focus on. Once they start being more responsive and wriggly, you could start singing to them, a special changing song, or lullabye is always good. When they get a little bigger and are able to clap and wave, it's brilliant to do songs than involve them making actions as it entertains them AND keeps their hands busy and away from their nappy. Brilliant.

Giving your baby something to play with also works well. Car keys if you're out and about are always useful here, teething rings, rattles. Even a Cheeky Wipe to chew on will keep them occupied while you get on down below.

The wrestling hold

There are some occasions when even the best of distractions won't work. Your baby might be tired, grumpy, or just have got out of the wrong side of bed. For some reason, this always feels much worse when you're pregnant and not very mobile. Wrestling with a strong toddler at 8 months pregnant is NOT fun, especially if they're kicking out at your poor belly.Extreme circumstances call for extreme measures. I find that pinning your baby to the floor with your (bare) feet on their upper arms works a treat. They can't move but aren't being hurt just restrained. They won't like it, but quite frankly it's not pleasant being kicked by their flailing arms and legs.Have you got any other top tips to share? Let us know...

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