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Childcare Reusable Wipes Bundle - Nursery & Childminder

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We know that many parents / carers have to provide their own baby wipes for their childcare setting, whether that's nursery or a childminder or grandparents.

We've created this bundle to make it easy for you and for your childcare provider too!

Reusable wet wipes bundle contains:

Optional add wet & wipe spray

NOTE: we do not recommend putting dripping wet wipes into your bag, but if you give them a good squeeze before putting them in the bag, it will work perfectly.

'I absolutely love my cheeky wipes, the colours are fantastic, the smell of the clean wipes fill the nursery and it smells amazing. Feels so good to be creating less waste. The containers make it so easy. Never going back to wet wipes!'  AW, July 2020

Beginners guide to using reusable wipes at childminder or nursery

No matter whether you use disposable nappies, reusable nappies, cloth nappies or eco disposable nappies, it's easy to use reusable wipes alongside, even if only for cleaning mucky hands & faces!

  • Each morning, take 5 to 10 cloth wipes and run them under the tap and place in your double wetbag along with your wet and wipe spray
  • At nursery, pop them into your child's cubby hole, leave it in their bag on their peg or pass to your childminder or carer for easy access
  • When it's time to nappy change, they just do the first wipe with the nappy (if it's a pooey nappy) to remove lumpy poo, remove and then clean the rest with your Cheeky Wipes
  • Place the used wipes into the mesh bag element of your wetbag and seal to keep the smells in!
  • That evening, empty the used wipes into your mucky box, or straight into the washing machine
  • Wash, dry and reuse. Easy! Washing instructions for reusable wipes here!

Got questions? Complete our reusable wipes advice questionnaire and the lovely Paula will be happy to help, or drop us an email!

'I'm a childminder who has a busy setting. I was using so many wipes to clean hands and faces. I have gone over to these wipes and not looked back. So easy to implement into my setting and the children love the independence they get from using them. They are eco friendly and easy to clean too. A quick wash and they are ready to go again. I'm recommending to all my friends.' Victoria, July 2021

Why use reusable baby wipes at nursery?

If you already have to provide baby wipes for your child at nursery, it makes sense for them to be reusable. Here's a few reasons why:

  • You'll save money on buying disposable wipes
  • Using reusable wipes at nursery makes nappy changing or face wipes SO much quicker and easier. Instead of using 5 or 6 disposable wipes, they'll just use one Cheeky Wipe!
  • You'll know that your baby is being cleaned with the purest wipes of all! Our cloth wipes can be used with pure tap water - natures cleanser. Add a spritz of our paediatrician approved wet and wipe spray if you want!
  • The nursery or childminder can prove their commitment to sustainability, something that many parents use as a setting selection criteria
  • You'll never run out of reusable wipes, so no popping to the corner shop at 10pm when you realise you've ran out
  • You'll be helping reduce landfill. Even biodegradable wipes are creating landfill and have a higher carbon footprint than reusable wipes
  • Our washable baby wipes are supersoft which makes them great for potty training and brilliant for preschoolers to learn about hygiene, body autonomy and self-care
  • many childcare settings already discuss the importance of reusing and recycling and using Cheeky Wipes fits well with that ethos

'We bought the cheeky wipes for our nursery children to dry their hands with and wash faces they are great!! They are small just right for their little hands and faces and they are easy to dry.' Lisa, April 2021




Fabric & Care
  • Wash only to 40°C
  • No fabric softener!
  • Don't use any bleach on this product.
  • Vegan friendly
  • Oeko-tex certified
  • Paraben free
  • SLS free


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