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Save 100 million packs of baby wipes from landfill!

The Cheeky Challenge: Let's save 100 MILLION packs of baby wipes from land fill...

...& save YOU money too

You may have heard about MP Fleur Andersons petition to parliament asking for a ban on wetwipes containing plastic, alongside banning other single use items like plastic coffee cups etc.

That's in addition to DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) who are collating evidence into other forms of plastic pollution, including wet wipes.

We're heartened that everyone is waking up to the problems that single use items cause.

That's because here at Team Cheeky we've been passionate about simple reusable alternatives since 2008 when we first launched our reusable baby wipes kit.

Reusable wipes are the truly environmentally friendly wet wipes alternative.

Since 2016 alone, we've saved 40 million packs of wet wipes from landfill. We want you to join our challenge to make that 100 million packs by 2024.

We understand that switching from the 'norm' of disposable wipes might seem a bit odd, or lots of hassle. Or that you worry that you might end up with lots of poo in your washing machine. (You don't!).

So, environmental benefits aside, why on earth would you want to switch to reusable wipes? That's easy:

  • Reusable wipes are easy to use
  • Switching will save you money
  • The gentlest way to clean your baby

100m Landfill Challenge by Cheeky Wipes

Cheeky Wipes - the hassle free alternative to disposable wipes

We understand that washable baby wipes might seem like hard work. Our kit is unique in making it EASY to use cloth wipes whether you're using reusable cloth nappies or disposable nappies.

Thoughts of piles of extra washing and hassle could put anyone off!

But actually washable wipes are really simple to use:

  • soak (in water & essential oil, or use our wet & wipe spray)
  • use - to clean bums or just hands & faces
  • wash - with your normal clothes wash, no separate washing needed
  • reuse - you'll never run out with reusable wipes

Plus, they actually make nappy changing quicker and easier as unlike disposable wipes, they don't just smear poo around! One Cheeky Wipe can do the job of several disposable wipes which is always good news if you've got a wriggly toddler.

Switching to reusable wipes could save you £500 on buying disposable wipes

Consider how much money you spend on baby wipes:

  • Two packs of premium biodegradable wipes at £2.50 per pack, per week is approximately £250 per year
  • If one child uses them for 2 years, that's £500

With rising prices everywhere, can you afford NOT to consider reusable wipes?

'Bought the wipes kit and it is amazing, much better than packet disposable wipes and will save me a lot of money in the long run.' Caroline, Nov 2021

100m Wet Wipe challenge

Try reusables for free with help from your local council

PLUS, your local council might even pay for it! Many councils have schemes encouraging the use of reusable products to help with waste management in their area.

Schemes vary from one local authority to the next, but many provide £50 worth of reusable nappies, reusable wipes or even period pants & cloth sanitary pads. It's definitely worth exploring or contacting your local authority to find out if they offer a scheme in your area.

Can we share a secret?

In honesty...we didn't launch Cheeky Wipes just for the eco benefits, or for the money that we could save.

We launched Cheeky Wipes because Helen, our founder has suffered from eczema since she was a child. When her first child was born, she realised that all disposable wipes really irritated her skin, leaving her hands cracked and sore.

Reusable wipes - the original water wipes

Even if your child doesn't have eczema, disposable wipes often can cause red spots on your baby's face and even exacerbate nappy rash. That's why the NICE clinical excellence guidelines support using just water on your baby for the first six weeks.

Switching to reusables means that you're in charge of what's goes onto your baby's delicate skin.

'This is my 3rd order of these reusable wipes. They are fantastic. My baby has never had nappy rash, plus when I'm drying them it really makes me see how many wipes would end up in landfill. The microfiber ones are great for weaning, you don't even need to wet them! So much kinder for babies skin.' Sarah, Feb 2021

100m challenge by Cheeky Wipes

Eco Friendly Baby Wipes - save on landfill, reduce your carbon footprint

Nowadays we're all more aware that we need to protect the earth's natural resources. But sometimes eco friendly alternatives can seem like a false economy, if they don't work as well as their single use replacements.

Even biodegradable wipes still take up to 12 weeks to  decompose, blocking sewers if flushed. They also won't biodegrade in a landfill site in a plastic nappy sack!

Production of single use products are responsible for up to 50% of carbon emissions and  90% of biodiversity loss globally. 

Reusable wipes are truly earth friendly. They can be used on multiple children, then reused as cleaning cloths used around the home. Plus parents can help minimise their eco-impact, washing at lower temperatures, choosing eco-friendly  detergents & line drying.

Washing 25 reusable wipes every other day as part of a 7kg mixed washload is only 6 additional loads of washing per annum! Reusable wipes are one of the most eco friendly products that you can buy for your baby.

'I love my cheeky wipes set. Much more environmentally friendly than disposable wipes, easy to use and wash, and gentle on baby.' Lucy Feb 2022

How to switch to reusable wipes

Want to find out more? We've got thousands of reviews on our Trustpilot page, or you can read some case stories here. Alternatively, drop us a line, always happy to talk pee, poo and periods!