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What are the benefits of reusable cloth baby wipes?

The benefits of reusable baby wipes are:

  • Better for your baby
  • Will save you hundreds of pounds
  • Better for the planet

Reusable Baby Wipes are better for your baby

Created by a Mum with eczema,  natural baby skin care starts with Nature’s best and the cheapest gift of all - water. Our Cheeky Baby Wipes all-in-one kit  uses 500ml of water and a few drops of lovely essential oil baby wipes soaking solutions - that's 99% water and just 1% essential oil

You know *exactly* what you are putting on your baby's delicate skin. Your baby and baby wipes smell fabulous and even better, no nasty chemicals in sight!


Reusable Baby Wipes will save you money!

Life definitely doesn't get any cheaper with the arrival of a new baby.  With so many 'big ticket' purchases such as pram or cot, it's easy to put off spending £49 on a reusable baby wipes kit. But think of it this way...If you compare the cost of reusable wipes, with a premium disposable wipe at £2.49 per packet, buying two packets of these a week will mean that you pay for your Cheeky Wipes kit in just 8 or 9 weeks! Then, the only things you will need to top up are the essential oils at a cost of approximately £25.

Cost of disposable baby wipes = £2.49 per packet = £4.98 per week = £517.92 over two years

Total Cost saving = £517.92 - £49(cost of kit) - £25 (additional essential oils) = £443.92 cost saving.  That's enough for a lovely weekend away!


Reusable Baby Wipes are more environmentally-friendly than disposable baby wipes

Disposable baby wipes are a HUGE problem in the UK. Parents mistakenly think that they can flush them down the toilet, (don't!!) where they are the main cause of sewer blockages, creating giant stinking fatbergs and marine pollution. Wipes manufacturers erroneously state that their wipes are flushable, whereas this definitely is not the case. Even if you bin your wipes, most wipes contain plastics and as such will take hundreds of years to break down. Even supposedly 'biodegradable' wipes are usually only biodegradable if composted - and definitely not if wrapped up inside a plastic bag!

And that's not even accounting for the materials and energy used to produce these wipes, plus the carbon footprint of shipping vast volumes from overseas.

By comparison, cloth wipes, once produced, only use additional energy upon washing. And because they don't have to be washed separately but can simply be washed as part of a mixed wash load, washing 25 wipes every other day for a year equates to just 6 additional loads of washing annually if you've got a 7kg washing machine. At 50p per load, that's just £3 per annum.

Reusable Baby Wipes are easy to wash & use

Lots of people think that reusable baby wipes will be lots of hassle.  Trust me, I have had 4 children and if it was hassle, I just wouldn't have done it.  It's not, it's just soaking the wipes in fresh solution every other day.  And then washing the mucky ones every other day.  No biggie.  And you NEVER run out of wipes, which is brilliant as there's nothing more annoying!

Plus reusable baby wipes are just nicer to use.  You only need one or two wipes to clean your baby because they don't smear poo around.  Check out our video showing how well Cheeky Wipes clean up.

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