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PROUD to launch our PRIDE Makeup Pads plus we are donating £1 from every purchase to Switchboard!

PRIDE is more than a month of festivals and rainbows. It is (and always has been) a protest against unjust systems, even when it’s lighthearted and fun. Stemming from the Stonewall uprising on June 28 1969, Pride has grown into a global movement where the LGBTQ+ community can show the world their authentic selves.


After a successful charity collaboration last year with City to Sea, we reached out to Switchboard to see if they would be interested in allowing us to donate an amount from our pride pads to them to further the important work that they do.

Switchboard is one of the UK’s longest running, volunteer led charities serving the LGBT+ communities. As a national helpline, they serve on average 18,000 callers a year across phone, instant messaging and email. However you need to reach them, you can, from 10am-10pm every day. Whether you're concerned about coming out to new people, have questions about safer sex, gender identity, relationship issues or you're feeling discriminated against - get support from Switchboard's team of trained LGBT+ volunteers. We chose Switchboard after our friend Nathalie (who is Jo’s best friend and step-sister) told us how much Switchboard had supported her when she was younger - here’s Nathalie’s story…


“When I was 12 I knew I was gay and I was terrified; AIDS was killing gay men and it was splashed over the news as the gay disease. Greenham Common protests were in full effect and my dad was pretty derogatory about the women protesting - "ugly old dykes" "disgusting ugly lesbians," etc. I was young and didn't truly understand any of what was happening, I had no one to talk to (70s parenting), I did not want to be gay as I thought it was bad and everyone would hate me. From a payphone at my synagogue youth centre I called switchboard one night as I felt so dark and scared. A woman talked to me. I don't remember her exact words of course, but I remember her tone. She told me I was normal, that I would be loved in my life and that I was brave for a 12yr old! She also tried to answer my questions about AIDS, at a time when so much was misunderstood and not known. I called them a few times more over my teen years. Switchboard made me feel less alone. They were a lifeline for me and inspired me to volunteer for The Trevor Project suicide prevention hotline when I lived in NYC.”

Switchboard helped Nat who is now happily married to Lils and living back in London after many years in New York. As her late Mum said, Better Gay than Grumpy. 

For the design, we reached out to Rachel, a designer that Ness has seen on The Punky Family facebook group and she created an awesome design for our range of makeup/face wipe pads. 

Rach from Averly Designs        

“Hi! I’m Rach from Averly Designs; I’m a proud feminist artist and I create repeat patterns for fabrics whilst raising two wonderful children. Working with Cheeky Wipes to create the Pride design was a milestone experience and I’m extremely proud to play a part in raising money for Switchboard!”

For each pack of pads purchased, we will donate £1 to Switchboard so they can carry on their lifesaving work with people in the LGBTQ+ communities. We want to make a difference, not just this month, but going forward and hopefully we will be able to continue our charity partnership with them going forward. You can buy our new makeup pads here!