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Period Thong​ - Period Pants Thong:  "Feeling Limitless"

Great for: Small leaks, drops and spotting or as a backup to tampon or cup. Why should your period stop you from wearing a Cheeky® thong?

Use if: You're expecting your period, need an extra layer of protection or want a seamless period pants, no vpl

Sizing tip: True to UK size, size 4 to 20 

The fabrics used in our pants and pads, do not contain PFOS, PFOA or 'antimicrobial silver'.

Read our article: Can you wear a thong on your period?


What are your period pants thong made from?

Top Layer / Body: Cotton/Elastane (95% / 5%)

Waterproof layer of Oeko-Tex certified TPU

Outer: Stretchy cotton

Tell me more about the Cheeky period thong?

It's high-waisted at the front but snuggles between your cheeks like a standard thong. Super comfy if you're a thong wearer usually!

Obviously with less fabric, this period underwear isn't to be used by itself but depending on your period flow, it's perfect for wearing as backup to a menstrual cup, or if you're just spotting at the tail end of your period.

It's available in size 4 to size 20. Due to the high cut, they're great for sports and are very popular reusable period pants for teenagers due to the Cheeky cut.

How do period pants work?

Period pants are made up of layers. Generally there's:

  • a layer against your skin
  • an absorbent layer (or two)
  • a waterproof layer

That's it. On average you should change your period thong every 6-8 hours, depending on your flow.

There's no secret unicorn dust despite what other brands may tell you (and try to charge a LOT for). Read our article 'Why are (some) period pants so expensive?' if you'd like to understand more.

How do I wash my period pants thong?

Wash in cold water in your washing machine, then hang to dry. Check out our washing and care guide to see how. Avoid fabric softener and tumble drying if possible.

100% Happiness Guaranteed

Our products are brilliant, but we understand that it’s tricky buying online as you can’t see what you’re buying. So we offer a straightforward guarantee. If you aren’t 100% happy with your Cheeky Reusables - we’ll refund you within 90 days if we can’t sort it out. 

I've got some questions…

Got more questions about Cheeky® period protection, head on over to our FAQs page. If your don't find what you're looking for there either pop us an email or send us a message on our chat!

Models: Amelia, size 8 (wearing size 8), Addie, size 6 (wearing size 6). 

I'm not sure what I need to get?

That's ok! Take our Period protection questionnaire. Alternatively, check out our organic cotton boybrief which are a great alternative!


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Period Tips, Advice & Essential Guides

Period & Pee Pants Sizing Guide 

Compare style, absorbency, fit to find your best match. Our size recommendation is based on our team and customer feedback and on the basis that different styles have different levels of stretch etc! If you're unsure on sizing, drop us a line, we LOVE to help.

Pants name            
Feeling LimitlessTrue to size
Feeling Sporty

can feel snug - go for top end of normal size

Feeling Free / Free as a Bird

can feel snug around thighs - definitely size up

Feeling SleekGenerous - recommend sizing down
Feeling Pretty

True to size

Feeling Sassy

True to size

Feeling Comfy    

True to size

Feeling Cheeky

Can feel snug - size up if unsure

Feeling HipTrue to size
Quick change brief 

True to size

Feeling Fancy

True to size

Feeling Confident   

Can feel snug - size up if unsure

Feeling Cosy      True to size
Feeling Free heavyCan feel snug especially around thighs - definitely size up if unsure
Feeling Free leopard printTrue to size
Feeling Pretty HeavyTrue to size
Feeling Sporty heavyCan feel snug - go for top end of normal size
Feeling Cosy BambooGenerous - go for bottom end of normal size or size down
Feeling Fearless     Generous - go for bottom end of normal size or size down
Feeling Fearless bambooGenerous - go for bottom end of normal size or size down