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Top 6 UK period pants reviews - which is best?

We understand that if you're considering switching to period knickers instead of single use period products it can be a little bit overwhelming as the concept is new to many of us.

So many questions!

Do period pants work? (and how do they work!), which brand to go for, are High St period knickers reliable, or should you buy period underwear from online brands? Are period panties suitable for heavy periods or just light flow periods? Can teens or tweens use period knickers?

We appreciate that it can be a bit overwhelming!

To make it easier, we've gathered Trustpilot period knickers reviews of the top 6 UK period pants brands in one place so that you can make an informed choice on which brands to trust with your hard earned cash.

We've chosen Trustpilot because all the menstrual pants reviews are independent and ALL reviews must be shown, both positive and negative. You don't have to worry about 'fake' or paid for reviews because Trustpilot continually monitor the platform and remove any identified. Companies have the opportunity to respond to all reviews.

'Customer service is amazing. There is a very easy to use form on the website that allows you to request advice about the most suitable products for you. I received personalised advice by email within a few days. Couldn't be happier' Maisie, Nov 21

High absorbency period pants for heavy flow

Full disclosure: we've got 'skin in the game' because Cheeky Pants from Cheeky Wipes are an online UK brand of reusable period pants. We've been helping people switch to 'Simple Reusable Alternatives' since 2008.

We're justifiably proud not just of our product (our period pants have got absorbency to the front and rear waistband as standard, meaning our eco friendly pants will keep you leak-free unlike many other brands).

But we're also proud of our customer service. That includes our reusable period questionnaires where an actual person (Kirstin, with assistance from Ness & Erika) will give you a recommendation on which product will suit you best. The team aren't just scripted call centre staff, they use the products themselves and they want to help you make the switch because they're passionate about our 'game-changing' period pants.

'Game changing! I shall definitely be building a stash. I was sceptical but it was so much comfier and easier than regular products. Delivery was super quick and the sizing was great. Thank you :)'  HF, December 2021

Affordable Period Pants

Cheeky period knickers are also one of the most affordable period pants brands, comparable with High St brands and starting from just £11, without sacrificing on quality. We priced our period undies to be priced at a level which is accessible for more people because as our customers continually tell us, period pants are 'game-changing'.  Helping people switch to reusable period protection is what we're passionate about, it gets us out of bed in the morning and puts a smile on our faces.

We want to share our period underwear reviews with you because as a company, we review them every day. Great reviews put a smile on our face. Critical reviews do too - generally if a customer has a problem with their period pants, it's down to fit or their flow and our customer services team love nothing better than sorting customer issues and leaving them ecstatic with their period pants!

Cotton Period Pants - perfect for teens and tweens

'Definitely our first choice for affordable products that are also trustworthy! Was quite a step to move to reusable sanitary products but my teen really rates them'. Joanne, July 2021

Cheeky Wipes Period Pants Review

Cheeky Wipes Pants reviews can be found within the Cheeky Wipes trustpilot reviews Cheeky Wipes & Cheeky Pants are a UK period underwear and reusable products specialist brand.

  • 4.8 stars with 6000 reviews
  • Average cost of Cheeky period pants: £13
  • Free trial period length: 90 days

Wuka Period Pants Reviews

Wuka reviews can be found on Trustpilot here. Wuka are a UK based period knickers brand.

  • 4.0 stars with 61 reviews
  • Average cost of Wuka Period proof knickers: £20.46
  • Free trial period length: 40 days

Modibodi Period Pants Reviews

Modibodi period pants reviews can be found here. Modibodi are an Australian online period knickers brand.

  • 3.9 stars with 346 reviews.
  • Average cost of Modibodi Period underwear: £22.50
  • Free trial period length: 60 days

Primark Period Pants Reviews

Primark period pants reviews can be found within the Primark trustpilot reviews. Primark are an Irish High St clothing brand, also found in the UK.

  • 2.3 stars with 1208 reviews.
  • Average cost of Primark Period underwear: £6
  • Free trial period length: 0 days

M&S Period Pants Reviews

Marks & Spencers period pants reviews can be found within the M&S general trustpilot reviews. M&S are a British department store brand.

  • 1.8 stars with 2193 reviews.
  • Average cost of M&S Period underwear: £12
  • Free trial period length: 0 days

Floweret Period Pants Reviews

Floweret period undies reviews can be found on Trustpilot within the Floweretcup reviews. They have a range of menstrual products including menstrual cups however it's unclear where the company are based.

  • 4.6 stars with 638 reviews.
  • Average cost of Floweret Period underwear: £13.99
  • Free trial period length: 0 days

Plus size period pants from Cheeky Wipes

Period Pants Reviews - comparison summary

We hope this has made it easier for you to choose a sanitary products and period pants brand and compare value for money and customer service at a glance.

There are so many cheeky period pants reviews on Trustpilot, please take 5 minutes to read some and complete our reusable period protection quiz.

Cheeky knickers come in a range of 12 styles, including period thongs through high waisted period underwear. Our period undies start at size 4 and go up to size 22 period pants and size 24 period pants. We also have a range of absorbencies to cover your period in full and our moisture wicking, high absorbency period pants will stay leak proof on even your heaviest days!

'Great period pants, excellent value for money and work really well- I’ve had no accidents or leaks!!! Quick delivery too. Really love their stuff.' Anita, Trustpilot January 2022