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Reusable Nappies at Night: The Complete Guide

Modern cloth nappies are becoming more main stream and there are many different types on the market. They are made with beautiful designs, are super user friendly and kind to your babies skin.

However reusable nappies overnight can feel like a whole new ballgame.

Even the most capable cloth bum parents struggle to get their normal daytime nappy to last 12 hours overnight keeping baby warm, comfortable and dry without leaks.

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I've had three children full time in cloth nappies from birth to potty training and been a self confessed 'Cloth Bum Addict'. Now my children are more grown up, I answer Cheeky Customer Services emails. We get asked about night time nappies a lot, so I thought an article on night time nappying would be useful.

We've chosen the three most popular nappy brands and looked at their best night time nappies. Read on to learn more about specific night nappies and our guide to the best night reusable nappies for night time:

We don't shy away from letting you know about our competitors, we trust in our products and believe a more informed customer is a happy customer.

How to Choose a Night Time Reusable Nappy

Here are the key factors to consider when choosing a night time reusable nappy:


Reusable nappies are made of layers of fabric normally in cotton, bamboo, or microfibre. Less common but super absorbent is hemp.

The most absorbent material for nights are those that drink quickly and hold lots so a combination of fast drinking fabrics like microfibre or cotton backed with bamboo or hemp would work best.


Cloth nappies are so versatile and you can control the absorbency level of most of them. Choose a highly absorbent fitted or shaped nappy, adding extra boosters between the nappy and the waterproof wrap over the top to guarantee dryness til morning.


The best fit for overnight in cloth nappies will be down to some trial and error. Again, avoid all in one cloth nappies and go for something you can add extra inserts and boosters. 

Poppered nappies tend to stay on best and cause less chafing but velcro nappies allow for a more individual fit. As babies grow and start sleep on their backs, sides etc you may find you get leaks, adjust the absorbency inside the nappy to suit this, with more bulk at the front for tummy sleepers and more at the rear for back sleepers. 

Fitted two part nappies with a separate reusable nappy wrap work best overnight to avoid leaks over a twelve hour period. Drying nappies is easier with fitteds as the absorbent parts can be tumble dried. 

Opt for all in one babygro or PJs over the top of night nappies or just a PJ top and sleeping bag. Stretching a onesie over the nappy and poppering up between the legs can cause the nappy to be squashed and you may get compression leaks.

Fleece and wool make great night nappy covers too as they allow urine to evaporate overnight.


Night nappies tend to cost more because they have more material and workmanship. They work best as a fitted absorbent nappy with a waterproof wrap and are often sold as two separate items adding to the cost.  You can always buy pre-loved nappies and as a bonus they will be well worn in and more absorbent. 

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Night Time Nappy Combinations

Mix and match absorbent layers (fitted, prefolds & boosters) with a waterproof wrap, fleece or wool cover:

  1. Fitteds - shaped absorbent nappies, great under wraps or fleece / wool not waterproof alone
  2. Wrap - waterproof outer shell, great over fitteds, prefolds, muslins, boosters not absorbent on its own, helps nappy stay dry
  3. Prefolds - layers of absorbent fabric prefolded to sit inside a wrap or held in place with a nappy nipper under wool or fleece
  4. Wool - knitted bloomer style knickers to go over a fitted nappy or terry cloth
  5. Fleece - shaped fleece soakers or PJ bottoms to evaporate urine overnight, wash daily, great over fitteds
  6. Boosters - layers of fabric, adding extra absorbency to make day nappies last longer overnight


Best Reusable Nappy for Night Time

Cheeky Doo Doos Fitted and wrap


Shop Cheeky Wipes Cheeky Doo Doo here

Material: Sized Bamboo nappy and birth to potty PUL waterproof wrap

Absorbency Level: Great for overnights or heavy wetters, easy to boost

Washing Instructions: In the washing machine at 40 degrees, can be tumble dried. Avoid fabric softener

Suitability for Night Use: Perfect, absorbency can be added and whole nappy is bamboo and will soak up urine.

Price: From £11.49 for a nappy and £11.49 for a wrap, or buy the trial bundle giving you an extra booster and fleece liner for £24.95

Cost effective: Cheapest night system as the wrap is one size fits most so need less over the nappy years as it will grow with baby.

Trial Period: 100% happiness guarantee on trial bundle suitable for nights, returnable for a refund within 45 days if not suitable

Customer Reviews: "Fantastic reusable nappies! ...after just 24 hours I’m sold! They are also very easy to wash and dry thank to the 2-part design. Your customer service has also been fantastic along the way, prompt and helpful replies to my endless questions made me more confident to give it a go. I wish I could give you all a high five!" Trustpilot May '23

Totsbots Bamboozle


Shop Tots Bots Bamboozles here

Material: Sized Bamboo / microfibre nappy and sized recycled PUL wrap

Absorbency Level: Perfect for overnight and heavy wetters

Washing Instructions: Wash with non bio powder, 40 degrees wet, 60 degrees soiled

Suitability for Night Use: Regularly giving 12hrs overnight performance

Price: from £10.99 for the nappy and from £11.99 for the wrap or Trial kit £33 with code

Cost effective: Both nappy and wrap are sized - 1, 2, and 3 so will need to buy more as baby grows

Trial Period: None

Customer Reviews: "Very Happy Customer Wow! What lovely bright colourful designs. I especially like the farm print. My baby is 4 months and the buttons made it very easy to fit to size. The inner pads are very absorbant and the disposable liners simple to use.

I am so pleased the all in one starter set can expand as she grows. I emailed the team and the customer service was reassuring giving me all the info I needed and an update on my order. Thank you Tots Bots." Trustpilot June '23

Little Lambs shaped nappy and wrap


Shop Little Lambs here

Material: Bamboo or cotton fitted sized nappy with PUL wrap

Absorbency Level: Cotton slightly less absorbent than bamboo

Washing Instructions: Close velcro tabs and wash with gentle washing powder on a full cycle, no temperature guidance given

Suitability for Night Use: As the whole nappy is cotton or bamboo they are perfect for overnight with their wrap

Price: nappy from £12.50 and wrap from £12.99 or £18.15 for a bundle of nappy and wrap

Cost effective: Both nappy and wrap are sized - 1, 2, and 3 so will need to buy more as baby grows

Trial Period: 6 week trial offer, return laundered, limited to one used return per household

Customer Reviews: "If you haven't bought these, do! My first time trying reusable nappies, and after some trial, error and leaks I got it down! Little man is having a better time with these than disposable ones, and his very sensitive skin has had far fewer rashes due to irritation (eczema sufferer).

He's less fussy overall now and I'm raving about these nappies in playgroup! Mums and dads, if your thinking of buying thes, do it!" Trustpilot Dec '22

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About the Author: Kirstin works in the Customer Experience team at Cheeky Wipes, which since 2008 has been selling the original reusable wipes kit. She is mum to three and loves walking in the forest and swimming year round in the sea!

Cheeky wipes were recognised with a Queens Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development in 2021, celebrating their hard work over the last 13 years.