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Seven Must Have Period Products

After my youngest was born many years ago disposable menstrual products became really uncomfortable for me. Pads and tampons just weren't comfortable any more.

Luckily, because I was using washable nappies I had heard about reusable period pads and pants. Lots of people were finding that not only were they cheaper in the long run, they were much more comfortable as well as being environmentally friendly.

When it comes to managing periods, the hygiene products available seem endless — different flows, sizes, and uses scatter the shelves.

But amidst this variety, there's a global concern about disposable period products adding to our environmental burden.

Enter reusable period products, a sustainable, beneficial alternative that's changing the game and can be really environmentally impactful.

Here at Team Cheeky we've been passionate about raising awareness of these planet friendly, pocket friendly alternatives, since we launched our bestselling reusable wipes kit back in 2008.

Here's our seven must have period products:

  • Period Underwear
  • Reusable pads
  • Menstrual cups
  • Heating pads / Hot water bottles
  • Period swimwear
  • Wetbags
  • Reusable intimate wipes

1. Period Underwear

Period underwear? It’s a game-changer. This ingenious invention looks and feels like regular underwear but comes equipped with natural cotton or bamboo layers that wick away, absorb, and prevent leaks.

Period pants can hold several tampons or pads worth of blood too and options are available for regular or heavy flow days.


Cheeky Wipes period pants are the epitome of comfort and effectiveness, especially designed to tackle heavy flows. Their diverse styles cater to various preferences, ensuring every wearer finds their perfect fit. Our products do not contain PFOS, PFOA or 'antimicrobial silver'.  

"The best reusable period pants, period. My second purchase because I love them so much and find them so useful. I used to use a combination of reusable pads and pants, but have now got enough pants to use pants almost exclusively. Don't dread that time of the month anymore these days as can get on with life without fear of leaks and flooding.Sarah, Trustpilot Nov,23

2. Reusable Pads


Reusable menstrual pads offer another eco-friendly option. They can absorb up to 6 tampons worth of blood.

Similar in use to traditional menstrual pads but are washable and reusable, reducing waste over your menstrual cycle and way more comfort. Just cold water rinse and then chuck in a cool wash in your washing machine. Easy!


Are Reusable Period Pads Safe?

Yes, reusable period pads are safe. Just like our period pants the layers next to your body in our pads are made from oeko tex certified cotton or bamboo so they are suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Cheeky Wipes reusable sanitary pads and panty liners prioritise safety, comfort, and sustainability, making them a safe and reliable choice for managing periods.

3. Menstrual Cups

Enter the menstrual cup — a revolution in period care.

These reusable cups collect rather than absorb menstrual blood, offering leak-proof, comfortable protection for up to 12 hours. If you like internal period protection but are worried about toxic shock syndrome (tss) then a menstrual cup is worth investing in.

If you need to empty while out and about just take a bottle of water with you and go for the disabled toilets to be able to use the sink if needed.

These sanitary products can take some practice to get used to and you may need a larger cup once you have had children.

How to Clean Your Menstrual Cup

Keeping your menstrual cup clean is crucial for maintaining menstrual health.

A simple wash with mild soap and boiling water at the start and end of your period with rinses in between emptying and reinserting ensure its longevity and safety.

Remember to remove at the end of your period - they are so comfy I once left mine in for two weeks! Not recommended!

4. Heating Pads/Hot Water Bottles

Heating pads or hot water bottles: soothing relief for menstrual cramps. These classics offer warmth that relaxes muscles, alleviating the discomfort of period pains. Cheeky wipes wearable heat pack is so easy and comfortable to use, it straps onto your waist so you can go about your day without having to hold it.


Why Does a Hot Water Bottle Help Period Pains?

The heat relaxes muscles, improving blood flow and reducing the intensity of cramps, providing natural relief during your cycle. Great for times where you can't jump in the bath.

5. Period Swimwear

Ever thought about enjoying the pool during your period? Cheeky Wipes swimwear makes it possible. With innovative design and reliable protection, you can swim without worries, giving you the freedom to embrace every moment.

For competitive swimmers our period swimming costume stops you missing out on vital training time.


"Really pleased with my swimming costume, worked really well and I felt really comfortable swimming on my period! Love what this company is going :)" Charlotte Sept. 2023

6. Wetbags

Wetbags are so useful, I have large ones left from my cloth nappy days that get used 13yrs on for swimming stuff. I use medium ones for storing rinsed, used period stuff waiting for the wash at home. I carry a small one when I am on my period and a mini one in my hand bag for emergency supplies for my unpredictable perimenopausal visits.


They come in pretty, discreet designs with a waterproof inner and zip opening. They have a handy poppered handle, great for attaching to the bathroom door or attaching inside your bag.

7. Washable intimate wipes

Toilet roll and sticky blood really don't work well together, especially in public toilets. It can leave you feeling less than fresh. Using a thicker, softer reusable wipe can be quicker and easier when you have your period.

Keep some wipes next to your toilet or in your handbag / schoolbag and just use water to deal with any mess. Then drop them into your wetbag with your pants or pads to deal with at home.


Navigating the world of period products can be overwhelming, but finding the right fit can make a world of difference. Embracing reusable options not only benefits you but also the environment. Cheeky Wipes offers a range of sustainable, effective products, ensuring your comfort while contributing to a greener planet. Drop us a comment below of your best reusable period finds.

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Feel free to explore our blog for more tips and tricks on managing your periods sustainably and comfortably. If you have any questions or need further guidance, reach out to us anytime via our live chat or here. We're here to support your journey to a greener, more comfortable period experience.

Remember, making a small change in your period routine can have a big impact on your comfort and the planet!




About the Author: Kirstin on our customer services team loves spending her days helping customers with their reusable period product needs and advising cloth nappy using families. Kirstin lives with her three teenagers and loves walking and sea swimming year round in our beautiful bay.