Saving Money

Cheeky Cloth Baby Wipes – compare prices and save money!

The cost of living is rising by the day – gas and electricity, food and petrol are pushing our purses to the limit. And try paying for all of that on maternity pay…something has got to give!

What if we told you that using Cheeky cloth baby wipes could save you £250 - £500 in the first two years vs. using disposable wipes? Gulp!

£500. That’s right. Enough for a cheeky weekend away with your beloved…or a new pair of shoes…or a treat for the kids…

Washable Baby Wipes vs. Disposable Wipes

Using one pack of disposable baby wipes per week at £2.49 in the first two years of your lovely baby's life comes to a staggering £258.96!

The Cheeky Wipes cloth baby wipes kit costs just £39.99!

And for mums with more than one cheeky monkey (or just a particularly messy one!) – who go through 2 or more disposable baby wipes packs per week, so you could be saving over £500!

Cheeky cloth baby wipes mean more cash in your pocket!

Ready to order? Or Want to know what’s really in a disposable baby wipe?


‘So you’d rather buy baby wipes than have a dirty weekend away? Who are you kidding? Pack those skimpy undies or even better go out and buy some with all that cash you’ve saved…Come on, get Cheeky right now…’


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