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The future is here: Kits boxes version 4


As Thomas Edison - he of lightbulb fame, amongst other inventions - famously said : "There's a way to do it better. Find it."

And we agree.

Our products launched with our reusable wipes kits back in 2008 and we've sold a HUGE amount over the years to lots and lots of very happy and satisfied customers.

But one thing we love more than making our customers happy, is hearing what our customers struggle with, or think could be improved upon.

Your thoughts on how our products work for you, in real life, in your day to day, under your circumstances.

Everything we sell gets used by all of us at HQ, that goes without saying. We couldn't sell them if we didn't believe in them.

But we're not you. And you're crucial to our success and our future product pipeline which is why when we ask for your reviews and feedback, we genuinely do mean it.

To that end, today marks the official launch of our v4 boxes. An integral component of our best-selling all in one reusable baby wipes kits.

As old as our business itself.

And originally a combo of tupperware, some material and oils when Helen first started exploring how to avoid disposable baby wipes when her newborn came home and her eczema really suffered.

From tupperware to what you see today.....(with a few iterations along the way)



Our version 4 boxes offer two key benefits :

  • Top loading for mucky wipes (to minimise poo contact, quite frankly)
  • A 4 point clickable seal to keep both boxes shut (and ensure water resistance to protect surrounding bits and bobs on your changing table)

All designed with you and your feedback in mind.

It's something we're really proud of and continue to do with all of our product range; finding solutions to design questions that help you and your household make reusables the easy alternative.

We want to give you no reason to look back once you've made the switch and, hopefully, by constantly looking to fine-tune our product over time, we'll ensure you never do.


So if all this talk has got you thinking about giving a kit a go but perhaps you've been putting it off before now, our new kits (both Premium or Workhorse options) are part of our June offer, which is live as we speak.

When you add one to your basket, we'll automatically pop a FREE travel changing mat (worth £15) in there too, as a thank you.

But.....only while stocks last! When the mats are gone, they're gone.

So, what are you waiting for?

And we're so confident you'll love them that we're also being really bold about putting our money where our mouth is.....

Try our kits for 45 days and if you don't love them as much as we do (when using them as per care and usage instructions included in your package), we'll give you your money back in full. For full info on how this works, click here.

......Seems like there are no reasons left not to make the switch today, hey!?! :)



06 July 2020  |  14:21

Firstly, sorry that you've had a problem, but thanks for getting in touch so that we can help. We want everyone to be 100% happy with their wipes and it is frustrating when people leave negative reviews without giving us the opportunity to help first - so you have our thanks!
Your wipes definitely shouldn't smell. The musty smell comes when they have been incorrectly soaked / soaked in the box for too long without changing / or not dried between washes, could this have happened? Do the wipes smell when dry? Washing in your machine in a hot wash with something like dettol antibacterial laundry cleanser or a good capful of white vinegar will help to remove the musty smell.
When you try again with your wipes, the most key thing to get right is that they need to be really properly wet through, soaking wet, not just damp, with a good 5 or 6 drops of oil. Once they have soaked up all the water (approx 3-4 cm from the top of the box) then tip out any excess water as they shouldn't be left sitting in water. They should be left in the box for 2 days maximum before changing, so if you aren't using them all in two days, any remaining should be washed when you wash the rest or just soak as many as you are getting through in 2 days.

In warm weather, change more frequently (2 days MAX), don't leave anywhere warm (like in direct sunlight) and make sure they are really properly wet through.

If you let me know a little bit more about your current washing / soaking routine I am really happy to advise you on any changes...we do really want everyone to love their Cheeky Wipes!