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How many wipes fit in a container

FAQ's: How many Cheeky Cloth Baby Wipes will fit in a fresh box?  And how many SHOULD I soak at one time?

This question is beginning to be asked a little more than before, as our bamboo and microfibre wipes are bulkier than our cotton wipes.

Our rule of thumb is that you can soak up to 50 cotton wipes in our fresh box - once soaked in the water and essential oil solution, they really compact down.

You can soak about 30 - 35 of our microfibre or bamboo wipes - it doesn't look like it when they're dry, but when soaked, they really do all fit!

HOWEVER, you probably wouldn't want to soak 50 wipes at a time, unless you've got twins / triplets or have two little ones in nappies at the same time.  That's because we recommend that you only soak as many wipes as you'll use in 2 days to keep them fresh and stop them smelling musty.  

If you've got 50 wipes, soak 25 at a time and dry the remainder, leaving them ready for action.  Drying your wipes (especially in daylight on the washing line) helps to keep them hygienic too - but of course you can soak them again immediately if you're running short of time.