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The Ultimate Guide to Pet Wipes

We pet owners all LOVE our furry friends don't we? Getting a dog is without doubt one of the best additions a family can make. 

Whether they keep us company while we're working from home or encouraging us to get off our backsides and take them for a walk. Entertainment and a friend to play with for the kids. Or simply a friendly face when you return from work in the evening.

Though some are better trained than others of course, we love them no matter what. One of our Staffies will sit on the doormat when she comes in, waiting for her feet to be cleaned so that she can get a treat. The other one...well, not so much!

Trixie - tester for Cheeky Pet Wipes

At team Cheeky we've been dog owners for years now and many customers buy our reusable wipes as cleaning wipes but also as pet wipes for dogs, to clean mucky paws, fur and skin when they return home from a walk. However there's some confusion around whether wet wipes for humans can be used on pets. 

We thought a guide to using pet wipes would be helpful for that reason.  Our ultimate guide to pet wipes covers:

  1. Can You Use Baby Wipes on Dogs? Are They Safe?
  2. Can You Use Antiseptic Wipes on Dogs and Cats?
  3. Are Alcohol Wipes Safe for Dogs?
  4. What Wipes Are Safe for Dogs, Cats and Other Pets?
  5. What Are the Best Pet Wipes?
  6. Are Pet Wipes Safe for Dogs & Cats?
  7. Are Dog Wipes Safe for Cats?
  8. Can You Use Pet Wipes on Humans?

Can You Use Baby Wipes on Dogs? Are They Safe?

No, it is not recommended that you use baby wipes on dogs, or any other pets. That's because the pH level on human skin is different to dogs so baby wipes are unsafe because they may cause irritation or itching. In addition because dogs will tend to lick their paws after washing, the ingredients in baby wipes may not be fit for doggy consumption. 

It's also worth checking the ingredients on some disposable pet wipes, some of which contain Propylene Glycol, AKA anti-freeze, which is far from ideal to use on paws which may be licked!

For this reason, thesprucepets recommend a damp towel as being safe to clean your pet. Which is why we developed our range of reusable wipes which are used with simply water for effective, gentle cleaning.

Can You Use Antiseptic Wipes on Dogs and Cats?

No, you should not use antiseptic wipes on dogs, cats or any other pets. Again, that's because human skin varies from dog and cat skin and what is fine for us may well cause their skin to dry out or irritate them. Instead, try using our reusable pet wipes with some pet-friendly antiseptic spray.

Are Alcohol Wipes Safe for Dogs?

No, alcohol wipes are not safe for dogs, or other pets. In fact, Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) which is contained in alcohol wipes, if ingested is toxic to dogs and can cause vomiting, disorientation, incoordination, and in severe cases, collapse, respiratory depression and seizures. 

And although in theory our pets shouldn't have access to enough alcohol wipes to cause them harm, we all know of pesky pups who get into things they definitely shouldn't!  

What Wipes Are Safe for Dogs, Cats and Other Pets?

We’ve covered what types of wipes aren’t safe, so what wipes ARE safe for use on your pets? Wipes made solely for pets are the only wipes you can safely use on your dogs paws, cat wipes, or other pets.  Wipes which are safe for dogs, cats and other pets should be:

  • large enough to clean easily
  • stay moist to make cleaning quicker
  • fragrance free, no strong scent which may deter some animals
  • natural ingredients, no nasties
  • be eco-friendly and not contain plastic

Reusable Pet Wipes for dogs or cats

What Are the Best Pet Wipes?

The best wipes for your pet are:

Cheeky Reusable Pet Wipes Kit

Available here, priced at £16.99 for 10 large bamboo reusable wipes, plus double pocket wetbag.


  • extremely good value for money, can be washed and reused again and again
  • good size (21cm x 21cm)
  • thick material to make wiping easy
  • can be used with just plain water for even the most sensitive skin
  • the most eco-friendly pet wipe as they can be reused
  • easy to use when out and about as part of our pet wipes kit
  • suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits or any other pets


  • need to be washed

Earth Rated Wipes

Earth Rated Pet Wipes

Available here as a pack of 100 wipes.


  • disposable, so can be thrown away after use
  • unscented
  • good size (20cm x 20cm)


  • expensive at £8.99 for 100 wipes
  • comparatively thin material 
  • expensive
  • 'compostable' which means that they are only biodegradable under home composting conditions.  They won't biodegrade quickly if in landfill inside a plastic bin bag for example

Are Pet Wipes Safe for Dogs & Cats?

Yes, wipes that are made specifically for dogs, cats or other pets are safe. However as mentioned above you shouldn't use wipes designed for humans on dogs or cats because it might irritate or dry out their skin.

Are dog wipes safe for cats?

It depends. Some dog wipes can be used on cats and some can't. The best advice is to check the side of the packet where it will normally show which animals the wipes can be used on. The good news is that Cheeky Reusable Pet Wipes can be used on cats or dogs as they use just plain water or a little of your pet's favourite shampoo.

Can You Use Pet Wipes on Humans?

No, we wouldn't recommend that you use disposable pet wipes on humans because human skin pH is different to pet skin. However you can use Cheeky Reusable Pet Wipes which are safe for humans as they are used with just plain water which is nature's best cleanser!

We hope you've enjoyed finding out more about pet wipes. If you're interested in reusable wipes kits for humans, our range of reusable baby wipesbaby hands & faces wipes and toilet paper alternative kits can be found here.

Perhaps that seems like a step too far? Our reusable makeup removing pads are the easiest eco-swap!

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About the author: Helen Rankin is Mum to 4 humans and pet parent to 2 delightful Staffies. She founded Cheeky Wipes back in 2008 after using disposable baby wipes gave her a horrid eczema flare up. Since then the product range has expanded to include period pants, reusable sanitary pads and the latest addition, reusable puppy pads. The team were thrilled to be recognised for their hard work protecting our planet with the Queens Award for Enterprise in Suatainable Development in 2021.