Warm Weather and Keeping your Cheeky Wipes fresh

Thursday, 24 May 2012  |  Admin

Apologies for the radio silence last week, between the NEC and Sydney baby shows, things were a bit hectic as you can imagine. The good news is that I seem to have brought the sunshine back from Oz with me which is great, it had felt like we were in November rather than May!When the weather does warm up, it's often a good idea to tweak your Cheeky Wipes routine a little bit, to stop your wipes going 'off' too quickly and starting to smell stale and musty. The first thing I always advise is to make sure your wipes aren't left in direct sunlight - mine spent a few hours in the garden yesterday and all my fresh wipes needed to be washed last night. Should know better!There are a couple of ways that you can tweak your routine - see which one works best for you:

Only soak as many 'fresh' wipes as you'll use in a dayVery simple. Have a rough guess how many wipes you'll use in a day (for one baby that would be roughly 10 - 12, I soak about 20 for one baby in nappies and 3 others who can't eat breakfast without getting weetabix in their eyebrows!), and soak that many each morning in the water and lavender / chamomile solution. Dry any remaining wipes and then soak them the next day. You can still soak them all together in the mucky tub and wash every other day but it's important to dry them in between (preferably out on the line as sunlight is great at bleaching your wipes).

Increase the volume of water / fresh wipes oil slightlyAnother alternative is to make your wipes slightly wetter and add a few more drops of oil (5 - 6), which should also work for a couple of days as you'll have a higher concentration of the oil to water which will again keep your wipes fresher for longer. Again, drying them in between uses will help also.If you've left your wipes in the container or your wet bag for too long and they are smelling musty then you can usually remove the musty smell by washing with white vinegar and then popping out on the washing line.

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