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Cloth Nappy Trial Pack which doubles up as a perfect night nappy for heavy wetters! Add extra boosters as necessary for your little one or if you're just looking to trial cloth nappies.

  • 1 nappy cover - one size fits all
  • 1 charcoal coloured bamboo nappy - choose from
  • size 1 (7 lbs up to 20 lbs),
  • size 2, (20 lbs to 38 lbs),
  • size 3 (35 lb+)
  • 1 booster - choose from regular / large
  • 1 fleece liner

Our fitting guide provides more information.

Use our wipes kits suitable for cloth nappy users alongside. If you're looking for a larger nappy bundle, check out our large reusable nappy with bucket bundle.

100% Happiness Guaranteed  

We love our Cheeky Nappies and think you will too, but we understand it's tricky buying things online. Buy with certainty with our 100% Happiness Guarantee. Try try one nappy / wrap / booster, love them, or your money back. 

If you want to return the bundle, drop us an email to and we can guide you from there. 

We won't sell it on but will donate it to one of many nappy libraries we work with, who would really benefit from it. 

Read our article on how we developed the nappies.

Why are your nappies coloured grey? 

Why not? It didn't make sense to us that one of the most soiled things you will ever wash should be white! The dye used is of course formaldehyde free and certified safe to use.

How do I deal with poo? 

Firstly we like to recommend that you always use a liner in your nappy, whether it be a reusable stay dry liner or a disposable. You want to get as much of the poo off as possible before putting your nappy into the washing machine.

Reusable Liner Tip any solids into the toilet and either rinse the liner in the flush of the toilet (hang on to it!!), or have something handy to scrape any poo from the liner into the toilet. . Disposable Liner Tip the poo into the toilet and bin the liner (be careful not to flush the liner as most are not flushable

 Do I need to soak my cloth nappy before washing it? 

We recommend dry pailing your nappies this is because fabrics in your nappies can become damaged if soaked in water for long periods of time and it will reduce the life of your nappy. When dry pailing your nappies, ensure you do not leave any longer than 2 days before washing as pee & poo can damage the material in your nappies and cause 'balding' spots. 

What is the best way to rinse or pre wash my nappies? 

We recommend using The Strucket or similar to rinse and strain your nappies prior to putting them in your washing machine. Just using plain water is fine, or you can use The Strucket to agitate the water and rinse off any remaining poo if you like.You can do a cold rinse cycle or quick wash in your washing machine (more details below) BUT do not use detergent. Likewise do not soak in harsh stain removers or bleach as this can damage the fibres in your nappy. 

How do I wash my cloth nappy? 

Ensure that you deal with the poo before you start! Then follow our washing and care instructions.

My nappies are new, where do I start? 

We recommend that you prewash the nappies in your trial kit before use. If you run a full cycle with a little detergent twice before using this will enable your nappies to become more absorbent. 

What other products should I consider?

Our XL Travel Changing Mat is brilliant for nappy changing at home or out and about!


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