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Why buy period pants from us?

Period Pants are still relatively new to the market and while thousands of you have got on board already - and chosen your own favs from our Cheeky Pants as your absolute must-haves - there are lots of people who haven't yet made the switch.

Or have and have chosen one of the other brands, new to market, who are easy to nip in your basket or seem cheaper than the rest.

We know you could buy from the people who spend the most to tell you about them (Modi Bodi or Thinx).

Or you could buy from the people on the high street who are looking to get involved in the period game (M&S, Sainsbury's or even Primark) because they've seen how much of a growing area it is.  (Don't forget, our period pants start from just £10.50, so are just as good value as High St brands - but better performance!)

Perhaps you default to buying your pants there anyway so you figure why not or perhaps someone has told you about Period Knickers and every time you go and search you come up against the big American brands.

At Cheeky it's our mission to tell even more people about the game-changers our Cheeky Pants genuinely are......because it's rude to keep a secret, right? wink

But also because Cheeky Pants are, well, P . A . N . T . S .

Feeling Free - Boybrief Style Mid-rise Period Pants


P A N T S? What does that stand for?



Period knickers for every day and everyone, including plus size period pants.

With 12 styles (and counting) in sizes 4-24 across low rise, mid rise and high waist period pants, whether you're after thongs to boy shorts, extra reinforcements in our heavy flow period pants, plus size period pants or full brief styles with tummy coverage mindfully designed so as not to aggravate surgery scars, Cheeky Period Pants do the job whoever you are, whatever you like to wear, and whether it's for sweat, pee, blood or all of the above.

We've got you covered, with Cheeky confidence.

Feeling Fearless - High-waist Period Pants - Heavy Flow



Absorbency excellence.

We know what these need to do. And we know the only way to do it.

Front to back waistband absorbency as standard.

Anything less and you're not covered as you deserve to be.

Feeling Hip - High-leg Period Pants


No wool.

Unlike many of the other brands out there, our Period Pants are not only ethically sourced from manufacturers we've been working with for years but are also Vegan certified as we deliberately chose not to use wool as part of the absorbency fabric layering.

You can wear our Pants and be confident you're not compromising.

eeling Pretty - Lace Topped Period Pants


Trial option for added reassurance.

We get it; they're a bit new and you might not know if you're going to like them (or if you really believe Sarah at the gym who raved about them...yet).

We want you to buy with confidence which is why we've got a 90 day trial money back guarantee on our whole range for the first pair you buy.

Why wouldn't you give them a can only come off the winner either way, right?

Feeling Cheeky Hipster Style Period Pants

Service fuelled by love, care and many many years of experience testing them to their limits.

Whether it's our super personalised questionnaire where we really go to town on your flow, your washing patience (we get it!), your household to create the perfect answer for you and your unique cycle

or our short form widget that can answer a couple of questions when you're about to add to your basket on our site

or our Chat where you get to speak to a real life person! Between Jo, Kirstin, Erika, Ness and Paula they've no doubt already answered any and every question you could think of (and then some) and love an overshare and they're waiting to hear from you to point you to exactly what they think would work for you style wise, how many you might need and things to consider when washing them.

If you're looking to ditch the disposables for good, we'd love to help talk you through the best menstrual pants for you or even share advice on the best period pants for teens or tweens if you have children in your household nearing that stage or already there and wanting to find an alternative.

Our Period Protection Kits (especially the KISS kit) are phenomenally popular for getting started on all things reusable period protection and no one else does these so you can be assured you get all our Cheeky advice in an easy to buy, easy to store and care for bundle of loveliness.

Are you still thinking "do period pants work?"

Well some of our amazing and VERY HAPPY LEAK-FREE customers have shared these glowing reviews if it helps to hear it firsthand.....

"Super great customer service! Spoke with a couple of lovely ladies before, and after purchase. I ordered period pants and omg sooooo comfy! Went for the hipster design as i liked the cheeky branded waist band and what a lovely fit! As it was Mentioned, I ordered 1 size up and they are perfect! Simple and easy to get along with and no odour which I was concerned about. Erika, Paula was amazing to deal with, and I'm amazed that a company has great AFTER PURCHASE care. Never experienced that before, normally it's once they got your money they don't care but they was so caring. Great bunch of women. 11 out of 10 for saving the planet in a stylish way with amazing customer service!"

"I am so happy with my period pants from cheeky wipes. I've bought a few different brands but none compare to these for quality and value. I would highly recommend them 5/5"
"Love my new period pants. This is my 3rd purchase as they keep bringing out new colours! They are super comfy, practical, convenient, and great for the environment! Love them! Would definitely recommend!"

I love them! How can I help spread the word?

If you've already made the switch to Cheeky period underwear, tell your friends (and your neighbours, and the person in the supermarket next to you in the cereal aisle, and the local what's app group if you're so inclined) just how P . A . N . T . S our Cheeky Pants are.

If you refer a friend, we have an ongoing thank you bonus because we get that things like this thrive on chats and recommendations.


What are you waiting for....give them a go and share some Cheeky love! We guarantee you won't regret it. x