Baby Wipe Container - Store Your Fresh Wet Wipes

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Baby Wipe Container - Store Your Fresh Wet Wipes
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Brand:  Cheeky Wipes

""Please note, we are currently out of stock of blue fresh boxes due to our latest delivery being delayed on the Ever Given, which ran aground in the Suez Canal back in March. We are still awaiting news on it's release. Meanwhile another shipment is on it's way and will be with us in July. We have made blue boxes available to pre-order for delivery at the end of July, however if you would like to purchase our pink fresh box, this is available for immediate dispatch - our new silver/grey boxes are also available to pre-order""

* Fresh Baby Wipes Container (BPA FREE*) – used for storing clean Cheeky Wipes™
* 17cm (l) x 17cm (w) x 10cm (d)
* Flat, stackable lids and splash-proof seal to keep your wipes fresher for longer
* Hinged Single clip lid means easy one-handed opening and closing
* Perfect for holding up to 50 clean damp soft Terry Towelling Cloth Baby Wipes
* Simply occasionally wash the Fresh Baby Wipes Container with washing up liquid to clean

What is BPA?

*Bisphenol A or BPA, is a chemical used to make plastics including materials that come into contact with food such as refillable drinks bottles and food storage containers. It's also used to make protective coatings and linings for food and drinks cans.
Minute amounts of BPA can transfer from packaging into food and drinks, but independent experts have advised that these levels of exposure are not considered to be harmful. Independent studies have shown that, even when consumed at high levels, BPA is rapidly absorbed, detoxified, and eliminated from humans.

The levels of BPA found in food from food contact materials are not a concern to health.  However, BPA is one of a large number of substances that have the potential to interact with our hormone systems, and some people claim that this means it is an 'endocrine disruptor' and that it could have effects at very low doses that are not seen at higher doses.   In recent years, many environmental groups have expressed concerns that the BPA contained in baby feeding bottles could ‘leach’ or leak out into a baby’s milk from the plastic when heated under certain conditions, or when bottles were cracked or scratched. This, they claimed, could result in health concerns for babies and children. 

Obviously we want to do the best by our parents and babies. Our BPA free containers mean you will know for sure that NO BPA could potentially leach from your wipes container onto your wipes and therefore transferred to your babies skin!

*content from Food Standards Agency Website 2016


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